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Let me start by saying thanks for taking the time to visit our site. You're miles ahead of most folks by considering metal as a form of protection to your families wealth. There is much confusion about gold and silver so let's clear the air. Since you are reading this site you must have figured out that something is amiss in today's financial world. We at www.theprospectorsite.com have figured it out too and that is why we started this site. The goal here is to provide an information source that allows you to comfortable invest in your self reliance. The site is meant to be an information source that looks at current events/trends as they relate to precious metals. You will find the Blog is comprised of 100% unbiased research designed to provide the best scenario for protection of your family's financial security.

What to expect?

Daily we will provide a one of a kind blog discussing every aspect of how the economy, politics, and financial market affects the price of gold/silver. How to buy, how to ship, what is hot, what is not, you name it and we will be looking at it. Let me also say we are not economists nor will we make predictions related to the future of dollars or gold. We are not brokers either so our information will be straightforward and unbiased. What we will do is provide thorough information showing how dollar devaluation, inflation, and deflation all affect your family's future. Not just our opinion but information so you can form your own opinion.

Your Thoughts!!!!

After our daily blog article we will feature your short stories on why you (our readers) invested in metals. Stories of why or how you invested to info on good deals, bad deals, and everything in between. Each week we will draw from the weeks featured writers giving away an American Silver Eagle to one winner. First name only will be credited to articles for discretion. All you have to do is be a registered reader (free just go our website www.theprospectorsite.com) and then submit your story related to gold/silver.

Gold and Silver Sources!!

Next on our daily blog we will feature the best current buys in gold/silver coins, rounds, etc. This information will create a confidence of knowing that you are buying at current market value and not a dime more. We will contact and research as many sources as possible and break them all down in one spot to assist in your buying/selling experience. Reputable brokers or shops will be featured only and ones that don't do what they say will be weeded.

Related News

Please feel free to pass along news that maybe relevant to our industry. We will do our best to give you credit (first name only) for your efforts.

Social Networking

I'm betting you are busy so we will be using social networking to move info along as it happens. Not every topic we feature will be of interest and I understand this from years of writing articles. Keeping you in the loop but at your timing is what we are all about. Let us know what we can do to improve. Enjoy,


DC Carlton




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