Do you own physical silver? We track your comments and without doubt I will say most of you are buying or looking to buy silver. This is wise, in my opinion, for a number of reasons but it is nearly impossible to investigate silver and not read endless information regarding silver’s price manipulation. I won’t attempt to argue that silver’s price is not “managed” or manipulated. Please name one market in this day and age not manipulated, it’s just not possible. But, my point goes beyond managed silver since the fact is managed, or not, the value of silver is and will grow. Thanks for joining us today.

Below is an interesting chart showing silver with an annual gain of 29%. I’m not a big chart guy but this one certainly puts growth in perspective. Of course, this is only a projection.

Ted Butler knows as much about the silver market as any person on earth. His take is that our current suppression of silver began over 15 years ago. He also believes all things with monetary relevance begin and end with the value of silver. This article today is not to argue who or why someone so desires to retard silver’s value that they will risk years behind bars to do so. Why you ask?

Because suppressed, or not, silver continues to outpace gold, DOW and oil.

You already know that silver’s fluctuations will drive some folks insane. This is why TPS does everything possible to justify metal first all while hoping rationally minded individuals make monetary decisions with their minds…. not hearts. This doesn’t insinuate your stack of silver will not decline over the short term. Let me explain it like this. I have several young silver buyers on pace to prosper 30% from recent silver buys. I also have some readers who paid $48 per ounce and still far from even. Both buyers – if they stay the course – will greatly appreciate such prudence.

Silver and gold, too, are the few assets that benefit in times of turmoil, fear and greed. Can you think of anytime over the last few years with as much of the aforementioned? All currencies and countries have one thing in common as you read this, the race to devalue currency in order to stay more competitive in a time of economic duress. This is no different than more fighting over fewer pie pieces.

The downside to such effort is the declining value and purchasing power of those trusting such currency. The only benefactor, true benefactor, are the few assets folks view as safe or immune for such a destructive fiscal nature.

The “safe haven” list has declined to only a select few. Silver and gold rise as turmoil, fear and greed grow prevalent in an ever increasing age of economic uncertainty, JUSTIFIED OR NOT!!

Some who own physical silver are yet to understand the difference between physical and paper silver. Paper silver misleads some physical silver holders and this greatly concerns me. There is no possibility paper and physical metal will share the same stage in the future. The amazing race to all things “real” progresses as you read this. If you’re holding physical silver, or gold, then you are miles ahead, congrats.

Paper silver is a promise easily traded to someone who still believes in a word like “recovery”.  I recall one reader’s email asking the difference between paper and physical silver (“why the price difference” was the actual question, if I recall). The difference is possession, you hold physical silver. You don’t hold paper silver. This is why one costs more at time of purchase. Is possession worth paying an additional 10% over the paper silver market? You bet it is, especially for those new to precious metals.

Silver’s future is one of promise for those holding physical metal and one of great concern for those holding paper promises. Remember, all things real is the trend of tomorrow. To learn more about silver’s future be sure to check out Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher released in 2012.

QUESTION: Okay, I’m a nervous first-time buyer so let’s get that out of the way. I made my first silver purchase from a bullion dealer you recommended and now waiting to take delivery. What is the best way for someone who doesn’t own a safe to store silver? I have no room or plans for a big safe since the safe would cost more than my silver. Any ideas?

TPS Reply: Good for you and congrats on the wise choice to trade cash for real money. I understand your situation since many readers also have no desire to buy a gun safe, either. You have a couple of options and I’m glad you’re addressing storage now rather than after the silver arrive.

Depending on size (amount of silver), a local bank box could suffice. Some in the PM industry discourage bank boxes but my opinion is that they have a place depending on a person’s situation. This is not to say things could change, quickly to boot, and justify removing your silver from the bank.

Regarding future silver or gold purchases, you might consider setting up an account with BullionVault or GoldMoney. This allows folks like you to own physical metal without the hassles of self storage. I still recommend storing at least 1/3 of your metal within reach…just in case. Thanks for the question.






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  1. Aten says:

    I sold a big part of my holdings during this washout just so that i can buy again cheaper later. I have to admit i am finding myself “trapped” on this buy/sell thing, and i am noticing im also getting trapped on this greed/fear thing. It cannot be a good thing for me.
    My best suggestion to myself is to withdraw part of the bullionvault funds and hold physical, that way i cannot sell with a 1-click. What do you think?

    Tough times in this october washout. Your last post about silver sure tranquilizes me so thanks for keeping up.

    Best Regards

    p.s off the record
    I noticed that you did not have a referer in Bullionvault, i have never refered anybody so, if you want, and until you find a better referrer, please add mine


  2. The silver market is much smaller in value than the gold market. The London silver bullion market turns over 18 times less money than gold.

  3. As some point in future, the price of silver will be the same price as Gold. Precious metals should be kept as insurance against hyperinflation. Dont think it is a good idea to trade gold or silver.

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