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What Amnesty & Free Health-Care have to do with Gold Rising


Amnesty, by definition, has the same root as amnesia. Amnesia is the ability to forget and forgive all remembrance of an offense or occurrence. Today we will pinpoint exactly why today’s politicians are hellbent on expanding amnesty, free health-care, EBT participation (among other programs), and how this trend will ultimately influence precious metal higher. This has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. This is 100% about the ability to gain political influence at all cost. Even if it means taking down the most powerful country ever to exist. Let’s dive in.

I write this as politicians sweep up celebratory party favors on Capital Hill. The war is won, at least for a few months, and the never-ending pattern of print and spend will continue. The answer is always “borrow more” regardless the challenge, regardless the program.

While the party favors still floated through the air, President Obama made what some feel was an unexpected statement by mentioning the importance of immediately getting back to work on the amnesty issue. His statement came while opponents still wiped away fresh blood from a vicious political battle they have little chance of winning; here is why.

Oh, by the way, this post is not motivated by personal political opinion but by fact. My opinion of all things political should not affect if you do or don’t protect yourself with silver or gold. Now, with that out of the way let’s continue.

It doesn’t take an accountant with Ernst & Young to declare that our country is monetarily broke. This means we as a country routinely spend more than what comes into our Treasury. So this leads some of us to attempt to explain why those in political control feel the need to expand programs or expand law that adds to such a deficit burden.

It is no secret that laws like Obama Care will add to our national deficit which leads to printing more money (the trendy term for “printing” is now “quantitative easing”, please get with the program if you’re still calling this necessity anything other than QE). Sure politicians claim crafty accounting measures, new taxation, and new regulation will pay for Obama Care but at day’s end we all know differently, as do they.

The same goes for the upcoming amnesty chess match. I once mistakenly believed that nationalizing healthcare was the Holy Grail of all things political but amnesty has proved me wrong. Declaring amnesty with a population of people mostly impoverished is ingenuous  for those thirsting for perpetual political power. Somehow those who benefit from amnesty confuse this opportunity to benefit from such social programs as a part of the American Dream. This misnomer is a terrible misbelief.

Things that are free to the public only work if those providing the service work for free. Free health-care clinics work when those passionate about taking care of others donate their expertise and time. There are no exceptions, I’m sorry.

Same goes for declaring the millions waiting for amnesty who primarily, or at least partially, depend on state and federal programs for housing, healthcare, and groceries. These, too, only work when such programs are mostly provided by donation of time, money, and effort. They certainly will not work…… long-term speaking, in a country already bulging from never-ending deficit.

Far too many in this great country like to blame the recipient when the blame belongs elsewhere. It’s human nature to take the easy path in life. Of course this country was built on hard work and risk, I certainly won’t argue this fact, but this doesn’t change the rule of human nature. I blame those thirsting for political control far over those working the system.

The future price of physical silver and gold is greatly influenced by the 600 words aforementioned. As our country becomes more dependent on the expansion of government programs this will greatly sway the political influences of the people. Those in power, both fiscally conservative or progressive, will have little choice but to vote according to the pressure of the masses.

If the masses depend on social services then how can we expect those in power to not legislate to appease. We are reaching a point when a politicians very life could be in danger if not.

It is important for those thirsting for political power to swell the nationalization of all things necessary in order to maintain control. What those in power ignore is the long-term effect of printing money to support such recklessness. We, as a nation, have reached the monetarily point of no longer turning back this perpetual necessity of printing currency to appease the masses.

Some of you are still asking what the heck is going on with the price of physical PMs (precious metals) over the last year or two. Your viewpoint is shortsighted, respectively, when we consider the long-term recourse of debasing the US dollar in a nervous globalized world. Precious metal will rise up until the world finds monetary balance….. not a moment sooner.

This isn’t to say we won’t see valleys before then. Nothing of value is unaffected in this monetary ocean of ominous uncertainty and intervention. Precious metal will rise unexpectedly and it will nervously decline too. At day’s end – I know of nothing as protective as storing part of your wealth in physical silver and/or gold.

QUESTION:  Hi there. Last week a friend who works at the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) gave my daughter a 1oz silver proof like coin (lunar series, 2013 year of the snake). My baby girl is 2 months old.

This was good timing as I’ve been researching investment options for her (looking at shares mainly). after receiving this beautiful coin I started researching into gold and silver investments. This is how I came across your site. Very informative site btw. Thank you for sharing your unbiased views.

I’m now considering silver as an option. We don’t have huge amounts of cash but want to start her off and add to it each year for birthdays and Christmas. I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me as I’m a bit confused. I’m a complete beginner but am a fast learner.

1) What is the difference between proof and proof like coins? Is it good enough to buy proof like quality coins. E.g. A 5oz silver proof Luna snake from Perth mint is $480 where as proof like for the same thing at the RAM is $357.

2) What’s the difference  silver bullion coins and silver proof coins or proof like coins? 1oz silver bullion I can buy from Perth mint for $33 where as the proof like is $80 and the proof is $99.

I do like the pretty shiny finishes of the proof and proof like coins. I have about $1K to start her off with. I saw in one of your blogs that you said you prefer to invest in 1oz silver coins. Is that silver bullion or proof or proof like coins?

Hope you can help me.

TPS Reply:  Congrats……. I’m so glad to hear you’re taking such wise measures for your daughter’s sake (I’ve done the same for my two children). She is fortunate to have been born into such a caring family so focused on her future. Your questions are good and you are wise to question what is the best long-term investment for your hard-earned money.

I agree, the silver proof coins are exceptional. Although all coins made from silver or gold will provide protection the question is which ones will provide the most protection. I recommend waiting to purchase the proof coins until after you have a stack of low-premium silver bullion or rounds (I usually recommend legal tender silver bullion).

BTW, a proof grade coin is one of only the very best of the newly minted coins.

Amassing physical silver, or gold, is the goal. Any price paid in addition to the physical value of a coin is speculative. This is why I usually advise newbies to amass as much silver as possible in exchange for the least amount of currency as possible. Proofs, as you pointed out, cost more therefor they are rarely recommended…… at least when new to PM. This is only my opinion so I encourage, and admire, your diligence.

The same advise goes for rare or numismatic coins. This coin or bar choice almost always comes with an added premium subjective to opinion. This added premium can be volatile, in fact, volatility should be expected especially with rare coins. Paper PM is not recommended either.

Good luck and please stay in touch as your plan progresses. Thanks for the questions and comments.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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By nature most folks willing to trade dollars for physical silver or gold do so secretively.  No fan fair, no cocktail party announcements either. The monetarily prudent simply trade fiat for the hardest asset – all while discretely living the day to day routine of life. The choice to buy large silver bars, or not, is one worth considering especially as we near an imminent point of silver rationing and pending internet trade taxation. Both rationing and the inevitable taxation on all e-commerce will change the what, where, and why of physical silver.

Today’s physical silver world remains a great maze of mystic confusion for those new to precious metal. By far, most newbies entrust what they buy, silver speaking, to a complete stranger who just happens to be a person selling PM (precious metal) and next in line. The conversations vary but the result is always the same. The precious metal illiterate (no disrespect intended) buy whatever the PM sales representative recommends.

TPS doesn’t “tell” folks what to buy, nor do I offer pinpoint financial advice either. My goal is one of monetary education because someone educated rarely fall victim to manipulation or bias opinion. Honestly, I can tell this annoys some of my readers by proof of emails asking for more specific advice on what to buy and how much. My opinion is that no one person walking the earth today can accurately predict the how much and when of precious metal, especially considering the monetary intervention that clouds all assets.

For this reason alone I recommend we stick to the facts. The fact is silver’s value will rise (sorry, I don’t know when) as more individuals realize printing dollars only benefits the super wealthy and political psychopaths of the world. This inevitable awakening is one we often discuss here at TPS. Combine such an awakening to a truly limited supply of precious metal and it’s easy to see why metal values can do nothing but rise beyond the expectations of most who understand some, or nothing, about monetary truths.

A larger than typical hunk of silver is an interesting storage of wealth. It is much more than a bar of silver. Some view bars of silver as bulky and heavy when actually such a formation of money is nothing more than a huge stack of $100 bills repellant against the ills of a fiat age. Those willing to buy large bars of silver enjoy the fulfillment of buying physical silver within 5% of spot. For comparison’s sake, a legal tender one ounce bullion coin will cost its owner a premium 20 to 35% beyond silver’s spot value.

This savings is undeniable, but not reason enough to exclusively own large silver bars. Such a large hunk of silver has its benefits but still might not be the right silver for you.

It’s a natural tendency for humans to picture the future in now terms. By example, my son graduates from high school today and merely weeks away from leaving home for the first time. But in my mind I can’t grasp a future with him living anywhere but where he’s always lived. Some of us view silver similarly not realizing someday silver’s value could rise hundreds of dollars beyond today’s dollar assessment. The divisibility issue in such an age will complicate trading such a large hunk of real currency.

For this reason alone I offer this PM advice. Consider storing some silver in smaller denominations; like one ounce bars, rounds, or bullion, exactly as you would a $20, $50, or $100 bill. Then, view a larger bar of silver (like a 100 oz. bar) as you would a savings account or long-term storage of wealth. Silver is a true source of liquidity but not necessary a divisible source simultaneously.

Please consider bar size just another thing to keep in mind as folks consider adding physical silver as part of self-reliant lifestyle.

QUESTION:  An acquaintance used your consulting service and something you recommended for them to consider I find confusing. You recommended they purchase one ounce silver bullion even though they will pay far more than a larger bar premium. Why would you recommend something that will land them less silver by paying more money?

TPS Reply:  Great question so thanks for asking. There are many folks who receive the same recommendation, from me, to buy silver ounce offerings over larger bars. This recommendation is 100% based on an individual’s financial situation and long-term monetary plan far more than my personal preference.

I don’t like the idea of acquiring large silver or gold bars until after securing one-ounce legal tender coins or rounds. We live in an age of great monetary volatility and uncertainty…… even though few are willing to admit it. If September of 2008 proved anything it was just how quickly a life dependent on a fragile banking/Wall Street world can turn upside down. Your ability to store real wealth within arm’s reach is not only prudent but necessary. Small silver, in physical form, will always be a universal source of money.

The truth is the majority of folks new to silver will never afford anything but single ounce form of precious metal. As silver rises, some will find themselves limited to 1/2 silver offerings as they struggle just to make ends meet. There will always be a market for large silver bars but nothing close to the secondary demand for one ounce silver. With that said, the option to melt larger bars into smaller ones will always exist as a way to divide such a large store of wealth.

I have no crystal ball but if I had to guess here it is. My bet is large bars will be the last to go as demand erases silver inventory. The first to vanish will be recognizable single ounce bullion or rounds even though the additional premium when compared to larger bars. Why not buy one ounce form while the option still sits on the table? Thanks for the question.

COMMENT: Silver prices are taking a beating lately all while the stock market roars to new highs. This only proves most Americans will trust the US dollar over silver when times are tough.

TPS Reply:  Thanks for sharing your comment. The DOW is on fire, this is undeniable even to those religiously respectful of silver and gold’s future as real money. Short-term speaking, a rising DOW along with declining silver puts PM writers in the far corner of credibility. This writer loses not one minute’s sleep since the long-term outlook for PM is stronger than ever before. The crowd is not an indicator of prudent monetary action.

You’re also correct with your analysis of Americans running toward the USD when time are tough, but. Long investor lines are not reason alone to join the dollar bandwagon. Do you recall the long lines during the Dot.com bubble burst? What about the long line of suckers waiting to buy overpriced housing just before the bubble burst, too?

The one word in your comment that jumps out most to me is trust. Folks continue to trust the US dollar because it is the world’s most overproduced currency. The FED camouflages the dollar’s weakness by printing record levels of supporting currency. This illusion tricks those trusting the dollar to spend, borrow, and fail to recognize such a way of life has a temporary shelf life. I hate to imagine the chaos when dollar investors around the world realize its very existence is in the hands of a government trillions of dollars in debt.

I think I’ll keep stacking silver regardless how low it drops or how high it soars, thanks.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.


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Not a day passes without a prognosticator preaching economic and financial ruin. Such a dire prediction stirs fear in the hearts of some yet supports a state of denial for others. Personally, I don’t believe in the school of economic collapse, at least not in the typical sense we so often read of. I believe the economy is and will continue a course of correction. Now, let me be perfectly clear. This correction could potentially feel like collapse since far too many are socially, spiritually, individually, and economically prepared for anything other than a stereotypical state of normal.

I blame a government that refuses to instill individual responsibility, promotes institutionalization, and….. in some cases – a cradle to grave dependency for such widespread inaction. Unfortunately, physical silver or gold isn’t even on the radar of our ill prepared.

The correction each must recognize affects us individually, and in many ways. Far too many have made the prudent step to buy physical PM (precious metal) but are at risk of becoming a short-term PM seller stemming from a lack of overall preparedness. In other words, they will sell their metal, to continue living a life of normalcy, just when they most need PM. This could come from desperation or it could come from monetary ignorance; it’s just too soon to tell .

The collapse (as most put it) is happening as you read this….. all in slow motion. Ask the man on the street and they will quickly point out a lack of good paying jobs. Ask a banker and they will say the problem is a lack of credit. Ask a politician and they will lay blame on the opposing party or a previous administration. The fact is all the above are 100% correct, but this does nothing to help our situation.

Nothing will stop today’s course of correction because too few are willing to acknowledge the destructive nature of overpopulating a currency. This neglect is building into a monetary civil war within the United States. The type of person willing to trade dollars for PM suffers great anxiety by living in a country that is no longer willing to address our economic challenges with rationality. This is why we’re reading about states proposing legislation in hopes of creating an alternative currency (Utah, Arizona, etc).

Our country has far more to lose from conflict than economic collapse. A divided nation is vulnerable from within, vulnerable from afar, and everything between. Why else is it so many folks like you view PM as the get-out-of-Dodge-card? Wealth stored within physical silver or gold provides an option, or luxury, most will never realize. In my opinion we are well beyond asking “if” our economy will collapse.

What now?

Without fail there is one common question asked when I consult with folks about buying and storing precious metal. They all ask if there is anything else they should be buying or doing other than whatever it is they are actively “doing”. These folks fail to recognize that they’re miles ahead of 99% of all other Americans, politicians, financial planners, economic advisers, accountants, etc. This is what a call the “what now” syndrome.

I’m convinced that a person willing to make the effort to buy physical PM has what it takes to answer the what now on an individual basis. Since you’re reading this post I congratulate you and your ability to actively pursue a personal stake of individuality in a day of complacency. Your next what now could be a career change or it could be relocating where your family calls home. Your next what now could be the start of a plan that includes internationalizing your wealth or it could lead to internationalizing where you live.

Four years ago, my what now led me to relocate my family from a high taxation state to a less populated  and more independently minded fly-over state. Over ten years ago my what now led me to trade dollars for physical gold. The what now inside you could lead to gardening, reloading, campaigning, prospecting, serving, fasting, start-up business, downsized business, who knows? Whatever your what now is please remember this. Owning precious metal should be the monetary foundation of a life commitment to self reliance so that compromise is never a word atop of your to do list.

Let everyone else worry about economic collapse while you focus on reality.

QUESTION:  DC, last week we found out some silver American Eagles circulating around the US and Canada is actually counterfeit reproductions made in China. What steps can a small silver investor like me do to safeguard against fake bullion? Thanks for your work at TPS.

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the worthwhile question. The silver counterfeiting you mention has me greatly concerned for many reasons. Far too many folks view silver with skepticism, this news will only compound the level of silver confusion. It’s easy to say the odds of buying fake silver are low but very real for the few who actually find themselves as the unlucky few.

As silver inventories shrink the benefits of counterfeiting will rise. If crooks are willing to counterfeit legal tender this leads me to believe counterfeit (silver) bars and rounds is a bigger problem than anyone would like to believe. I view this as even more reason to buy from reputable sources who will stand behind every single ounce sold.

The fake silver problem will worsen as the secondary silver market grows because the secondary market is much less regulated, not to mention limitless. As of May 2013, I see no reason to buy fake bullion since the majority of silver sold transfers directly from the mint to the end user (you). I will admit such an opportunity is growing short as demand for silver bullion outpaces output.

I encourage each silver buyer to educate themselves on the sounds and feel of real metal. Real silver bullion is impossible to replicate if a buyer takes the time to look beyond appearance. Feel free to contact TPS for a list of reliable silver sources if you have any doubt.

QUESTION:  Are you buying silver rounds too?

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the tiny question. No, I’m not buying rounds at this time but I will as soon as legal tender bullion supplies dwindle to the point of what I feel are reasonably priced. Silver rounds usually cost less than legal tender coins; this is because anyone can legally mint a silver round. Some private mints will accept your larger silver bars and then melt (mint) the large bars into one ounce bullion, very cool. The fee for this service is minimal compared to attempting to sell a huge hunk of silver.

I like to buy recognizable silver when possible. Also, legal tender bullion will not trigger an IRS notification when a buyer sells bullion back to a PM dealer (please use due diligence since tax laws change quickly).

This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t but silver rounds, just not at this time. Thanks again for the question.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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A few events are forever etched in our minds, literally. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, claims the reason some memories “stick” and some don’t is simple. Even the brain finds a few events so worthy of record that the mind actually strikes a deeper line in the brain.

Mr. Medina is also quick to point out another fascinating mind nugget. If not for the ability to instantly forget most information….. we will die, within days in fact. Honestly, I can’t deny or verify what this professor of bioengineering claims as factual. What I can say without doubt; I will always and forever recall the moment I decided to buy gold over a decade ago.

Before we dive in today, the Q & A section is all about dealing with PM (precious metal) crooks, be sure to catch it.

Every once in a while someone emails or calls TPS (The Prospector Site) looking to argue precious metal. They usually hangup thinking, “Gosh, this guy doesn’t know much about physical silver/gold for a bestselling precious metal author?” So be it. My goal is not to argue the worthiness of PM for those not ready to own silver or gold.

If I have to convince someone to buy they’ll like me less the first time silver or gold turns south. Before a person is ready to own PM they must first reach a point of realization. Maybe realization is the wrong word, maybe acceptance is better. Regardless, the old way of saving, investing and entrusting your wealth to someone else is over, period.

Until then silver and gold appear just as “risky” as a credit default swap or a Bernanke promise.

Politicians, corporate executives, and media pundits can drum recovery and economic stability but only the most hopeful continue to believe what PM faithful have know for some time. Each new day is another one closer to the demise of a fiat reserve currency. Your decision to own physical metal is a de facto admission of the dollar’s eminent demise; welcome aboard.

This liberation goes beyond silver and gold. My acceptance of monetary truth changed my perception in more ways than space. I found satisfaction beyond things driven by debt or greed. I found myself questioning everything, even to the point of questioning my faith. After all, it’s only after questioning what others blindly accept we learn, and then grow wiser.

Trading dollars for PM goes far beyond investing in the typical sense. Trading dollars for sound money offers savers the ability to grow wealth beyond the risk of confiscation that fills today’s evening news. Pension funds, retirement accounts, bonds, stocks, and real estate can’t offer the same peace of mind. Not that the aforementioned are bad investments, just not protected in this cannibalistic age of taxation and confiscation.

My Prospector Site email blew up Sunday as rumors of Cyprus bank runs filled my smartphone. Someday all bank accounts will face similar capital control challenges from central banks and/or government.  At such a time, you too will remember when and why you decided to buy physical silver/ gold.


QUESTION:  For your information, XWZ Corp (edited) is a con artist willing to sell old folks like me overpriced gold coins. Its been over two years and the coins are worth half of what we paid. A local coin dealer appraised the coins so I know what they’re worth……HALF, OR LESS. Something must stop the con artists in the bullion business!!!!!! (EDITED, A LOT)

TPS Reply:  First let me say how sorry I am.  You’re right, it sounds like you paid far over market for the nine rare coins we discussed during our phone consultation.  This deceptive practice is unconscionable – but I hear stories like yours far too often.  If I were in your position, I’d safely store the coins away knowing someday soon the PM market will, in all likelihood, surpass this over-market premium you paid. I realize this doesn’t help much but it’s not a loss unless you decide to sell short.

NOTE:  I spent at least an hour with this client and, honestly, the situation is not fixable; but due diligence could have saved a lot of hardship.  People are afraid like never in my lifetime. They hear about bank holidays (Cyprus), they see inflation stealing more from a fixed income, and then they hear some advertiser promoting gold as the answer to everything economically wrong. This, my friends, is when the trouble begins.

Now, let’s focus on how this never happens to you or anyone you know. Since I don’t sell PM let me first say the metal this author recommends exposes a PM crook in less than 30 seconds. Precious metal sellers can only take advantage of those lacking PM knowledge, this excludes you.  The majority of PM victims do not know what they’re buying; they just know it’s made from silver/gold. Buying any silver or gold is not good enough; we must put the “right” metal in your safekeeping….soon.

If you truly feel the need to trade dollars for PM but are not 100% confident in the process, then call or email me. I represent you the buyer, never the PM dealer, broker or seller. I don’t charge a percentage; regardless if you buy all the gold stored in Fort Knox or one silver ounce, it makes no monetary difference to me. I charge according to how much time it takes me to find and secure the right metal FOR YOU, I receive zero compensation from the seller.

Locating the right metal for a customer sometimes takes less than an hour, in many cases, or it could take a little longer. Regardless, you’re only charged for the time it takes according to your situation, no surprises. It is not unusual for my fee to total a $100 – $200 (is $100 too much for the peace of mind knowing you’re PM protected with the right metal AND at the best price possible?). It’s time we bring integrity back into the PM market and this is exactly what I intend to do. Contact me here for more information.

QUESTION: I just don’t understand, gold doesn’t pay a dividend or interest, correct? It rests in a vault, in a secret location, all while protected by the best security possible. Wouldn’t you agree that the only thing physical PMs can offer is the chance of appreciation?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the comment and questions. You are correct in regard to gold’s inability to pay interest, it typically does not. Respectfully, I 100% disagree that the only thing physical PM can offer is the chance of appreciation. Gold and silver equal money, everything else we typically call money is currency. Please stop thinking like an investor, think like an innovator (innovators are willing to change).

It’s time the PM skeptical face a few facts. Investors (savers) are long for the slaughter and Cyprus is proof. Eventually the entitled of the world will far outnumber the savers (depositors, pension holders; all investors with exposed wealth). At such a time, the entitled (impoverished) will not only condone new taxation and wealth confiscation – THEY WILL DEMAND IT.

The world’s stockholders fail to compare their risk to a Cyprus depositor (by the way, depositors in Cyprus are under capital controls by way of a bank holiday). A typically safe storage of wealth can no longer keep pace with inflation (certificates of deposit, money markets, savings accounts), they no longer pay a reasonable rate of return.

Even ultra-conservative investors now turn to stocks in order to preserve wealth; this is why the DJIA is at a new high. Someday soon the entitled of the world (impoverished) will far outnumber those holding wealth in stocks. At such a time, ones depending on entitlement will not only support new taxation – they will demand it. Remember, giants rarely die suddenly; they starve slowly but only after total consumption.

How can you or any other stock investor honestly believe your wealth glowing on Wall Street will not fall under confiscation, capital controls or painful levels of new taxation?

This is what happens when currencies die and governments lose power; this is what divides nations, states, communities, churches, and families, too. Thinking like an investor in an age of wealth confiscation is nothing short of dangerous. My advice is to transfer some wealth, if not most, into something less vulnerable to taxation and confiscation. Physical silver and gold are part of the few safe havens outside the banking/ investment system.

We’re past the point of arguing if silver or gold are worthy investments. The only questions left: how quickly can you turn dollars to PM, what to buy, from whom, and at least three safeguards for PM storage. Time will validate the aforementioned.

 QUESTION:  Just paid slightly over $33 per coin from an online PM broker. I’m seriously considering buying more silver but questioning if the price is fair? Thank you.

TPS Reply: Congrats to you for practicing such prudence; I just paid close to the same per ounce price. Now, I have a question or two for you. Do your coins contain one ounce of silver, many do not? Do you know the difference? Please contact me immediately if you don’t.

My suggestion is to view silver like a typical bank savings account. Most Americans no longer save; they spend every dime that comes in – plus some.

Using PM as a savings offers two huge benefits. One, it’s far more difficult to impulsively spend a savings in PM. Two, a savings in PM will rise beyond the imagination of even the most optimistic PM holder (my opinion, use due diligence). We’re living what history will someday describe as the largest monetary shakeup of mankind. The fiat currency experiment has reached the boiling point. Thanks for the question.


The most powerful man in the world is not a politician, not significantly wealthy….. yet rather mysterious to most folks obliviously wondering through life. His name is Ben Bernanke and it is certainly in your best interest to understand how his influence will directly affect your future. He is the most powerful man on earth and starting today we will feature a “Bernanke Watch” in each TPS post.

There is no doubt FED Chief Bernanke is a very smart man. His words are purposely patterned to instill monetary confidence and, unfortunately, monetary confusion. The trouble within our global economy is not Mr. Bernanke’s fault. Bernanke is nothing more than a very significant snapshot in time now controlling the most powerful, yet most secretive, monetary entity on earth.

In the above video Bernanke defends the FEDS actions with six powerful words. He said, “…..never lost a penny doing it. It is imperative to understand that it’s impossible for the FED to lose dollars. They are the only entity in the world that can create unlimited amounts of dollars from thin air. Today’s era of no restraint allows the FED to create dollars, secretly, and obviously accountable to no one (according to the above video).

Don’t miss our next Bernanke Watch when we discuss exactly how the FED not only influences the DJIA but controls it too.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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Bill O’Reilly is on our side of precious metal and doesn’t even realize it yet. It only took Mr. O’Reilly 3:37 minutes to explain why each person with wealth must exercise a plan to protect it, regardless the monetary size.  Please take a moment and listen for yourself before we continue.


To fully understand gold and silver’s future we must first absorb the impact, or awakening, when a person as polarizing as O’Reilly uses words like “unsustainable fiscal path” or “collapse of savings” or “dollar collapse” in his opening prime-time monologue. Such a truthful 3:37 minutes I’ve yet to hear in front of an audience of millions.

We will not awaken one morning to $400 or $500 silver overnight. Nor will we awaken one morning to $15,000 – $20,000 gold overnight, either. The progression from where we are now to where we’ll soon be is chucked full of necessary steps of awakening. The video above is yet another one of the steps we’ve spent the last 22 months describing.

Just three people; only three people stood in front of me while I waited to buy more silver ounces from my local coin shop this week. It’s worth questioning why in such an age of economic calamity the line doesn’t wrap around the corner. Is it possible Mr. O’Reilly is correct when he mentioned that most Americans simply will not listen or, worse yet, too stupid enough to care?

I refuse to believe folks in this country are inherently lazy, selfish, or too wrapped up in individual pursuits. Sometimes facing reality takes multiple knocks to the head before we realize the same old same old is not only not working but draining generational wealth byway of inflation and dollar debasement.

The awakening that will propel silver and gold much higher is full of postponement and laborious.  One postponement; 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Another postponement; the 65% increase in food stamp participation over the last four years. Another postponement; the number of dieing industries still standing thanks to taxpayer bailouts and endless stimulus.

Our silent economic depression hides well behind a 17 trillion dollar deficit and an administration more concerned with growing government than impoverishing our nation.

The words Mr. O’Reilly use in the video above are all PM (precious metal) triggers. These “trigger words” snap the viewer holding a bag of Cheetos to attention. Our nation slowly gravitates away from mindless entertainment to a thirst for monetary truths. O’Reilly understands this thirst leads to more viewers, more book sales, and ultimately more folks no longer willing to accept political manipulations.

The video also mentions a Congressional agency called Government Accountability Office (GAO) preaching the ill effects of too much national debt on our economy. Being honest, I had to look up the GAO…. and guess what? The GAO site should be a warning, or awakening if you will, to everyone with a computer.

Look for more media figures, sports figures (pro golfer Phil Mickelson just this week mentioned his disdain of paying a tax rate of 62%, read it here), and everyday Americans to join the minority unwilling to accept the monetary status quo. Guys like O’Reilly and Mickelson may not own silver or gold yet but I’m willing to bet their willingness to publicly call B.S. will eventually lead them to the same mindset we share. All while the rest of the world awakens to gold and silver in their own way and time.

Question:  After reading your book it inspired my husband and I to buy silver. We refuse to believe a growing deficit will take our country back to “normal”. It is now very clear that those in power have their best interest far over ours. Care to guesstimate future silver values? Also, what about Morgan silver dollars? Thanks DC.

TPS Reply:  Thanks, and congrats on making silver part of your financial future. A few PM experts are throwing around some hefty silver values so maybe today is a good time to fact check. I recently heard Doug Casey mention $300 silver.  Miles Franklin team often mentions $1000 an ounce physical silver.  With that said who knows what to believe?

Ones willing to predict future silver values do so by dividing currency in circulation by known gold ounces. Then, they guess what the silver to gold ratio could be according to historical ratios; this number in dollars is staggering compared to today’s standard. Here is my take for what it’s worth.

I believe this administration, like so many before, will continue to print and grow our deficit therefor debase the buying power of the very dollars you and your husband work hard for. The problem is we have continued this reckless spending for so long now we no longer get the same boost as before. This is why economic negativity grips all corners of the earth as you’re reading today.

Silver, as mentioned many times on TPS, is reactionary. It will rise, or react, as high as necessary until monetary reasoning returns. Right now, few currencies in existence are not participating in printing so it’s hard to say how high silver will climb before bubbling down someday. My guess is the dollar value of silver will far surpass what most can imagine.

But even $1000 or $10,000 per ounce silver is as relative as each dollar’s buying power. Eventually we will reach a point, if the printing continues, when silver will not be assigned a dollar value. At such a point silver and gold will be the first currency choice and USDs (or whatever currency is second most dominant) will become a distant second.

Mike Maloney pointed out a real case scenario in his book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. The Roman Empire debased their currency over several decades until finally minting coins with little or no silver. Roman soldiers eventually refused to protect politicians and people of prominence unless they were paid in real silver. Everyone else had little choice but accept the new fiat currency coins and the rest is history. The US is dangerously close to reaching such a point.

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the Morgan Silver Dollar question. Morgans are cool old coins and just this week I contemplated adding more to my silver arsenal (my local coin shop sells melt-grade Morgan Dollars $30 -$36 per coin). Unfortunately….. Morgans are not a full silver ounce (I believe they’re 90% silver weighing around .77 an ounce… depending on wear) so keep this in mind when buying old coins. Personally, I will only buy melt Morgans that hold no numismatic value since I’m only interested in the coin’s silver content. Due diligence are the two words that pop in my head. Thanks for the great questions.

PS – If you’re buying or own rare coins, like Morgan Dollars, please share your knowledge with other readers. We would love to hear from you.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources




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Resolutions in general are very predictable in our age. January is a month we commit to losing weight, increased family time, paying down the balance on credit cards, you get it. But this January I’ve noticed a new resolution unlike any year prior as silver offers the affordability few PM (precious metal) experts predicted.  Silver bullion sales are through the roof as we kick off the New Year and I’ve personally made a commitment to add to my silver stack each month in 2013. Maybe it’s time you make the same silver resolution too?

I’ll admit it. Over the 2012 Holiday Season I blew a gasket during an informal PM consultation. After nearly two years of debate, this acquaintance still owns zero ounces of silver or gold. We’ve discussed the importance of wealth preservation in an age of over reaching government (he agrees), we’ve discussed dollar debasement thanks to endless printing (he agrees), and we’ve discussed how this administration, like ones before, bailout the chosen few while all the rest pay for it (he agrees, too).

Now, for those who’ve worked with me know that I’m a very patient person. My goal is to simply explain the options including how to buy, who to trust, where to store (internationally and at home), and then let you, the client, make the final decision. I don’t sell PMs so a conflict of interest is never an issue.

But this time was different. This time I couldn’t take another conversation ending with inaction. Maybe this is why I blurted something I should mention but never have said. “Look, one day you will buy PM. Right now it’s by choice and controlled. But someday it will be from desperation as you watch other assets and wealth sources quickly declining. Don’t wait until the mania arrives to attempt to buy silver, or gold, because both at such a time will have few sellers and those willing to sell will only do so when offered a great premium.”

In case you’re asking this person still doesn’t own PM (they can afford a boatload). Their resolve to preserve wealth is low. Therefore, a silver resolution is not at hand. I only bring this up today since it’s possible many of you are sitting on the PM fence. Maybe your inaction stems from confusion but it’s hard to say without knowing the situation. I encourage you to strongly consider a plan like the following if nothing else.


A Silver Resolution for You:

I often hear from those new to PM that they don’t know where to start. If this is your question today I urge you to read closely. First, you’ve made the first step by reading TPS or other educational sources relating to PM….congrats. Next we must turn this education to action so let’s look at the best way to accomplish such a PM action plan.

Step 1:  This action must land a few ounces of silver, or gold, into your possession. Don’t get hung up on the monetary challenge of buying cases of silver when just starting out. Buy what you can afford, for now. I recommend buying low premium silver bullion, rounds, bars, or “junk silver” from your local coin shop when getting started. Part of this plan must include a safe method to store it. A proper storage plan must grow as your stack of silver or gold grows (more in a moment).

Step 2: Next, I recommend committing to a number of ounces each month regardless what comes up (it can be 2 or 20 ounces – the number is relative to your budget). If you are like me something monetarily always comes up but this “something” must take a backseat to the commitment to save. Like I mentioned earlier, the time to comfortably buy PM is closing and one hour researching current economic events proves this as fact.

Step 3: Be discrete. There is no need to convince your office or peers how relevant PMs are in 2013. Remember, when you promote silver and gold you are exposing yourself as a target of wealth in an age of war on wealth. The fact is 99% of your friends and relatives see no relevance in personally owning silver or gold. Most, if truth were known, still believe economic recovery is only a couple trillion borrowed dollars away. If they ask tell them, if they don’t…don’t.

Step 4: The cost (currency) of PM moves up and down throughout the day, week, month and year. Don’t use “dollars” to validate silver or gold. Don’t celebrate when metals rise and don’t worry when they dip. Owning silver and gold must be viewed as a long-term tool of wealth preservation in an age of long-term economic challenges.

Step 5: Eventually establish a plan that includes storing PM over two… three is best, different locations. This can include home storage (if done correctly), bank box (if short term and proactive), passive storage (with someone or a vault company trusted and accountable), and international storage (outside the banking system, outside your country of residency).



Question:  Hi, I’ve been reading all your blogs recently…thank you for the great tips! I want to ask you if it is necessary to protect my silver coins/bars with Air tight cases to prevent them from tarnish? These cases are expensive and add cost to my investment. Thank you so much for your advise.

TPS Reply:  Thank you for reading TPS, and the great question.  I don’t use air tight cases since I care nothing about the collective value of silver or gold.  Tarnished bullion, round, bar or junk carries the same relative metal value. You’re correct when you mentioned the extra expense of air tight cases and I believe this cost is money that could be spent on more PM.

The exception to this is rare or numismatic coins that derive value from the coin’s condition. These coins are not the ones TPS recommends for those trying to protect wealth in 2013. Rare coins will in all probability appreciate along with rising PM but the premium side is subjective.

We will soon witness a period where all silver is in high demand regardless the condition, age, design, or weight. Any hunk of silver works and will do in such an age. Thanks for the question.


Question:  My house sits over a crawl space not a concrete slab. What is the best way to anchor a standing safe (I use it to store gold) to my home’s foundation? Thanks and enjoy the site.

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the question. My last house had the same problem so I can relate to your security challenge.  Attaching something heavy, like a gun safe, to a wood floor is easy but not nearly as effective as attaching it to concrete. Try adding additional wood support to the underside of your home’s subflooring and then bolt through the safe, subflooring and new wood support.

The idea is to make the prospect of stealing the safe difficult. Difficulty adds time and most thieves hate the idea of sticking around any longer than necessary. The only way I know a thief can steal a bolted safe is to cut it away from the subflooring, this usually means the 600 lbs safe is now resting at the crawlspace bottom or at least a part of it is.

Here is a suggestion. Pick up a cheap big box store gun safe and leave it unattached to the subflooring (throw some decoy metal or rocks inside just to make it sound like the mother lode as it exits your home) yet somewhere easily found. In conjunction, pick up a good floor safe and concrete it into your crawlspace’s dirt floor area below the home. Make sure the floor safe sits below grade well hidden from anyone servicing the home or looking to part you and your metal. This will take some effort but the peace of mind is well worth it.

Think like a thief to someday live like a king.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources



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Are you one of the many concerned about silver’s future?  Just this week I heard a talking head mention the volatility in precious metal as 2012 closes its final chapter. She confidently mentioned why investors sell silver and gold to wisely buy equities now that politicians are on the verge of solving our fiscal cliff issue. Wall Street celebrates this great news with a year-end rally almost like they realize Washington has no other choice but to feed the giant that holds the wealth of Middle America. My concern, my truest concern, goes far beyond the fiscal cliff or the triviality of our mainstream media, I’ll explain.

I would like to take a moment and do something I rarely do. I want to make a prediction, a silver prediction that is, and I’m asking each reader to, well, read closely. By the way, this prediction has everything to do with my concern of the day.

While paper silver sells down…. physical silver disappears at near record pace. Because of this I’m concerned something “big” will cause a sleeping society to awaken to our fiscal reality. This reality has the potential to dry silver inventories nearly overnight.

For those new to physical silver I want to share a fact or three.  The majority of silver on the market today is newly minted silver in the form of bullion, rounds and bars. The number of mints making silver bullion, rounds and bars are few. Most of you that own silver bought it through a third party (online bullion broker) and not from the mint itself.

Your source, the bullion broker, in all probability isn’t sitting on a huge inventory of silver in hopes you call for more. The price of silver fluctuates too much for silver sellers (brokers) to risk anything other than placing a “buy” order only after you ask for more. This means those brokering silver sales are limited to what’s produced or allocated from the few minting silver.

We will soon see days of silver rationing meaning those wanting to buy silver will be limited to a few ounces, at best, or only the highest premium and less desirable forms of physical silver.

Now here is where my concern takes over. People prudent enough to own physical silver have no intention of selling anytime soon, why should they? This December’s drop in silver means nothing to those sitting on physical silver. There is no way a person wise enough to protect with physical silver will sell it, one call to any silver broker will prove this as true.

The new-age bubble investor will run to silver not driven by wisdom but emotion. This is why so many scurried to buy silver not long ago when it hit nearly $50 per physical ounce.  The combination of short inventories and the unwillingness of those holding silver to sell will create a shadow market in PM making the true value of physical silver hard to pinpoint. This value will be far beyond silver’s daily paper fluctuations we watch today.

This writer believes we have reached such a point but the monetary spread between physical and paper hides behind a splinter of availability (silver inventory), an inventory on the verge of disappearing.



My intention is to shout silver’s praises from the highest mountaintop so that as many folks as possible replace at least 10% of their net worth with precious metal. For those asking, 10% is a minimum and something closer to 20 – 25% is best (my opinion based on what I feel silver and gold’s actual physical values are today).  Remember, I gain nothing financially if you buy a boatload of silver since I sell neither metal.

But the problem, or concern, is that the physical silver window is closing just as those who trust a fiat currency need PM (precious metal) most. To put it simply, there is not enough AFFORDABLE silver or gold to go around. This is why both metals will go higher as more individuals realize we bought into a temporary currency system that still stands only because of the ability to print more.

Today’s silver buyers are a crafty bunch. They silently buy boxes of silver with little mention to anyone outside the few trusted, very wise. Is this why the silver cookie jar suddenly nears empty? Not exactly, physical silver has a bigger problem than its sneaky buyers.

Mining silver is challenging in today’s world. A global market may thirst for silver but politics and environmental issues dictate how fast silver leaves the ground. This conflict worsens as demand and prices grow, how could it not?

While preparing this post I typed “conflict in silver mining” and then watched nearly 3,000,000 results pop up on my screen. South America’s mining industry rages with conflict as inventories cry for more.

This only proves the option to own silver is not infinite.

I urge you to keep the above facts in mind each time a drop in paper silver prices rattle your PM faith. The fiscal issues our Congress address today are long-term problems that will take many attempts to fix. This makes protective assets, like silver, a long-term protective measure that each person who wishes to sustain wealth must own. Why not add a few hundred ounces to your stash while the opportunity to buy cheap silver still exists?


QUESTION:  You mentioned storing PMs in two or three locations as part of a proactive storage plan. One you recommended to another reader involves international storage which requires funds wired from a banking account. To my knowledge, the only way to someday retrieve this wealth is to have the funds (from PM sold) sent back to the same bank account. Here is the problem as I see it. What if the bank is no longer in business? What if the IRS decides my bank account is in their control regardless if I’m delinquent or not? Not sure I like the method for retrieval with international metal storage. Your thoughts?

TPS Reply:  Awesome question so thanks for sending it over. “Yes”, I recommend that each person who owns physical PM to use an aggressive proactive plan for storage. This could include international storage but two words popped into my head as I read your email, DUE DILIGENCE. I commend your efforts to look at international storage through realistic eyes because the risks you describe are very real, but.

I won’t speak for companies like BullionVault or GoldMoney, but my understanding is most depositors can retrieve real metal as well as cash back into a registered bank account. This means they will send real PM back to those who request it (for a fee). Does this take 100% of the risk out of international PM storage, of course not? I know of no way to store PM that is completely risk free.

My advice is for each person considering international storage to take the time to ask “what ifs” before taking the plunge. I personally feel it is well worth the risk depending on where you live. Thanks for the questions.

QUESTION:  You mentioned something about insurance for those who store PM at home?

TPS Reply:  Yep, insuring PM stored in your home is a great option…. and one recommended. The last I checked the fee for storing $100,000 in bullion was around $500 per year, well worth the effort and cost in my opinion. I’ll send the info over.

QUESTION:  Found your site on the internet looking for silver and gold information. I have so many questions I don’t know where to start and can’t afford the one-on-one consulting service you offer. In a nutshell, can you explain the steps to protect with physical silver?

TPS Reply: Would love to….. and thanks for spending time with TPS.  You have taken the first step to financial freedom, so congrats. Research is the key to understanding the power of silver/gold and how they protect in times of huge currency creation. First, continue to educate yourself why silver and gold are so relevant today.  Next, buy PMs as close to spot (paper) price as possible. I own bullion, rounds and bars…for what’s worth. Next, formulate a comfortable plan for storage that includes several options just in case one option fails. Next, forget the metal exists and live your life in the confidence that only comes from an independent nature that leads you to own a real asset like silver or gold.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources


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Isn’t it fun to spend money? I love to watch advertisers flirt with our pocketbooks this time of year just before Thanksgiving. You have to admit, their ads are catchy as actors smile over a new car tempting the rest of us why we deserve one too. The question I want to ask readers today is can advertisers trick us one last year? Is this the year we, collectively, say enough is enough by no longer willing to exchange debt for the illusion of fulfillment and happiness? I have my doubts.

I have a confession, I’ve yet to participate in Black Friday shopping….but this year is different. My wife convinced me to travel to our nearest big city, and then bite and crawl our way to a bargain we don’t really need. The only consolation is we have earned the right to participate in such mayhem. We have a savings of gold, savings of silver, and a level of debt that can never control or compromise what we have worked hard to amass. The same cannot be said for the other 99% shopping.

This holiday season’s success hinges on a economy that still stands only because of a government’s willingness to replace capitalism with fascism. Does this last sentence sound harsh? Fascism is nothing more than a corporate /government merger. This merger is the only thing holding the illusion of recovery, and Black Friday, together one more year.

You, nor I, can control a Congress unwilling to accept the defeat of a failed fiat currency. What we can control, or refuse to accept, is a belief that society can continue to move forward in a harmonious fashion while the walls of debt constrict around us.

The longer I write for TPS the more I’m convinced that most folks refuse to accept America’s peril because they have no clue how to protect themselves. They still believe the US Dollar is money, college education equals a good job, and their pension will be there when needed.

These same folks cannot explain why gold & silver climb. They refuse to admit the undeniable and willingly accept a reason to celebrate days like Black Friday by compromising the ability to think for themselves. They lack the ability to self educate, they accept fake money and, worse yet, they accept more government as the answer.

For them, silver and gold are a million miles away. We accept an economy dependent on spending, and Black Friday, because we no longer understand a true working economy. We accept an economy dependent on spending because we lack the education and common sense that will no longer accept such monetary bigotry.

This is why so many will stand in line to buy worthless items made from afar but not own one single ounce of gold.

A country willing to believe in fake money and a fake economy will willingly accept the loss of liberties and freedoms. What choice will they have without the ability to think for themselves or understand real assets like silver and gold?

I’m sorry to sound pessimistic, really. My goal is to motivate each of you, without bias, to individually research why silver and gold will go higher in the very near future. The motivation to own physical PM (precious metal) need not come from fear, uncertainty, or anything other than a true understanding of real money and then the willingness to react accordingly.

QUESTION:  TPS – Thanks for the great site.  I made my first PM purchase 2 1/2 years ago through a self-directed IRA buying some gold and some silver.  Because the metals are held in an IRA, I was not able to take delivery of them.  They are stored in the Delaware Depository.  Sterling Trust is my agent/broker who put this deal together.  I have never received anything from the Delaware Depository saying my PMs are there although I do get quarterly statements from Sterling Trust which accurately reflect the value of my PMs.  

What can I do to satisfy myself that my PMs are safely there?  Additionally, I turn 59 1/2 in March of next year at which time I could liquidate my IRA without penalty and then take physical delivery of the PMs.  Are you familiar with Sterling Trust and the Delaware Depository and do you feel these are safe places to do business with?  I would deeply appreciate your recommendations.

TPS Reply: Great move with the self-directed IRA. I’m guessing you’ve realized a 40% return on gold and close to a 100% return on silver, good for you. We are now living in an age where all things real must be questioned regardless how large the entrusted institution or depository. Sterling Trust appears solid and I’ve not heard anything that leads me to question their reputation. The problem is many trusted advisers, agents and brokers are only as good as the institutions who hold the wealth, and I’m not just talking PMs. Look at MF Global as a perfect example.

I don’t give pinpoint financial advice but will tell all readers what I would do if in your shoes. I would liquidate, in March, and then take physical ownership of my metal (just as you mention). I would start the process now by making calls or emails asking for the exact procedure to take physical delivery so no one is surprised come March 2013.

I doubt a company like Sterling Trust will risk their reputation unless Delaware Depository is worthy as a PM depositor. I think it’s good for you to question but I also think you have little to worry about. Regardless, taking possession puts you one step closer to where all physical precious metal holders should be. Thanks for the great question and drop me an email in March so we can both celebrate your efforts.


QUESTION:  I just had a thought recently about joining one of the several Gold Prospecting clubs here in CO to go look for gold myself.  Do you have any experience with clubs such as this and what are your thoughts on this activity?

 Hope you are well – Happy Thanksgiving.

TPS Reply:  I’m great, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all TPS readers. You must be reading my mind since I have toyed with the prospect of prospecting. I know little about such a venture but the thought of digging gold from the earth or stream is every man’s desire and every boy’s dream. I do receive calls from prospectors from time to time asking my opinion on future gold but most are extremely secretive on location (one actually asked to keep the conversation short since he was sure my phone is monitored by Big Gov’t), oh boy.

Prospecting gold is the ultimate definition of “untraceable” precious metal. States like Colorado (as you mention), Nevada, California, Wyoming and Montana have a deep history of gold prospecting and I have no doubt more gold is findable since the gold rush days. Streams change, rivers recourse, and the only constant is a growing value of silver and gold. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend to me so good luck and happy prospecting.


QUESTION:  Shopping for Christmas and considering PM as gifts. Any ideas?

TPS Reply: Yes, and thanks for asking because I meant to bring this up. Silver bullion, rounds and bars make perfect Christmas gifts but I do have a suggestion or two. Don’t spend your cash on collector coins nicely boxed unless this is something a person really has asked for. Collector coins, proofs, carry a substantial premium over spot and to be honest I don’t think they are worth what most are paying.

Your local coin shop is a perfect place to find low premium silver and they can help with a coin protector to boot. Oh, this year could be different but last year we realized a significant drop in PMs at year’s end. Might be worth waiting a few weeks to see if PM prices do the same in 2012. Thanks for the question, and reading TPS.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.





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It is 3 am and less than 72 hours after the 2012 election outcome…… and I can’t sleep. My sleeplessness doesn’t come from a celebratory nature, nor does it come from a disappointment over who was elected. The fact is over 50% in the US are joyful because President Obama found far more than enough electoral numbers to serve this country another four years.  Now I realize many of our readers are not happy about this and some of you are not shy about voicing such disappointment. Regardless your joy – regardless your disappointment, the fact is both silver/ gold will rise and the reasons why greatly concern me.

Maybe my uneasiness comes from a conversation my wife and I had after dinner last night. My wife shared the struggle of an acquaintance that raises three children, while working full time, and without consistent support from their father. This person makes, I’m guessing, around $16 per hour but mentioned to my wife she has $47 in her bank account and seven days until her next paycheck. This person is the face of Middle America.

Something happened election night that still turns my stomach at the thought. My repulsiveness has nothing to do with red or blue, nothing to do with democrat or republican. What makes me spitting mad is the celebration that took place in Chicago that included thousands dancing and singing like something great was accomplished.

Somewhere behind the confetti and the balloons sits a realization that little over the last few years justifies celebration.

This administration is quick to point out our current economic plight as one they inherited but improving. Few mention the level of debt necessary to create such a monetary illusion. I’m guessing there is some truth to this but inherited or not the pain that spreads across America is not one deserving of celebration, certainly not while a silent economic depression grips our country.

Are we celebrating the unconscionable levels of debt soon to be strapped to the backs of our unborn children? Are we celebrating the record numbers on food stamps or disability? Never before are so many dependent on such safety nets and never before are so many willing to question those using such programs.

When the costs of necessities inflate ( because of excessive currency printing) it provides the excuse or necessity for more Americans to join the ranks of the million plus others who rely on the government to get by. I see nothing worth celebrating as more lose the independent nature this great country was built on.

Are we celebrating the fact our middle class is declining at a record pace with most falling toward the poverty abyss or are we celebrating the struggle of millions like the aforementioned mother of three trying to stretch $47 to next payday?

A celebration like the one we witnessed only proves a lack of respect and monetary awareness….in my opinion. Folks, this celebratory nature is not limited to politics, unfortunately. Even professional athletes now celebrate mediocre accomplishments on the field almost like they didn’t expect achievement. Isn’t this what they’re paid to do after all?

Creating such a spectacle makes me long for the humbleness of yesterday…..and I’m not just talking athletics.  Isn’t it time leadership in America returns to a respectful level of leadership and less individualism?

Some of us have reason to celebrate but do not. The fact is gold has doubled in dollar value while Mr. Obama served his first term in office. Should I celebrate in my front yard by spinning my coin of gold on my sidewalk all while thrusting my arms up high?

It sickens me that my stash of gold doubled in value over such a short time because each time PMs rise the plight of young mothers, elderly, poor, and now our middle class, WORSENS. Of course each PM owners should be proud of such prudence but public celebration? I don’t think so. I find nothing worth celebrating when millions of Americans battle for independence while millions more compromise to a government feed bag.

Maybe it’s time we hold the celebration until something truly good happens across America.

QUESTION:  Keeping your PM in a bank security box is good or bad?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the tiny question and the answer is “yes”. Long-term storage carries far more risk than those who use a bank box for short-term storage while temporarily away. TPS has many snowbird readers who aren’t comfortable storing metal at home so they move it to a bank box while the home is empty. TPS also has readers uncomfortable with home storage, in general, who would rather risk bank box storage than home storage.

It really comes down to your situation and how comfortable a person is with their local bank. I do recommend using a local community bank if using a bank storage system. I might add, there is no need to tell the bank what you’re storing (the less who know about your stash of yellow or white metal the better).

Oh, FYI. Both home stored metal and bank stored metal are insurable so email me if this is something of interest and I’ll point readers the right direction. Thanks for the question and reading TPS.

QUESTION:  Do you believe we will someday see a day of silver or gold barter? I read one of your posts where you recommended “junk silver” and then mentioned the value of silver in a day of barter economics. Care to expand?

TPS Reply: Absolutely and thanks for the great question. “Yes” I expect we will soon enter a day when those selling stuff will much prefer silver over dollars (or any other currency). I’m a little surprised PM barter is not happening more but this only shows how few truly understand today’s economic conditions (the gov’t does a good job at hiding the truth in order to stay in power).

I don’t see gold as a tool for barter as much as silver. Gold is soon to reach a point of mostly wealth storage and this will continue especially when gold surges above $3000 per ounce. Remember, inflation causes funny things to happen in economies and things unneeded decline in value while things necessary skyrocket. This is why toys like snowmobiles and travel trailers will soon rapidly decline but things like food, energy and gold will do the opposite.

Junk silver makes the perfect tool for barter because pre 1965 coins come in small packages. A good example is how a pre65 dime can buy a gallon of gas today (a one ounce gold coin can buy 500 gallons of today’s petro). All precious metal owners should hold some junk silver in my opinion especially when we factor the low premium added to junk silver. Silver is silver folks and it doesn’t have to look shiny and new to preserve wealth.



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Many years from now very smart academics will attempt to pinpoint the spark that ignited the greatest currency correction known to man. They will dig through layers of information but only the ones willing to accept a hard truth will diagnose this epicenter correctly. When defining history it’s sometimes easier to clip its corners than to admit a failed monetary system trickled wealth away from under the noses of so many. It is painful for this writer to watch history unfold one news headline at a time. All the hoping, and blogging, changes little when compared to the magnitude of economic ignorance that allows central bankers around the world to dish out cash to a chosen few while the rest watch their currency turn to dust.

I personally watch this global economic correction with mixed emotions as a person faithfully storing my children’s wealth in gold & silver.

We often hear gold, and silver, described as a benefactor of life’s volatility – like war and economic uncertainty – but I don’t necessarily agree. Sure nothing pushes PM (precious metal) prices faster than fear but this has little to do with anything other than the sheltering affect within PM.

Smart money runs to PMs in times of uncertainty because smart folks understand hard assets are historically protective.  This has nothing to do with “investing” or “speculating”. This is all about weathering a global currency meltdown happening right now.

Some of you are contemplating adding more metal or maybe buying for the first time. Is silver the best buy, maybe gold? These are great questions but the facts have proven both metals are as protective as the other; my answer is “yes” and “yes”.


Some patriotic will mistaken today’s post as a bashing when I declare the epicenter of today’s monetary crisis originates somewhere within the United States. I know this as true because only one country can print the USD (dollars) and only one currency is the world’s reserve currency.

Currency overpopulation trickles inflation offshore and to anyone willing to own the USD but few truly understand how this spreads today’s currency disease. Inaccurate academics, like Mr. Bernanke, unleash this toxin to support a banking industry that his very paycheck depends on. You, on the other hand, also play a roll in this merry go round of currency creation but your participation is not so happy ended. Your cash dwindles in purchasing power with each new digitally created dollar.

Few too many understand economic epicenters or the power of silver and gold, this is unfortunate. Less understand the very dollar that motivates us to work each day as the reason most currencies around the world are teetering on collapse. Over printing the USD leaves few choices for other currencies today, they simply must print to keep par with the devaluation of the USD.

A lack of fiscal management – fiscal mismanagement if you will – will eventually correct fiat currencies adding their names to the long list of failed monies. This will leave gold & silver, again, as the one true money.

This realization will come only after trillions of dollars in wealth has vanished.

QUESTION: My wife and I just finished reading Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher and now ready to buy PM. We have around $20k to invest and wondering which metal we should start with. I’ve looked into buying silver bullion (American Eagles) but not against buying fractional gold bullion either. Any suggestions?

TPS Reply: Awesome, thanks for reading my book and congrats on taking a life changing plunge into PM. I like the idea of buying American Silver Eagles especially when just getting started. Right now $20k of silver is a boatload of PM and this mass of real wealth is great for those new to PM since 500 + in silver bullion is very tangible. Pick  a day and pull the trigger realizing you are soon to own real money that is creating true wealth.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to put together a storage plan BEFORE bringing your new bundle of silver home. Several options exist and I recommend storing your new silver in a few separate locations, keeping at least 1/3 within arm’s reach. Thanks for the great question.


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