By now I’m hoping my readers understand gold and silver’s relevancy according to the age we live. The benefit of such understanding extends beyond the typical layman’s confusion during PM (precious metal) decline, like lately. I pay little attention to the dollar number next to gold or silver. It means nothing when it rises and means less when it declines. I view both metals as necessary according to our real-time economic climate and will only change my opinion of PM relevance when fiscal sanity improves. Until then words like disorder, disturbance, disarrangement and decline mean nothing as others use these descriptions to label PM volatility. I pray you feel as I do.

Even more ironic – while the world views hard assets as risky a growing minority are feverishly adding new stacks of both silver and gold simultaneously.  Metal buyers realize the dollar lid is no longer in jeopardy of blowing off, it’s blowing off. This is why over 7 million ounces of Silver Eagles found new homes in January 2013 alone. The time to buy physical silver or gold is upon us.

Political leaders are on the offensive. This means they will say anything to keep law abiding individuals from pouring into the streets under protest over record deficits with no plan to scale back the size and power of government.

Their offense (government) creates a defensive nature in most Americans. Look how quickly this administration rolled from PPACA (Obama Care) to gun control to immigration reform to who knows what’s next. Folks, it’s only February and the arrows out of Washington have every taxpayer, every business person thinking of nothing but self preservation.

This offensive role is no accident. You can’t ignite revolt, monetarily or otherwise, while circling the wagons. The gold disorder of today is part of such assault.  Keep PM volatile and less differentiate real money from promissory notes, aka dollars. There is no gold disorder, there is only fiat disorder. You must know and accept the difference in order to trust the same protective instincts that drove you to PMs in the first place!!!

We often hear economic experts try to explain wealth distribution. This means nothing more than the rich getting richer and the middleclass & poor growing poorer. I don’t see it this way, at least not exactly. I see it more like a power shift built around vulnerability, wealth distribution is only a byproduct of a society less interested in real socio-political & monetary issues and more enthralled with modern entertainment & entitlement.

We only accept the proposal of something unconstitutional – like gun control – because we feel vulnerable, or unsafe. We only accept governmental overreach because we feel vulnerable to economic correction. We only allow massive currency printing and dollar debasement because we desperately desire normalcy in exchange for vulnerability.

This feeling of vulnerability eludes those that control their own wealth. The governmental infringements aforementioned are inconvenient, yes, but nothing close to a level of dictating. I see little disorder among those prudent enough to store wealth within physical silver and gold AND living a life of self reliance. Again, the dollar sign attached to today’s gold and silver has nothing to do with it.

QUESTION:  What is happening to physical gold and silver? Why is it not going higher?

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the short question. Not only is gold not going higher but it’s down around 5% year-to-date. Your question is worth asking but unfortunately no one can honestly offer an answer. Gold has appreciated, on average, around 17% per year over the last decade; I expect this trend to continue over long term.

Most gold experts will answer a question like yours by trying to explain PM suppression. I rarely mention metal suppression because to me it’s wasted energy and discussion. We can’t control naked shorting, nor can we control Wall Street’s finest who are more interested in their own interest over trading with integrity. I refuse to be a part of such monetary recklessness.

No one thinking realistically will question gold’s relativity in such an age as we’re living today. The fact gold is suppressed is the good news since this offers readers like you an extended opportunity to add more silver and gold to your growing stack. I recommend we stay the course, regardless how gold performs in the short term. Thanks for the question.

QUESTION:  Love the Prospector Site and really enjoyed your book.  I have a question relating to reportable PMs at time of sale. Can you explain why some silver and gold sales are reported to the IRS and some aren’t (when sold). Is it that important to buy PM excluded from notification at time of sale? Thanks again for what you do.

TPS Reply: Thanks for the kind words. You are correct; some PM transactions will trigger IRS 1099-B. As of right now some won’t, the determining factor lies within how, what, and to whom you sell. Selling metal back to a PM dealer will trigger an IRS notification IF THE PM SOLD FALLS WITHIN REPORTABLE SILVER & GOLD.

Is it that important to buy PMs excluded from such income notification? Probably….. here is why. I have little doubt that a government so large and in debt will eventually demand notification of most reportable income. Silver and gold held in American Eagles, by example, are excluded and do not require an IRS notification after sale, at least for now. This means declaring such income is voluntary (of course you could face stiff penalties if hiding income).

The difference between amount paid and amount sold is income. This income…to my understanding falls under capital gain and is subject to taxation. This taxation INCLUDES all gold and silver sales, nothing excluded. Now back to your question, some forms of bullion, bars and rounds will not trigger an IRS notification. This doesn’t exclude the metal holder from a tax obligation but will exclude a seller from receiving IRS 1099-B form.

I’m not here to preach tax obligations or obstruction. Each person holding PM is accountable as they choose. I provide the facts as I see them and the choice, as always, is yours. Feel free to set up a personal consultation since buying the right silver and gold is something we’ll completely cover. Thanks for the questions.

COMMENT:  I was stunned to find this site.  These are my sentiments exactly.  It has taken me awhile to get myself together and begin the process of purchasing pm.  I would more than welcome info on where to purchase safely.

TPS Reply:  Fantastic, another one joins the growing minority of PM holders….good for you. The process of safely buying silver and gold need not be complex. The “right” PM is all metal offered as close to spot price as possible. Finding the right source is crucial in order to have the peace of mind that only comes from PM authenticity.  You can’t go wrong with new bullion American Eagles, gold or silver.

I recommend contacting Colorado Gold or Miles Franklin if searching for a reliable PM source.  Congrats for making the most influential monetary decision of your life.

 Worth Watching:

The video below features Paul Harvey. For those unfamiliar, Paul Harvey was a radio broadcaster very concerned with the economic and social decay of America. We lost Mr. Harvey in 2009 but his words ring loud as ever thanks to modern-day technology. Please take a few minutes to watch, or re watch, If I Were the Devil by none other than Mr. Paul Harvey. Oh, did I mention the message below was recorded over 47 years ago, amazing.



DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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