Bill O’Reilly is on our side of precious metal and doesn’t even realize it yet. It only took Mr. O’Reilly 3:37 minutes to explain why each person with wealth must exercise a plan to protect it, regardless the monetary size.  Please take a moment and listen for yourself before we continue.


To fully understand gold and silver’s future we must first absorb the impact, or awakening, when a person as polarizing as O’Reilly uses words like “unsustainable fiscal path” or “collapse of savings” or “dollar collapse” in his opening prime-time monologue. Such a truthful 3:37 minutes I’ve yet to hear in front of an audience of millions.

We will not awaken one morning to $400 or $500 silver overnight. Nor will we awaken one morning to $15,000 – $20,000 gold overnight, either. The progression from where we are now to where we’ll soon be is chucked full of necessary steps of awakening. The video above is yet another one of the steps we’ve spent the last 22 months describing.

Just three people; only three people stood in front of me while I waited to buy more silver ounces from my local coin shop this week. It’s worth questioning why in such an age of economic calamity the line doesn’t wrap around the corner. Is it possible Mr. O’Reilly is correct when he mentioned that most Americans simply will not listen or, worse yet, too stupid enough to care?

I refuse to believe folks in this country are inherently lazy, selfish, or too wrapped up in individual pursuits. Sometimes facing reality takes multiple knocks to the head before we realize the same old same old is not only not working but draining generational wealth byway of inflation and dollar debasement.

The awakening that will propel silver and gold much higher is full of postponement and laborious.  One postponement; 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Another postponement; the 65% increase in food stamp participation over the last four years. Another postponement; the number of dieing industries still standing thanks to taxpayer bailouts and endless stimulus.

Our silent economic depression hides well behind a 17 trillion dollar deficit and an administration more concerned with growing government than impoverishing our nation.

The words Mr. O’Reilly use in the video above are all PM (precious metal) triggers. These “trigger words” snap the viewer holding a bag of Cheetos to attention. Our nation slowly gravitates away from mindless entertainment to a thirst for monetary truths. O’Reilly understands this thirst leads to more viewers, more book sales, and ultimately more folks no longer willing to accept political manipulations.

The video also mentions a Congressional agency called Government Accountability Office (GAO) preaching the ill effects of too much national debt on our economy. Being honest, I had to look up the GAO…. and guess what? The GAO site should be a warning, or awakening if you will, to everyone with a computer.

Look for more media figures, sports figures (pro golfer Phil Mickelson just this week mentioned his disdain of paying a tax rate of 62%, read it here), and everyday Americans to join the minority unwilling to accept the monetary status quo. Guys like O’Reilly and Mickelson may not own silver or gold yet but I’m willing to bet their willingness to publicly call B.S. will eventually lead them to the same mindset we share. All while the rest of the world awakens to gold and silver in their own way and time.

Question:  After reading your book it inspired my husband and I to buy silver. We refuse to believe a growing deficit will take our country back to “normal”. It is now very clear that those in power have their best interest far over ours. Care to guesstimate future silver values? Also, what about Morgan silver dollars? Thanks DC.

TPS Reply:  Thanks, and congrats on making silver part of your financial future. A few PM experts are throwing around some hefty silver values so maybe today is a good time to fact check. I recently heard Doug Casey mention $300 silver.  Miles Franklin team often mentions $1000 an ounce physical silver.  With that said who knows what to believe?

Ones willing to predict future silver values do so by dividing currency in circulation by known gold ounces. Then, they guess what the silver to gold ratio could be according to historical ratios; this number in dollars is staggering compared to today’s standard. Here is my take for what it’s worth.

I believe this administration, like so many before, will continue to print and grow our deficit therefor debase the buying power of the very dollars you and your husband work hard for. The problem is we have continued this reckless spending for so long now we no longer get the same boost as before. This is why economic negativity grips all corners of the earth as you’re reading today.

Silver, as mentioned many times on TPS, is reactionary. It will rise, or react, as high as necessary until monetary reasoning returns. Right now, few currencies in existence are not participating in printing so it’s hard to say how high silver will climb before bubbling down someday. My guess is the dollar value of silver will far surpass what most can imagine.

But even $1000 or $10,000 per ounce silver is as relative as each dollar’s buying power. Eventually we will reach a point, if the printing continues, when silver will not be assigned a dollar value. At such a point silver and gold will be the first currency choice and USDs (or whatever currency is second most dominant) will become a distant second.

Mike Maloney pointed out a real case scenario in his book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. The Roman Empire debased their currency over several decades until finally minting coins with little or no silver. Roman soldiers eventually refused to protect politicians and people of prominence unless they were paid in real silver. Everyone else had little choice but accept the new fiat currency coins and the rest is history. The US is dangerously close to reaching such a point.

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the Morgan Silver Dollar question. Morgans are cool old coins and just this week I contemplated adding more to my silver arsenal (my local coin shop sells melt-grade Morgan Dollars $30 -$36 per coin). Unfortunately….. Morgans are not a full silver ounce (I believe they’re 90% silver weighing around .77 an ounce… depending on wear) so keep this in mind when buying old coins. Personally, I will only buy melt Morgans that hold no numismatic value since I’m only interested in the coin’s silver content. Due diligence are the two words that pop in my head. Thanks for the great questions.

PS – If you’re buying or own rare coins, like Morgan Dollars, please share your knowledge with other readers. We would love to hear from you.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources




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