Have you wondered how a person can profit from gold/silver beyond ownership? Our world is changing at a pace most cannot envision. This change is disruptive for most folks who have now grown accustom to normalcy. Like it or not economic imbalance is the new normal. But today I’m here to say that a new normal offers opportunity for those willing to embrace change and then feed the growing industry soon described. This potential comes thanks to the blooming business of gold.

It is no secret we are living in a global age. Technology has forever changed the way goods and information connects obscurity with opportunity. But even in such a global age something radical is about to change within your local economy. This change is compliments of a society unaware of how quickly incomes will diminish or fall under capital control. Let’s look at diminishing income first.

A sobering chart hangs in my office titled Production Worker’s Hourly Wages in Gold. It begins with my birth year (1965) showing the average American hourly wage earner making around 2.3 gold grams per hour. The chart ends in 2012 with the same wage earner making around .40 gold grams (over 5 times less). This vital tale of earning decline eludes those who do not understand gold and silver. Most view a better wage gauged in dollars, not grams of gold. They don’t factor the shrinking value of currency.

Now let’s address capital control. Capital control is a term you should expect to hear more of in the near future. Capital control is just another way a government controls the wealth and positioning of her people. It should be obvious that governments around the world are growing and have no intention of changing course. Growth takes revenue. This revenue comes from printing more currency or redirecting the wealth of the taxpayer, saver, investor, and eventually, the impoverished.

As more folks rely on government for a paycheck…. and their very existence, this offers more opportunity for price controls. This is something I’ve realized for many years and why I refuse to compromise my wealth to such tyranny.  The more people dependent on government the easier it becomes to justify the need for price control measures. After all, it is unpatriotic to not pay “your fair share“. Rarely are patriotism, impoverishment, and currency debasement mentioned in the same sentence.

The bad news is you cannot fight the trend just described…..not toe to toe at least. But you can alienate your wealth and future into a position that benefits from such a disturbing trend. Starting a small business is the next economic safe haven for those who refuse to pay one dime more (in taxes) than necessary. Patriotism has nothing to do with it. We will discuss many more small business opportunities here on TPS in the future.

Today’s opportunity is all about gold. Not just owning gold, or silver, but building a business around gold. Everyone reading today already views gold as real money. This will only become more obvious as currencies around the world grow increasing worthless. This will lead everyday folks searching for real assets. The intent, or trend, is finding something of value and turning it into cash….. not realizing too much cash is the problem. It will take time to bypass the misconception of dollars as money but this monetary fact will reveal itself.

This misconception is an opportunity to grow wealth and increase cash flow. The opportunity described today is not a cash for gold type business. It is a gold for dollars business; let me explain. Most Americans are sitting on more silver and gold than they realize. They will eventually realize the potential of this wealth and look for ways to turn jewelry and old coins into a currency. This currency will pay the electric bill, buy a gallon of milk, and so on.

Entrepreneurs will capitalize on such a demand and need. How, by offering their local economy a source to leverage silver and gold for dollars? Typically, today’s cash for gold industry buy scrap PM (precious metal) for a discount. Once the exchange is complete the metal is gone forever leaving the seller with nothing more than a temporary fix for a long-term problem.

The trend; or business opportunity I’m describing today goes beyond a typical cash for gold scenario. The new trend will resemble something similar to a small banking institution. As the value of gold and silver becomes more obvious, fewer are willing to participate in discount selling. This will lead to leveraging unlike anything we’ve seen before, at least with PM. Picture a modern-day “quick cash” business that holds scrap, jewelery, bullion or rounds in exchange for a short-term loan. The lender holds the metal and the PM is the collateral.

Let’s take a look at the benefits for both the lender (new business) and borrower. The lender, or person that accepts PM in exchange for a short-term loan, is repaid plus paid above market interest each month. If the borrower fails to repay the loan then the small business keeps the PM. The borrower benefits by temporarily leveraging a valuable asset, silver and gold, for liquidity (cash) all without forfeiting PM ownership.  Picture a modern-day pawn business that services the low, middle, and upper income classes.

I expect this new business opportunity to simulate a pawn shop but without the racks of power drills and golf clubs. This venture could be a stand alone business or fit nicely into an existing brick-n-mortar establishment. Today’s technology will simplify the accounting side by taking advantage of today’s online pay systems. If you’re in the market to profit beyond PM buy and hold, I strongly encourage a closer look at the new business of gold.


Are you a prospector? If so, I’ve been contacted by a television production company interested in casting real prospectors for a new TV show. They are currently working through the show’s casting process so send me over an email if you’re interested and I’ll forward it to the decision makers.

It sounds like the new show will require international travel so keep this in mind. Their client list includes shows on Discovery, History, National Geographic, CMT, TLC, Lifetime, and others. The Prospector Site is not connected with this new program, only passing along this opportunity to my readers.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources


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  1. Aten says:

    What is happening to physical gold and silver? Why is it not going higher?

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