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Bill O’Reilly is on our side of precious metal and doesn’t even realize it yet. It only took Mr. O’Reilly 3:37 minutes to explain why each person with wealth must exercise a plan to protect it, regardless the monetary size.  Please take a moment and listen for yourself before we continue.


To fully understand gold and silver’s future we must first absorb the impact, or awakening, when a person as polarizing as O’Reilly uses words like “unsustainable fiscal path” or “collapse of savings” or “dollar collapse” in his opening prime-time monologue. Such a truthful 3:37 minutes I’ve yet to hear in front of an audience of millions.

We will not awaken one morning to $400 or $500 silver overnight. Nor will we awaken one morning to $15,000 – $20,000 gold overnight, either. The progression from where we are now to where we’ll soon be is chucked full of necessary steps of awakening. The video above is yet another one of the steps we’ve spent the last 22 months describing.

Just three people; only three people stood in front of me while I waited to buy more silver ounces from my local coin shop this week. It’s worth questioning why in such an age of economic calamity the line doesn’t wrap around the corner. Is it possible Mr. O’Reilly is correct when he mentioned that most Americans simply will not listen or, worse yet, too stupid enough to care?

I refuse to believe folks in this country are inherently lazy, selfish, or too wrapped up in individual pursuits. Sometimes facing reality takes multiple knocks to the head before we realize the same old same old is not only not working but draining generational wealth byway of inflation and dollar debasement.

The awakening that will propel silver and gold much higher is full of postponement and laborious.  One postponement; 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Another postponement; the 65% increase in food stamp participation over the last four years. Another postponement; the number of dieing industries still standing thanks to taxpayer bailouts and endless stimulus.

Our silent economic depression hides well behind a 17 trillion dollar deficit and an administration more concerned with growing government than impoverishing our nation.

The words Mr. O’Reilly use in the video above are all PM (precious metal) triggers. These “trigger words” snap the viewer holding a bag of Cheetos to attention. Our nation slowly gravitates away from mindless entertainment to a thirst for monetary truths. O’Reilly understands this thirst leads to more viewers, more book sales, and ultimately more folks no longer willing to accept political manipulations.

The video also mentions a Congressional agency called Government Accountability Office (GAO) preaching the ill effects of too much national debt on our economy. Being honest, I had to look up the GAO…. and guess what? The GAO site should be a warning, or awakening if you will, to everyone with a computer.

Look for more media figures, sports figures (pro golfer Phil Mickelson just this week mentioned his disdain of paying a tax rate of 62%, read it here), and everyday Americans to join the minority unwilling to accept the monetary status quo. Guys like O’Reilly and Mickelson may not own silver or gold yet but I’m willing to bet their willingness to publicly call B.S. will eventually lead them to the same mindset we share. All while the rest of the world awakens to gold and silver in their own way and time.

Question:  After reading your book it inspired my husband and I to buy silver. We refuse to believe a growing deficit will take our country back to “normal”. It is now very clear that those in power have their best interest far over ours. Care to guesstimate future silver values? Also, what about Morgan silver dollars? Thanks DC.

TPS Reply:  Thanks, and congrats on making silver part of your financial future. A few PM experts are throwing around some hefty silver values so maybe today is a good time to fact check. I recently heard Doug Casey mention $300 silver.  Miles Franklin team often mentions $1000 an ounce physical silver.  With that said who knows what to believe?

Ones willing to predict future silver values do so by dividing currency in circulation by known gold ounces. Then, they guess what the silver to gold ratio could be according to historical ratios; this number in dollars is staggering compared to today’s standard. Here is my take for what it’s worth.

I believe this administration, like so many before, will continue to print and grow our deficit therefor debase the buying power of the very dollars you and your husband work hard for. The problem is we have continued this reckless spending for so long now we no longer get the same boost as before. This is why economic negativity grips all corners of the earth as you’re reading today.

Silver, as mentioned many times on TPS, is reactionary. It will rise, or react, as high as necessary until monetary reasoning returns. Right now, few currencies in existence are not participating in printing so it’s hard to say how high silver will climb before bubbling down someday. My guess is the dollar value of silver will far surpass what most can imagine.

But even $1000 or $10,000 per ounce silver is as relative as each dollar’s buying power. Eventually we will reach a point, if the printing continues, when silver will not be assigned a dollar value. At such a point silver and gold will be the first currency choice and USDs (or whatever currency is second most dominant) will become a distant second.

Mike Maloney pointed out a real case scenario in his book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. The Roman Empire debased their currency over several decades until finally minting coins with little or no silver. Roman soldiers eventually refused to protect politicians and people of prominence unless they were paid in real silver. Everyone else had little choice but accept the new fiat currency coins and the rest is history. The US is dangerously close to reaching such a point.

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the Morgan Silver Dollar question. Morgans are cool old coins and just this week I contemplated adding more to my silver arsenal (my local coin shop sells melt-grade Morgan Dollars $30 -$36 per coin). Unfortunately….. Morgans are not a full silver ounce (I believe they’re 90% silver weighing around .77 an ounce… depending on wear) so keep this in mind when buying old coins. Personally, I will only buy melt Morgans that hold no numismatic value since I’m only interested in the coin’s silver content. Due diligence are the two words that pop in my head. Thanks for the great questions.

PS – If you’re buying or own rare coins, like Morgan Dollars, please share your knowledge with other readers. We would love to hear from you.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources




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I’m not sure who said it but it’s worth repeating. The best time to buy silver was ten years ago, the second best time is now. This week TPS (The Prospector Site) received our share of emails asking if now is a good time to buy or wait in hopes of a silver price dip. I understand the thinking but to me personally the risk doesn’t out way the return. Over the next few hundred words I’ll explain why I feel now is the time to buy silver.

Few will disagree when I say the world is changing before our very eyes. Germany has asked the US to return all physical gold stored in the United States. The rumor is this gold, German gold that is, is no where to be found. Domestically, this administration is “all in” as they ask Congress to erase the debt ceiling even to the point of warning anyone standing in the way of such fiscal irresponsibility as a obstructionist.

This week alone President Obama warned those opposed to raising the debt ceiling, increasing the national debt, as “responsible if our economy falters”. Never before has this author heard such a political admission of bankruptcy as when the President of the United States admits the only choice is diving deeper in debt. The USA has reached the monetary point of no return from the lips of our own president.

Let me be perfectly clear here. I hold no political bias; my objective is nothing more than to compare facts of the day to PM (precious metal) relevance. I have my political opinions, like you do too, but they shouldn’t play into your decision to buy or not buy silver.

When a country reaches such a point of borrow or bust it matters little the price of silver or gold. The only issues are how much one can afford, where you will buy it, where will it store. Maybe at this point I should share an email we received this week to better clarify my point.

QUESTION:  I am looking into purchasing a few thousand dollars of silver coins (junk) from a reputable local coin shop here.  Do you recommend I wait for awhile to see if the price drops (like sometime this summer)?  I am in my mid 50′s,  Please advise.  Thanks.

TPS:  I love this question for many reasons. It proves Americans are waking up and taking control of their financial future. This reader, proved by their wording, has taken the time to research silver (by the mention of “junk”), check out a local silver source (by mention of a reputable local coin shop), and now timing their silver action (aware of the benefits of buying on a “dip”).

This “think for myself” mentality is exactly what it will take to sludge through 2013 and beyond.

TPS exchanged an email or two with this reader and I’m willing to bet a bullion ounce of silver they will soon buy some, if not already. We can look at today’s mania around the gun and ammo craze as a perfect example of future PM demand. A combination of fear and reality has nearly emptied gun store shelves. The run to silver will soon follow the same type of mania. The reason I know this rests in the paragraph below.

The United States Mint has temporarily sold out of 2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins.  As a result, sales are suspended until we can build up an inventory of these coins.  Sales will resume on or about the week of January 28, 2013, via the allocation process. GOLDSILVER.COM

Any event can trigger a run to silver that leads to an “allocation process“. This is something we’ve written about many times on TPS and completely expect to soon witness. My gut tells me silver allocations will become spotty and then turn into a common part of the PM marketplace.

My advice, for those who choose to own silver, is to build your stack before silver allocation rules the silver market. This demand will affect silver prices both positively and negatively depending on what side of silver ownership you’re sitting.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources





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Resolutions in general are very predictable in our age. January is a month we commit to losing weight, increased family time, paying down the balance on credit cards, you get it. But this January I’ve noticed a new resolution unlike any year prior as silver offers the affordability few PM (precious metal) experts predicted.  Silver bullion sales are through the roof as we kick off the New Year and I’ve personally made a commitment to add to my silver stack each month in 2013. Maybe it’s time you make the same silver resolution too?

I’ll admit it. Over the 2012 Holiday Season I blew a gasket during an informal PM consultation. After nearly two years of debate, this acquaintance still owns zero ounces of silver or gold. We’ve discussed the importance of wealth preservation in an age of over reaching government (he agrees), we’ve discussed dollar debasement thanks to endless printing (he agrees), and we’ve discussed how this administration, like ones before, bailout the chosen few while all the rest pay for it (he agrees, too).

Now, for those who’ve worked with me know that I’m a very patient person. My goal is to simply explain the options including how to buy, who to trust, where to store (internationally and at home), and then let you, the client, make the final decision. I don’t sell PMs so a conflict of interest is never an issue.

But this time was different. This time I couldn’t take another conversation ending with inaction. Maybe this is why I blurted something I should mention but never have said. “Look, one day you will buy PM. Right now it’s by choice and controlled. But someday it will be from desperation as you watch other assets and wealth sources quickly declining. Don’t wait until the mania arrives to attempt to buy silver, or gold, because both at such a time will have few sellers and those willing to sell will only do so when offered a great premium.”

In case you’re asking this person still doesn’t own PM (they can afford a boatload). Their resolve to preserve wealth is low. Therefore, a silver resolution is not at hand. I only bring this up today since it’s possible many of you are sitting on the PM fence. Maybe your inaction stems from confusion but it’s hard to say without knowing the situation. I encourage you to strongly consider a plan like the following if nothing else.


A Silver Resolution for You:

I often hear from those new to PM that they don’t know where to start. If this is your question today I urge you to read closely. First, you’ve made the first step by reading TPS or other educational sources relating to PM….congrats. Next we must turn this education to action so let’s look at the best way to accomplish such a PM action plan.

Step 1:  This action must land a few ounces of silver, or gold, into your possession. Don’t get hung up on the monetary challenge of buying cases of silver when just starting out. Buy what you can afford, for now. I recommend buying low premium silver bullion, rounds, bars, or “junk silver” from your local coin shop when getting started. Part of this plan must include a safe method to store it. A proper storage plan must grow as your stack of silver or gold grows (more in a moment).

Step 2: Next, I recommend committing to a number of ounces each month regardless what comes up (it can be 2 or 20 ounces – the number is relative to your budget). If you are like me something monetarily always comes up but this “something” must take a backseat to the commitment to save. Like I mentioned earlier, the time to comfortably buy PM is closing and one hour researching current economic events proves this as fact.

Step 3: Be discrete. There is no need to convince your office or peers how relevant PMs are in 2013. Remember, when you promote silver and gold you are exposing yourself as a target of wealth in an age of war on wealth. The fact is 99% of your friends and relatives see no relevance in personally owning silver or gold. Most, if truth were known, still believe economic recovery is only a couple trillion borrowed dollars away. If they ask tell them, if they don’t…don’t.

Step 4: The cost (currency) of PM moves up and down throughout the day, week, month and year. Don’t use “dollars” to validate silver or gold. Don’t celebrate when metals rise and don’t worry when they dip. Owning silver and gold must be viewed as a long-term tool of wealth preservation in an age of long-term economic challenges.

Step 5: Eventually establish a plan that includes storing PM over two… three is best, different locations. This can include home storage (if done correctly), bank box (if short term and proactive), passive storage (with someone or a vault company trusted and accountable), and international storage (outside the banking system, outside your country of residency).



Question:  Hi, I’ve been reading all your blogs recently…thank you for the great tips! I want to ask you if it is necessary to protect my silver coins/bars with Air tight cases to prevent them from tarnish? These cases are expensive and add cost to my investment. Thank you so much for your advise.

TPS Reply:  Thank you for reading TPS, and the great question.  I don’t use air tight cases since I care nothing about the collective value of silver or gold.  Tarnished bullion, round, bar or junk carries the same relative metal value. You’re correct when you mentioned the extra expense of air tight cases and I believe this cost is money that could be spent on more PM.

The exception to this is rare or numismatic coins that derive value from the coin’s condition. These coins are not the ones TPS recommends for those trying to protect wealth in 2013. Rare coins will in all probability appreciate along with rising PM but the premium side is subjective.

We will soon witness a period where all silver is in high demand regardless the condition, age, design, or weight. Any hunk of silver works and will do in such an age. Thanks for the question.


Question:  My house sits over a crawl space not a concrete slab. What is the best way to anchor a standing safe (I use it to store gold) to my home’s foundation? Thanks and enjoy the site.

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the question. My last house had the same problem so I can relate to your security challenge.  Attaching something heavy, like a gun safe, to a wood floor is easy but not nearly as effective as attaching it to concrete. Try adding additional wood support to the underside of your home’s subflooring and then bolt through the safe, subflooring and new wood support.

The idea is to make the prospect of stealing the safe difficult. Difficulty adds time and most thieves hate the idea of sticking around any longer than necessary. The only way I know a thief can steal a bolted safe is to cut it away from the subflooring, this usually means the 600 lbs safe is now resting at the crawlspace bottom or at least a part of it is.

Here is a suggestion. Pick up a cheap big box store gun safe and leave it unattached to the subflooring (throw some decoy metal or rocks inside just to make it sound like the mother lode as it exits your home) yet somewhere easily found. In conjunction, pick up a good floor safe and concrete it into your crawlspace’s dirt floor area below the home. Make sure the floor safe sits below grade well hidden from anyone servicing the home or looking to part you and your metal. This will take some effort but the peace of mind is well worth it.

Think like a thief to someday live like a king.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources



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The truth is sometimes those who preach the benefits of silver and gold repeat the same old same old. PMs (precious metals) do not have the exclusive on misinformation. Since the beginning of time hunters have exaggerated size of the beast or danger of the kill. Flash forward a few thousand years and the internet provides a breeding ground for the misinformed, this includes precious metal actuality. The challenge for you, the reader, is to sift through fact from fiction, bias from objective. This can be challenging for you and me. 

TPS (The Prospector Site) attracts those new to PM in search of more information in hopes of making prudent monetary decisions in an age of economic uncertainty. But some readers are more advanced, PM speaking, and present challenging questions to say the least. One such challenge leads us to ask if too much physical silver exists.

Let me begin by saying Happy New Year to all and thanks for spending a few minutes in search of PM accuracy. I commend each of you for making such a wise decision to at least explore the relativity of silver and gold today. We often discuss how to buy, what to buy and how to safely store silver/gold so feel free to dive into TPS archives for more info or email me, DC Carlton, if you prefer.

The question is how can we accurately compare silver availability to demand? In other words, is physical silver demand greater than mining output or potential output? Plus, is mining output supplemented by an increasing supply of scrap silver, as well? More importantly, how will production and demand effect the value of your stack of silver bullion, rounds or bars?

All great questions, all worthy of an answer, too. Unfortunately, not one person walking God’s green earth knows the answers to the above questions since even those spending a lifetime researching such issues disagree. So, this leaves us with only one last option but fortunately it’s the best option.  This is why we’ll do our best to answer the above questions by evaluating the facts.

Fact #1. Silver demand is very relative. Even so-called experts can only estimate future demand. These experts usually base such demand on trends more than anything else, and for one reason. You, my friend, are hard to figure out….monetarily speaking.

Demand is relative to so many things. I would have never believed America would re-elect a president (regardless political affiliation) who approved increasing the national deficit nearly as much in one term as all previous presidents…..impossible. This only proves how quickly opinions change once a society reaches a point of spending addiction.

Natural disaster experts will attest that folks under extreme adversity will eventually broaden opportunity in order to survive. Those with wealth will do exactly the same as they realize their vessel of wealth storage is at risk of sinking.

I still recall the meal in Beijing, China just a few short years ago listened to a couple of European land developers describe the mania of new construction along Spain’s coastline. Now, Spain suffers from catastrophic economic decline with millions taking to the streets.

It’s impossible to factor future demand as our world changes so quickly…..and awakens to the fact another option exists for wealth storage. The ability to trade currency for silver is a growing force more powerful than most imagine. So often we hear of overreaching government chipping away at civil liberties but few connect how a storage of PM wealth is the ultimate liberator.

The combination of sound money liberation and a second currency option fuels the demand side of silver as folks realize the US Dollar has reached retirement age. I only mention this because the USD has lost 95% of its value since the creation of our Federal Reserve Bank.

The world is on the verge of discovering the one currency not negatively affected by monetary debasement and fiscal irresponsibility.

Technology and silver you ask. Even those who support silver’s technological play underestimate silver’s true potential as our world connects via smart phones and tablets. This technology thirsts for silver even it’s only minuscule amounts at a time. TPS often mentions how silver and gold are off the radar but in today’s information age the power of silver and gold are soon uncontainable. The same devices made of silver also help spread the benefits of investing in physical silver.

Fact #2: Silver doesn’t care. Silver doesn’t care if it’s a great wealth equalizer for a central bank or a fellow living in Kansas City. Silver cares not who claws it from the ground or who buries it in their backyard. Silver is an emotionless opportunity of wealth preservation in an age of wealth destruction. Like our European developers, we like to assume silver will always be available but the facts say otherwise.

Latin America’s mining industry blazes in conflict. International mining corporations pour into Latin America but conflict arises when locals question fair wages and long-term environmental impact. It really comes down to greed as even the impoverished understand rising silver demand has the ability to pad empty pockets.

Raise your hand if you truly believe environmental issues will not grow more relevant worldwide. Clean air and water will prevail over mining compromise and this equals one simple outcome. It will grow harder, even in our technological age, to abstract hunks of silver from under the earth’s surface.

Last Words: Well, these are the facts folks. No matter how much silver rests below the ocean floor or planet’s surface it doesn’t change the impact of enormous demand. Silver is now under assault from technological components and from folks, like you, looking for sound money in an age of imaginary currency.  My opinion (yes I saved it for last), it’s impossible to have too much silver when 100% of the world’s currency is intrinsically worth zero.



DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources











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