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What Amnesty & Free Health-Care have to do with Gold Rising


Amnesty, by definition, has the same root as amnesia. Amnesia is the ability to forget and forgive all remembrance of an offense or occurrence. Today we will pinpoint exactly why today’s politicians are hellbent on expanding amnesty, free health-care, EBT participation (among other programs), and how this trend will ultimately influence precious metal higher. This has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. This is 100% about the ability to gain political influence at all cost. Even if it means taking down the most powerful country ever to exist. Let’s dive in.

I write this as politicians sweep up celebratory party favors on Capital Hill. The war is won, at least for a few months, and the never-ending pattern of print and spend will continue. The answer is always “borrow more” regardless the challenge, regardless the program.

While the party favors still floated through the air, President Obama made what some feel was an unexpected statement by mentioning the importance of immediately getting back to work on the amnesty issue. His statement came while opponents still wiped away fresh blood from a vicious political battle they have little chance of winning; here is why.

Oh, by the way, this post is not motivated by personal political opinion but by fact. My opinion of all things political should not affect if you do or don’t protect yourself with silver or gold. Now, with that out of the way let’s continue.

It doesn’t take an accountant with Ernst & Young to declare that our country is monetarily broke. This means we as a country routinely spend more than what comes into our Treasury. So this leads some of us to attempt to explain why those in political control feel the need to expand programs or expand law that adds to such a deficit burden.

It is no secret that laws like Obama Care will add to our national deficit which leads to printing more money (the trendy term for “printing” is now “quantitative easing”, please get with the program if you’re still calling this necessity anything other than QE). Sure politicians claim crafty accounting measures, new taxation, and new regulation will pay for Obama Care but at day’s end we all know differently, as do they.

The same goes for the upcoming amnesty chess match. I once mistakenly believed that nationalizing healthcare was the Holy Grail of all things political but amnesty has proved me wrong. Declaring amnesty with a population of people mostly impoverished is ingenuous  for those thirsting for perpetual political power. Somehow those who benefit from amnesty confuse this opportunity to benefit from such social programs as a part of the American Dream. This misnomer is a terrible misbelief.

Things that are free to the public only work if those providing the service work for free. Free health-care clinics work when those passionate about taking care of others donate their expertise and time. There are no exceptions, I’m sorry.

Same goes for declaring the millions waiting for amnesty who primarily, or at least partially, depend on state and federal programs for housing, healthcare, and groceries. These, too, only work when such programs are mostly provided by donation of time, money, and effort. They certainly will not work…… long-term speaking, in a country already bulging from never-ending deficit.

Far too many in this great country like to blame the recipient when the blame belongs elsewhere. It’s human nature to take the easy path in life. Of course this country was built on hard work and risk, I certainly won’t argue this fact, but this doesn’t change the rule of human nature. I blame those thirsting for political control far over those working the system.

The future price of physical silver and gold is greatly influenced by the 600 words aforementioned. As our country becomes more dependent on the expansion of government programs this will greatly sway the political influences of the people. Those in power, both fiscally conservative or progressive, will have little choice but to vote according to the pressure of the masses.

If the masses depend on social services then how can we expect those in power to not legislate to appease. We are reaching a point when a politicians very life could be in danger if not.

It is important for those thirsting for political power to swell the nationalization of all things necessary in order to maintain control. What those in power ignore is the long-term effect of printing money to support such recklessness. We, as a nation, have reached the monetarily point of no longer turning back this perpetual necessity of printing currency to appease the masses.

Some of you are still asking what the heck is going on with the price of physical PMs (precious metals) over the last year or two. Your viewpoint is shortsighted, respectively, when we consider the long-term recourse of debasing the US dollar in a nervous globalized world. Precious metal will rise up until the world finds monetary balance….. not a moment sooner.

This isn’t to say we won’t see valleys before then. Nothing of value is unaffected in this monetary ocean of ominous uncertainty and intervention. Precious metal will rise unexpectedly and it will nervously decline too. At day’s end – I know of nothing as protective as storing part of your wealth in physical silver and/or gold.

QUESTION:  Hi there. Last week a friend who works at the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) gave my daughter a 1oz silver proof like coin (lunar series, 2013 year of the snake). My baby girl is 2 months old.

This was good timing as I’ve been researching investment options for her (looking at shares mainly). after receiving this beautiful coin I started researching into gold and silver investments. This is how I came across your site. Very informative site btw. Thank you for sharing your unbiased views.

I’m now considering silver as an option. We don’t have huge amounts of cash but want to start her off and add to it each year for birthdays and Christmas. I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me as I’m a bit confused. I’m a complete beginner but am a fast learner.

1) What is the difference between proof and proof like coins? Is it good enough to buy proof like quality coins. E.g. A 5oz silver proof Luna snake from Perth mint is $480 where as proof like for the same thing at the RAM is $357.

2) What’s the difference  silver bullion coins and silver proof coins or proof like coins? 1oz silver bullion I can buy from Perth mint for $33 where as the proof like is $80 and the proof is $99.

I do like the pretty shiny finishes of the proof and proof like coins. I have about $1K to start her off with. I saw in one of your blogs that you said you prefer to invest in 1oz silver coins. Is that silver bullion or proof or proof like coins?

Hope you can help me.

TPS Reply:  Congrats……. I’m so glad to hear you’re taking such wise measures for your daughter’s sake (I’ve done the same for my two children). She is fortunate to have been born into such a caring family so focused on her future. Your questions are good and you are wise to question what is the best long-term investment for your hard-earned money.

I agree, the silver proof coins are exceptional. Although all coins made from silver or gold will provide protection the question is which ones will provide the most protection. I recommend waiting to purchase the proof coins until after you have a stack of low-premium silver bullion or rounds (I usually recommend legal tender silver bullion).

BTW, a proof grade coin is one of only the very best of the newly minted coins.

Amassing physical silver, or gold, is the goal. Any price paid in addition to the physical value of a coin is speculative. This is why I usually advise newbies to amass as much silver as possible in exchange for the least amount of currency as possible. Proofs, as you pointed out, cost more therefor they are rarely recommended…… at least when new to PM. This is only my opinion so I encourage, and admire, your diligence.

The same advise goes for rare or numismatic coins. This coin or bar choice almost always comes with an added premium subjective to opinion. This added premium can be volatile, in fact, volatility should be expected especially with rare coins. Paper PM is not recommended either.

Good luck and please stay in touch as your plan progresses. Thanks for the questions and comments.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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GOLD & SILVER, GOLD AND MONEY   No comments yet

Atop the cake sits five candles. Each flame represents a year since our lives should have drastically changed, but undeniably didn’t. This September, September 2013 that is, represents the fifth summer/fall season since, for all intensive purposes, our economy experienced a credit crash. This correction should have propelled most Americans closer to poverty but only postponed an imminent lifestyle change unimaginable by most in our middle class.  The next few paragraphs will outline exactly how we didn’t dodge a bullet and, more importantly, what role precious metal will play in an economic undoing. Thanks for joining TPS (The Prospector Site).

Our primary goal at TPS is to justify physical PMs (precious metals) and their role in creating a life of personal independence. The ability to own a worldwide universal currency is precious and, in all likelihood, a road map for freedom. Most folks making the effort to afford silver and gold are most likely not as distracted as the majority of fun loving neighbors.

The art of distraction is nothing new. It works on puppies and kids, it works on students and patients. Access to easy credit is what distracts most Americans into a state of complacency. This lifestyle almost came to a stretching halt in September of 2008.

Our lifestyle will not function “as is” without credit. You will no longer accept the effort of those in power nor will you be as distracted in a world of low to moderate credit. The true state of our economy will surface as markets 95% dependent on easy credit turn nearly dormant. From college debt to low-rate mortgages, to near-zero auto loans to plastic money; all champion the illusion of a healthy economy.

We only accept the recovery lie because of the ability to leverage ourselves deeper in debt, both as a country and as a society.

Today’s media appears to fall lockstep into this dependency trap but is actually nothing more than a mirror of our society. Social networking fills precious time with personal and professional drama all while distracting intelligent individuals with wasted time and effort. Even today’s world of entertainment is nothing more than a Miley Cyrus report or another example of intellectual compromise. From the latest smartphone to tablet — Americans will stop at nothing in order to be entertained.

The cost to distract us is getting expensive. No longer will American’s accept lower-than-historically-normal mortgage rates. If you want us to buy, or leverage, then near zero rates is what it will take. The same goes for new car buyers as they grow annoyed with anything but zero interest auto loan offerings.

We view credit as an ability to further strive for an American Dream not realizing the puppet master changed the rules sometime ago. You may view easy credit as an avenue to live beyond your means (whether you realize it or not) but Wall Street now depends on this ocean of debit as a primary source of investing. Think about it– your retirement future is now dependent on a derivative of never-ending debt creation.

Physical silver and gold can’t compete in today’s world of paper wealth.  Metal’s smash-mouth method of wealth preservation is not fulfilling, nor is it entertaining, nor is it a viable distraction in 2013. Why “invest” in PMs when we can drive a new car or buy a bigger home?

Too few view the last five years in proper context. Less take advantage of this temporary reprieve to re-channel savings or wealth into physical silver or gold. The great distraction worked because so few understand a power committed to borrow at all costs jeopardizes her currency to do so. The end result is investors worth millions, probably billions (dollars), but still living a life in poverty.

We can no longer deny worldwide tensions that grow with each passing day. Syria is yet another example of an economic symptom as countries around the globe look for a justifiable reason to print money and further distract citizens. Americans grow tired of nonstop war drumming but fail to realize war is the ultimate political distraction. After all, how unpatriotic are those who fail to support our freedom, right?

As you can see the one commonality is the need to borrow and create more currency. Sure taxation and capital controls will find a seat within the first few rows but the big nut is credit/currency creation. I have no doubt physical metal will rise from the ashes as the world awakens from our great distraction. I also have little faith wages and lifestyles can keep pace with this next leg of monetary debasement.

Historically speaking the value of physical PM will rise in times of economic uncertainty and currency debasement. Folks, you don’t need me to point out that we are at the very intersection of economic uncertainty and currency debasement. The need to hyper-print our currency will only improve the wealth status of those safely holding physical silver or gold.

Reality will eventually snap us from our state of distraction. A hungry stomach, eviction, repossession, and foreclosure are hard to ignore. You have time to make a change; I strongly encourage each person to take advantage of this closing window.

QUESTION:  With the threat of war growing can you offer some insight on how this could affect rising PM. You didn’t mention war in Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher, any reason why? Loving TPS, thanks for your effort.

TPS Reply:  Thank you for your support and questions. You’re right, I didn’t mention war in my book. In fact, lots of other PM influences didn’t make the cut either. Today’s book editors realize the attention span of most readers is retreating. We live in an age of constant information so her advice was to keep it simple, and she did.

But this shouldn’t undermine the effect of war costs that always lead to deficit spending and currency debasement. The belief that war is an economic stimulator is not true. Sure war spending will temporarily stimulate the economy but the long-term effect compromises a country’s national security and stability.

My opinion is that America is looking for another war. Look how many families now depend on a large military for employment, benefits, and retirement. I look for regional wars to expand into major conflicts as inflation/debasement tensions arise from currencies trying to keep their economies competitive. This type of conflict offers a green light for currencies to ramp up the printing process.

War legislation always carries pork in some fashion. Politicians realize few constituents actually follow the pork and most voters digest their news in tiny sound bites just before watching their favorite program.

Over printing a currency always leads to higher silver and gold prices. Values may not change but prices do just to keep par with inflation. This is the beauty of physical PM. This is why it is so necessary to trade fiat for real money while the option still exists. Did I mention the discretionary benefits of storing wealth in physical silver or gold? Thanks for the questions.

QUESTION:  My local coin shop is making a good argument for pre-65 silver over the new bullion recommended on TPS. Any thoughts?

TPS Reply:  I’m all for low-premium pre-65/64……. better known as junk silver.  My question for you is what premium are they charging for junk? How does this premium compare to American Eagles, rounds or bars? I personally own both (junk and new bullion) but favor one-ounce legal tender coins most of all.

I realize you, like most readers, are focused on silver but please don’t forget gold. Gold is historically less volatile and definitely worthy of diversification. A 1/10 ounce gold bullion coin is not much more than five silver bullion ounces. Many TPS readers hold wealth in gold as a long-term method of storage and hold junk silver for when we reach a time of underground barter and trade.

I’m glad to hear you are trading at a local coin shop since it is important to support local trade. The ability to exchange some silver, or gold, for cash could become useful considering the age we live. Plus, most coin shop owners have short memories and little to say.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.


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PM FREEFALL: What should you do?


Are you losing faith in physical silver? The question I hear most is “why”. Why are precious metal prices dropping when all the fundamentals are in place for it to rise? International economic volatility, threat of regional wars turning worldly, a flood of paper currency; the list is long and growing. The answer, my friends, is obvious, yet concerning, and the topic of today’s post.

It is unfortunate that we invest so much time, effort, and space in order to justify the only tried and true worldwide currency.  I agree, it’s impossible to ignore such  volatile erosion as we’ve witnessed over the last few months. No doubt this decline is disheartening to those new to PM (precious metal). For this reason alone we’ll invest time and space in hopes of answering why silver is dropping, should you buy now, and when silver will rise again.

Anyone with $11,700 can buy 500 ounces of American Silver Eagle bullion and have it shipped to their door (or local USPS). Comparing today’s silver offering to March 2011 is astonishing, to say the least. I founded TPS (The Prospector Site) in 2011 when the same 500 bullion ounces sold for over $21,000…… crazy! Precious metal experts, who coincidentally also pedal bullion related assets, can spin it anyway they desire but the loss, at least at this point, is very real.

In Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher I expose the mystery behind silver and gold’s true value. Each coin in existence has literally two sides, value speaking. The first side is intrinsic, or has inherit value. The intrinsic value includes the grand total of effort to mine, mint, and distribute each PM ounce. No different than the land, concrete, lumber, wire, roofing and labor value it takes to build a home or an apartment.

The second side of a metal coin offers value too, but this value is much more subjective than the intrinsic counter side. This side is all about demand, nothing more. If demand raises so does the coin’s value. If demand declines well, I guess, today’s PM market is the best proof as we all watch silver/gold retreat.

So how can prices fall if demand for physical metal is up? After all, today’s PM peddlers and experts talk little other than how worldwide demand for PM is through the roof, right? If true, then why has gold declined from just under $1800 to less than $1300 per volatile ounce? The answer to these questions goes far beyond the paper manipulation argument so commonly made by the PM faithful.

PM manipulation?

The words “manipulation” and “precious metal” play over and over again reminding us of a late-night HBO movie. You’ve undoubtedly read countless articles – written by PM aficionados – that repeatedly prove how PMs fall victim to Wall Street entities like JP Morgan and other “cartel”. I have no doubt Wall Street giants work the PM system but this doesn’t explain why physical precious metal is falling.

Physical silver and gold are in decline because PM can’t compete with today’s level of money printing. Never before are so many currencies simultaneously committed to printing fiat in order to appease a rising tide of concern. This printing offers a false sense of financial security, built on a foundation of debt, which only temporarily relieves the inevitable correction soon to fall upon each of us. Nevertheless, printing money to artificially support handpicked assets hasn’t bode well for gold holders.

Never underestimate the power to create currency (money).

It is only because of FED support that giant banking institutions (the same who manipulate silver and gold to their advantage) even exist. Remember, these giant Wall Street banking institutions should have disappeared September 2008, and would have if not for the biggest bailout in US history. Organic assets like precious metal cannot compete, not while we have an administration and financial structure hell-bent on picking winners, and therefor losers too.

What to do?

With a deep breath we must ask ourselves, as PM faithful, what to do. Obviously, we can’t fight the billion dollar status quo toe to toe. Nonstop bitching won’t help either. Far too many promote staying the PM course but with silver $19ish and gold $1200ish I for one no longer support, at least without question, staying a course that hasn’t worked for some time now.

I own both silver and gold and have for many years. But if I were new to PM, and didn’t own physical, I would buy some now, just in case something black swanish happened in the near future, but keep most powder dry until prices stabilize. But for those looking to add more physical I’m not so sure I’d be in a big hurry to stack more, not with such PM volatility. Here is why.

Folks have lost faith in PM. This hasn’t helped support prices in the least. Eventually low metal prices will discourage mining output and this disruption will dry metal inventories. I truly thought demand alone would vaporize such a limited inventory of PM but this isn’t the case. When miners can no longer profit they will decrease output. A decreased output of physical metal will do more to separate physical from paper than anything else I know. At such a time, physical metal premiums will rise regardless of Wall Street’s paper party.

We must put the age we’re living in context. From the $50k car we drive to the $500k homes we live, they all hold value only because of manipulation thanks to the power to print. This debt won’t and can’t last forever. Eventually something will sever the ability to print and at such time physical PMs will find equilibrium of true value and worth. I base this on history far over my opinion. Not one person walking this earth knows when the fiat printing will cease or no longer work thanks to inflation.

QUESTION: DC. I enjoy and value comments and reply of TPS. I recently overheard a conversation in our local coin shop – ” nobody has any silver” – ” there is a serious shortage of silver” – “silver is constricted” – ” the mints can’t get the raw material” – surely some “PAC MAN” monster didn’t consume all the silver that was out there not TOO long ago.

With spot being 20ish it seems more likely there is a lot of holding and hoarding going on, also I have recently purchased a few MONSTER boxes, so those ASE’s are available with considerable discount from months past. What’s keeping silver at 20ish? Is intervention and manipulation that controlling? I don’t question that silver is suppressed, my question IS WHY and by WHOM. Based on your experience and expertise, how constricted do you think DEALER or secondhand supply will be when silver is $100ish? Also, would you care to guesstimate when $100ish silver will be probable rather than possible?

TPS Reply:  Ah, the questions of when and how much. First, thanks for the great questions. I realize you’ve made a substantial PM investment and certainly have earned the right to ask “why”. For what’s worth……. my long-term PM opinion finds deeper validation with each passing day. In the meantime, PM is as volatile as I’ve seen them.

Let’s dive into your questions. Those selling PM are no different from anyone else selling anything else. Demand is an emotion. If a seller can convince a potential buyer that demand is high, and inventories low, then this potential buyer is more likely to buy. I have no doubt inventories are low but physical silver is still readily available, without a long wait time I should add.

Far too often we hear about a Chinese thirst for PM. Recently a photo of an alleged crowd of 10,000 aligned buyers has circulated the internet all hoping to buy physical gold or silver. I’m not buying it. I’ve done business in China and can tell you for a fact that the Chinese play their cards close to the vest. Sure, the Chinese are buying PM but the truth is this public option has only existed for a few years. Up until recently a Chinese citizen could be imprisoned for buying or possessing physical PM.

The Chinese have but one motive. Their plan is to hoard enough metal to reestablish a gold-backed currency, and this is exactly what they will do. Can you imagine the offering for physical metal when the yuan unseats the USD as a world reserve currency? The one Chinese question still unanswered is will the Chinese have to sell their gold if and when their economy corrects and how will this affect their reserve currency plan? My guess is the Chinese government will confiscate private gold/silver holdings sometime over this decade, just my opinion.

You asked about who is manipulating metal and why. This manipulation is about Wall Street profit more than anything PM personal. For Wall Street, it’s all about making money and few care who is hurt along the way. Our financial system is run by distrustful thugs with little integrity or concern over the hardworking fabric of America.  Central banks benefit, monetarily, and enjoy nothing more than watching a competing currency, like silver and gold, decline. Again, never underestimate the power to print money or those willing to manipulate such power for personal gain.

The true injustice, or risk, of falling metal prices is not a loss of wealth. It is a loss of ounces that concerns me most. When a PM buyer pays more than necessary, because prices drop soon after, this inhibits the ability to buy more ounces for the same dollar exchange. In the long run all PM owners will appreciate such monetary prudence, but this doesn’t help over the short term.

When will we see $100ish silver is like asking when hot water will boil. Silver rising will happen only after the US dollar index declines. The world still invests in the USD and will right up till the point they won’t. Only after the dollar loses trust will silver see $100, then $200, then? I would hate to be shopping for my first physical silver at such an age. Look for the secondary PM market to swallow today’s dealer/broker trade as soon as metal prices rebound.

I was once asked who should buy (own) physical silver or gold. My answer, the best person is the one who buys metal, stores it away, and then lives life like PM never existed. It’s hard to do, for some, but over-analyzing PM will drive a person to drink; we’re living in interesting times no doubt. Thanks for email.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.




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By now I’m hoping my readers understand gold and silver’s relevancy according to the age we live. The benefit of such understanding extends beyond the typical layman’s confusion during PM (precious metal) decline, like lately. I pay little attention to the dollar number next to gold or silver. It means nothing when it rises and means less when it declines. I view both metals as necessary according to our real-time economic climate and will only change my opinion of PM relevance when fiscal sanity improves. Until then words like disorder, disturbance, disarrangement and decline mean nothing as others use these descriptions to label PM volatility. I pray you feel as I do.

Even more ironic – while the world views hard assets as risky a growing minority are feverishly adding new stacks of both silver and gold simultaneously.  Metal buyers realize the dollar lid is no longer in jeopardy of blowing off, it’s blowing off. This is why over 7 million ounces of Silver Eagles found new homes in January 2013 alone. The time to buy physical silver or gold is upon us.

Political leaders are on the offensive. This means they will say anything to keep law abiding individuals from pouring into the streets under protest over record deficits with no plan to scale back the size and power of government.

Their offense (government) creates a defensive nature in most Americans. Look how quickly this administration rolled from PPACA (Obama Care) to gun control to immigration reform to who knows what’s next. Folks, it’s only February and the arrows out of Washington have every taxpayer, every business person thinking of nothing but self preservation.

This offensive role is no accident. You can’t ignite revolt, monetarily or otherwise, while circling the wagons. The gold disorder of today is part of such assault.  Keep PM volatile and less differentiate real money from promissory notes, aka dollars. There is no gold disorder, there is only fiat disorder. You must know and accept the difference in order to trust the same protective instincts that drove you to PMs in the first place!!!

We often hear economic experts try to explain wealth distribution. This means nothing more than the rich getting richer and the middleclass & poor growing poorer. I don’t see it this way, at least not exactly. I see it more like a power shift built around vulnerability, wealth distribution is only a byproduct of a society less interested in real socio-political & monetary issues and more enthralled with modern entertainment & entitlement.

We only accept the proposal of something unconstitutional – like gun control – because we feel vulnerable, or unsafe. We only accept governmental overreach because we feel vulnerable to economic correction. We only allow massive currency printing and dollar debasement because we desperately desire normalcy in exchange for vulnerability.

This feeling of vulnerability eludes those that control their own wealth. The governmental infringements aforementioned are inconvenient, yes, but nothing close to a level of dictating. I see little disorder among those prudent enough to store wealth within physical silver and gold AND living a life of self reliance. Again, the dollar sign attached to today’s gold and silver has nothing to do with it.

QUESTION:  What is happening to physical gold and silver? Why is it not going higher?

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the short question. Not only is gold not going higher but it’s down around 5% year-to-date. Your question is worth asking but unfortunately no one can honestly offer an answer. Gold has appreciated, on average, around 17% per year over the last decade; I expect this trend to continue over long term.

Most gold experts will answer a question like yours by trying to explain PM suppression. I rarely mention metal suppression because to me it’s wasted energy and discussion. We can’t control naked shorting, nor can we control Wall Street’s finest who are more interested in their own interest over trading with integrity. I refuse to be a part of such monetary recklessness.

No one thinking realistically will question gold’s relativity in such an age as we’re living today. The fact gold is suppressed is the good news since this offers readers like you an extended opportunity to add more silver and gold to your growing stack. I recommend we stay the course, regardless how gold performs in the short term. Thanks for the question.

QUESTION:  Love the Prospector Site and really enjoyed your book.  I have a question relating to reportable PMs at time of sale. Can you explain why some silver and gold sales are reported to the IRS and some aren’t (when sold). Is it that important to buy PM excluded from notification at time of sale? Thanks again for what you do.

TPS Reply: Thanks for the kind words. You are correct; some PM transactions will trigger IRS 1099-B. As of right now some won’t, the determining factor lies within how, what, and to whom you sell. Selling metal back to a PM dealer will trigger an IRS notification IF THE PM SOLD FALLS WITHIN REPORTABLE SILVER & GOLD.

Is it that important to buy PMs excluded from such income notification? Probably….. here is why. I have little doubt that a government so large and in debt will eventually demand notification of most reportable income. Silver and gold held in American Eagles, by example, are excluded and do not require an IRS notification after sale, at least for now. This means declaring such income is voluntary (of course you could face stiff penalties if hiding income).

The difference between amount paid and amount sold is income. This income…to my understanding falls under capital gain and is subject to taxation. This taxation INCLUDES all gold and silver sales, nothing excluded. Now back to your question, some forms of bullion, bars and rounds will not trigger an IRS notification. This doesn’t exclude the metal holder from a tax obligation but will exclude a seller from receiving IRS 1099-B form.

I’m not here to preach tax obligations or obstruction. Each person holding PM is accountable as they choose. I provide the facts as I see them and the choice, as always, is yours. Feel free to set up a personal consultation since buying the right silver and gold is something we’ll completely cover. Thanks for the questions.

COMMENT:  I was stunned to find this site.  These are my sentiments exactly.  It has taken me awhile to get myself together and begin the process of purchasing pm.  I would more than welcome info on where to purchase safely.

TPS Reply:  Fantastic, another one joins the growing minority of PM holders….good for you. The process of safely buying silver and gold need not be complex. The “right” PM is all metal offered as close to spot price as possible. Finding the right source is crucial in order to have the peace of mind that only comes from PM authenticity.  You can’t go wrong with new bullion American Eagles, gold or silver.

I recommend contacting Colorado Gold or Miles Franklin if searching for a reliable PM source.  Congrats for making the most influential monetary decision of your life.

 Worth Watching:

The video below features Paul Harvey. For those unfamiliar, Paul Harvey was a radio broadcaster very concerned with the economic and social decay of America. We lost Mr. Harvey in 2009 but his words ring loud as ever thanks to modern-day technology. Please take a few minutes to watch, or re watch, If I Were the Devil by none other than Mr. Paul Harvey. Oh, did I mention the message below was recorded over 47 years ago, amazing.



DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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Have you wondered how a person can profit from gold/silver beyond ownership? Our world is changing at a pace most cannot envision. This change is disruptive for most folks who have now grown accustom to normalcy. Like it or not economic imbalance is the new normal. But today I’m here to say that a new normal offers opportunity for those willing to embrace change and then feed the growing industry soon described. This potential comes thanks to the blooming business of gold.

It is no secret we are living in a global age. Technology has forever changed the way goods and information connects obscurity with opportunity. But even in such a global age something radical is about to change within your local economy. This change is compliments of a society unaware of how quickly incomes will diminish or fall under capital control. Let’s look at diminishing income first.

A sobering chart hangs in my office titled Production Worker’s Hourly Wages in Gold. It begins with my birth year (1965) showing the average American hourly wage earner making around 2.3 gold grams per hour. The chart ends in 2012 with the same wage earner making around .40 gold grams (over 5 times less). This vital tale of earning decline eludes those who do not understand gold and silver. Most view a better wage gauged in dollars, not grams of gold. They don’t factor the shrinking value of currency.

Now let’s address capital control. Capital control is a term you should expect to hear more of in the near future. Capital control is just another way a government controls the wealth and positioning of her people. It should be obvious that governments around the world are growing and have no intention of changing course. Growth takes revenue. This revenue comes from printing more currency or redirecting the wealth of the taxpayer, saver, investor, and eventually, the impoverished.

As more folks rely on government for a paycheck…. and their very existence, this offers more opportunity for price controls. This is something I’ve realized for many years and why I refuse to compromise my wealth to such tyranny.  The more people dependent on government the easier it becomes to justify the need for price control measures. After all, it is unpatriotic to not pay “your fair share“. Rarely are patriotism, impoverishment, and currency debasement mentioned in the same sentence.

The bad news is you cannot fight the trend just described…..not toe to toe at least. But you can alienate your wealth and future into a position that benefits from such a disturbing trend. Starting a small business is the next economic safe haven for those who refuse to pay one dime more (in taxes) than necessary. Patriotism has nothing to do with it. We will discuss many more small business opportunities here on TPS in the future.

Today’s opportunity is all about gold. Not just owning gold, or silver, but building a business around gold. Everyone reading today already views gold as real money. This will only become more obvious as currencies around the world grow increasing worthless. This will lead everyday folks searching for real assets. The intent, or trend, is finding something of value and turning it into cash….. not realizing too much cash is the problem. It will take time to bypass the misconception of dollars as money but this monetary fact will reveal itself.

This misconception is an opportunity to grow wealth and increase cash flow. The opportunity described today is not a cash for gold type business. It is a gold for dollars business; let me explain. Most Americans are sitting on more silver and gold than they realize. They will eventually realize the potential of this wealth and look for ways to turn jewelry and old coins into a currency. This currency will pay the electric bill, buy a gallon of milk, and so on.

Entrepreneurs will capitalize on such a demand and need. How, by offering their local economy a source to leverage silver and gold for dollars? Typically, today’s cash for gold industry buy scrap PM (precious metal) for a discount. Once the exchange is complete the metal is gone forever leaving the seller with nothing more than a temporary fix for a long-term problem.

The trend; or business opportunity I’m describing today goes beyond a typical cash for gold scenario. The new trend will resemble something similar to a small banking institution. As the value of gold and silver becomes more obvious, fewer are willing to participate in discount selling. This will lead to leveraging unlike anything we’ve seen before, at least with PM. Picture a modern-day “quick cash” business that holds scrap, jewelery, bullion or rounds in exchange for a short-term loan. The lender holds the metal and the PM is the collateral.

Let’s take a look at the benefits for both the lender (new business) and borrower. The lender, or person that accepts PM in exchange for a short-term loan, is repaid plus paid above market interest each month. If the borrower fails to repay the loan then the small business keeps the PM. The borrower benefits by temporarily leveraging a valuable asset, silver and gold, for liquidity (cash) all without forfeiting PM ownership.  Picture a modern-day pawn business that services the low, middle, and upper income classes.

I expect this new business opportunity to simulate a pawn shop but without the racks of power drills and golf clubs. This venture could be a stand alone business or fit nicely into an existing brick-n-mortar establishment. Today’s technology will simplify the accounting side by taking advantage of today’s online pay systems. If you’re in the market to profit beyond PM buy and hold, I strongly encourage a closer look at the new business of gold.


Are you a prospector? If so, I’ve been contacted by a television production company interested in casting real prospectors for a new TV show. They are currently working through the show’s casting process so send me over an email if you’re interested and I’ll forward it to the decision makers.

It sounds like the new show will require international travel so keep this in mind. Their client list includes shows on Discovery, History, National Geographic, CMT, TLC, Lifetime, and others. The Prospector Site is not connected with this new program, only passing along this opportunity to my readers.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources


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Are you buying silver or gold this month? Precious metal investors will buy more gold this December than nearly all other months of 2012 combined. Unfortunately, 90% of those buying gold in December will pay far more than necessary or simply buy wrong gold. In fact, most December buyers aren’t buying gold for an investment but simply looking for the perfect gift for someone special. This buyer, the Holiday buyer that is, doesn’t realize the same amount of currency spent on retail jewelry could buy two, maybe three times the precious metal that we recommend here at TPS.

You might recall last month when I shared with readers my willingness to brave Black Friday. I have to admit, our retail industry has done well to create this frenzy of shopping excitement that only comes once a year. I found myself standing in front of a Kay Jewelry store…. watching, as a dozen or more willing buyers snatched up discounted gold all while failing to realize Kay’s “amazing” discount was still well beyond intrinsic value.

Now don’t get me wrong here. Buying silver or gold well over market value is a million times better than not buying at all. And, I seriously doubt someone you love wants to unwrap a bullion coin as a token of your admiration come Christmas Eve.

In fact, I recall an email received many months ago where a woman reader asked if silver and gold jewelry should be viewed as an investment.

“Yes”, of course jewelry made from silver or gold should be viewed as a worthy part of your PM (precious metal) stash, but.

My shopping day just after Thanksgiving exposed something else that the retail business has figured out but 99% of the folks walking your streets haven’t, the value of gold. Just past the popular jewelry store aforementioned rests another jewelry vendor but this vendor is looking to buy, buy your old jewelry for cash that is.

Why so many are willing to pay far over gold’s value (retail jewelry) only to someday “short sale” as scrap only proves most of us don’t understand the true value of silver and gold.


The truth is gold and silver are valuable only because they are a real asset, rare (little inventory), and a worldwide currency. This means from London to Tokyo, New York to Mexico City, both metals will easily exchange for the currency of choice, and have for thousands of years. Sure they both shape and shine into works of art but their truest values lies within the metal itself. Everything else comes at a premium.

But for some reason Americans fail to understand silver and gold’s basic value. From an investment aspect, we view silver and gold as obsolete and irrelevant or as one reader put it, “Won’t pay a dividend”. Yet, we hold an intrinsically valueless paper money in the highest regard, even to the point we allow those elected to create endless amounts more just to sustain this fiat Ponzi scheme another day.

We just fail to understand the value of silver and gold. Worse yet, we fail to accept the declining value of a paper currency supported by nothing more than faith, optimism, and denial.

I want to leave you with two points today. One, if buying jewelry, please understand the offering price is a derivative of talent AND precious metal. This means you will pay extra for a subjective portion of what ever it is you’re buying. My second point, don’t sell scrap jewelry for a discount. Someday soon scrap buyers will have bidding wars over everything and anything silver or gold related. Do everything possible to refrain from selling grandma’s broken pendant or other scrap metal resting in your sock drawer.

COMMENT: Thank you for your post today about conquering the “fear factor.”  You are absolutely correct in that most of what I read regarding gold and silver tends to stir up fear as a motivation for buying.  I have found fear to be a terrible motivator as many times the things we waste time fearing never come to pass and all that stress doesn’t change anything.  It was good to be reminded though, as I have to catch myself at times slipping into a fear mentality.

I actually have found the best remedy for a fearful attitude about finances is to give.  It always amazes me that when I give from the abundance that I have been blessed with, my grip on the material things seems to loosen and the fear looses its grip on me as well.

I really enjoy your blog.  Thanks for taking the time to write!

TPS Reply: Thank you for sharing such wisdom. You’re 100% correct; the best remedy for a fearful attitude is to give, so well said. I’m not sure why so many selling PM or “experts” motivate buyers by fear other than it must work. My goal is the opposite. I want you to understand silver and gold, inside and out, and only then decide what is best for your family. Sure fear lights the fire but ultimately such a prudent decision must be made from an educated rational view over fear based.

Most of you realize that The Prospector Site doesn’t sell silver or gold, this is for good reason. We want each of you to understand our objective is to provide an educational source OUTSIDE of the precious metal trade. Regardless, thanks for the nice comment and reading TPS, you made my day.


COMMENT:  Please let your readers know that I just made a substantial purchase of silver from ColoradoGold and everything was as promised!  Price, quality of the silver, and the delivery were all outstanding!  I will be doing more business with them.

TPS Reply: Fantastic, thanks for sharing your experience with Colorado Gold. So many email asking for reliable PM vendors and I have yet to hear anything less positive from those using CG, as you just mentioned. This is because brokers like Don are honest, reliable, and worthy of your business.

Also, congrats to you for making such a wise choice to physically own silver. Each day we hear of more borrowing, bigger government, and this bodes well for those owning silver and gold. Thanks for reminding all of us that good PM brokers are easily available for those willing to do a little research.

By the way, I also buy from my local coin shop, Miles Franklin, and Blanchard Co,too.


QUESTION: Why don’t you write more often? I miss reading TPS daily!

TPS Reply: Thanks for missing me. To answer, it all comes down to time and mine is divided between family, business, and The Prospector Site writings. Also, the majority of my writing time is invested in several precious metal related books. Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher is out; Storing Silver & Gold is in final edit and Rising Silver (How Obama’s re-election will propel silver) is in the works as you read this.

My dream for TPS is to devote a portion of each post to your stories and why readers like you are buying silver and gold. Feel free to share your story, anytime; knowing discretion is always top priority.  Thanks.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.







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One big price for today’s electronic currency is security, the upside is convenience. Never before is it as easy to buy silver and gold but a reader recently emailed TPS (The Prospector Site) asking how to safely buy precious metal while utilizing our e-commerce age. The process is simple, and safe, for those who take the necessary steps to protect themselves along the way. Today we tackle the necessary steps to land silver and gold safely into your discretionary spot for storage.

QUESTION:  Hello. I would like to invest in gold and/or silver, and am not sure how to (safely) do it. You mentioned a list of reputable sellers? Would you recommend bullion or another form? When you purchase online, how are the funds transferred (through a service like PayPal, or can they be done directly from a customer’s bank)? Thank you.

TPS Reply:  Ah, another one joins the PM flock, congrats. Thanks for the great questions and thanks for sharing such honesty. Sometimes the first step to buying the right gold, or silver, is admitting we don’t know what the heck we’re doing. My first experience was a train wreck and I’m humble enough to admit I bought the wrong gold when gold sold for less than $400 per ounce. I will also admit it was a paid education since this miscue sparked a desire to learn as much about real money as possible, my quest still continues to this day.

I recall a PM conversation not long ago with a New York Times bestselling author who writes about all things monetary and economic. How shocked was I when this author admitted “PM ignorance” when it came time to buy physical gold? This only proves few are comfortable with what to buy, where to buy and who to trust.

I push PM “Newbies” toward silver for one reason – CONFIDENCE. For some odd reason most newbies find buying PM uncomfortable or nerve-racking but have no problem investing a life savings in a intrinsically valueless currency supported by nothing more than a thin margin of faith. This PM insecurity causes too many to watch from the sidelines while PM prices rise with each passing year.

This is why I recommend buying silver bullion first, then gold bullion as you become comfortable with whomever you choose to trade with. Don at Colorado Gold works well with beginners, like you, so try them first. I also buy from Miles Franklin and Blanchard Co, too, not to mention my local coin shop. I’m sure there are many more reputable PM brokers but these are the ones I’m most familiar with.

Each online PM broker has their own rules to lock an order (“locking” an order is the moment a firm price is established). Some brokers (dealers) will lock nothing until a check clears or funds wire transfer from your bank to theirs. Some have dollar limits but will lock a price in temporarily while funds generate. Some PM brokers even allow purchasing by way of credit card but usually pass all credit card fees to you the buyer.

I have found bank wire transfers a safe and easy way to purchase PM.

WARNING:  Never buy PM face to face with someone unknown. I have stacks of horror stories from well meaning Craiglist traders who ended up robbed or with worthless gold clad bullion. Please stay with reputable PM dealers or brokers realizing their small fee is worth your piece of mind.

Some of you want to buy silver or gold without a paper trail of any kind, I understand. This is still possible but the window of unrecorded private asset ownership of any kind is quickly closing. The upside to owning metal without a paper trail is the reduced risk of governmental confiscation (see Silver Confiscation).  The downside to owning PM without proof comes in play for those who wish to insure silver or gold stored at home (you could be asked to show proof of ownership when filing a claim).

This is why some of our readers own metal with and without a paper trail. Nevertheless, start with low premium PM like bullion, rounds or junk silver. All three can be purchased in person or online depending on your perception or concern over a paper trail.

I want to leave you and all other readers with one last thought. You may find your first PM purchase unnerving but if you follow the instruction of someone trusted, like the PM brokers just listed, this process will become easier in no time.

COMMENT:   Just wanted to call and say how your book has prioritized our finances – thank you. It seems so obvious we cannot fix our economy by borrowing endless amounts of money and the chapter comparing other assets to gold was an eye opener. Within a week after finishing the book my husband and I each put one unnecessary asset for sale (boat and snowmobile) to begin the “wealth relocation” you write about. Trading a declining asset (toy) for something so protective as PM just makes sense. Thanks for the motivation we both needed to take control of our financial future. Cheers.

TPS Reply: Good for you guys and congrats for making what I think is a perfectly timed life-changing decision. Wealth relocation is nothing more than selling something with declining value and then replacing it with something of real value….. like silver or gold. You will find a feeling of liberation as your new wealth builds while others struggle to maintain a lifestyle that continues to rob the middle class. My recommendation, now, is to stay the course and continue to add PM when possible. Thank you for passing along such a nice compliment…and reading Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher.


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Have you noticed that there really is nothing 100% “safe” from theft? From Wall Street to Main Street the threat of someone taking something from you is as real as I can remember. The longer I write about precious metals the more I realize theives come in many shapes and sizes and by no means stereotypical. Now I’m not just talking thievery like we see on TV where thugs with covered faces rob folks at gunpoint. The biggest threat to your wealth is the guy sticking campaign signs on your neighbor’s front yard, or his cronies (taxation). The second threat is inflation and the sad side of this threat is that most victims don’t realize how much wealth is right now lost from it.

This is why it’s so vital to not only own physical silver and gold but to also have a bullet proof plan to keep it safe. This is where I can help so thanks for joining us today.

Keeping your PM safe is not difficult but does require a well organized security plan with a continued effort from you and whoever shares your address. I’ve heard from readers who question the above statement by mentioning other family members living in the same home know nothing about the stash of silver or gold. This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster since those not knowing can’t be part of a plan to protect your metal, not good!!

I don’t believe in secret PM storage programs, here is why. My thinking is PM security is a family effort since the fact you are storing the metal in home means you are willing to put all those living there at risk. Risk you ask? Yep, owning PM and storing it at home carries risk and only someone naive will believe differently. Maybe it’s time we put the cards on the table showing exactly the growing risk each PM holder will face as our economy continues to unravel.

I knew when I wrote Storing Silver & Gold that some readers would find true examples of home invasion too much to take. I’m guessing my book editor right now is thinking the same thing. I warned readers before hand with each home invasion example because each of you must prepare for the risk that comes with something that every person on the earth will soon view as necessary. I hope I’m wrong but doubt it.

As precious metal holders, few look beyond future wealth and riches. We think of the nice things we can buy or opportunities to help others but rarely invest thought that a rise in gold’s value equals a decline in society as a whole. This exposes you as different – even lucky, or wealthy – putting a big old bull’s eye on your family’s back. Think about it.

The challenge to keep your metal safe will grow as the economy weakens, sorry.

This is why it’s so important to begin a plan now to store physical PM in multiple locations. I do recommend keeping at least 1/3 of all PM owned in hand or at least close at hand. I like storage diversification most because it adds an insurance value to all eggs in one basket. Another thing I like is insurance (yes, insurance exactly like the policies you have on life, home, car, etc) on every ounce of silver or gold you own.



Question: You wrote about insuring gold so I thought instead of emailing I would call, hope this is okay? My question is can I determine the value of a particular coin when buying insurance? Will the company offering this insurance ask for an appraisal?

TPS Answer: Thanks for calling and “yes” it is okay to call (I actually prefer email but realize some want to discuss by phone, this is okay too). No, my understanding is a person cannot simply request a rare coin worth $3000 insured for $6000. I don’t have rare coins insured (I’m mostly in bullion, rounds, and bars since they carry less of a premium) but can tell by the conversations I’ve had with those offering insurance that value must be proven. They could ask for a proof of purchase and this will help determine value at least at time of purchase.

Something else comes with each new policy all readers must be aware of. Each new policy comes with a signed fraud statement plainly explaining the charges for insurance fraud. My advice is to keep it straight and sleep well at night.

If other readers have questions on insurance for physical silver or gold please feel free to email me at theprospectorsite@gmail.com.

Question: What exactly does The Prospector Site do?

TPS Reply: We offer facts related to why, how, where to own physical precious metals all without readers worrying with a motive. Most PM information floating around the internet comes from companies selling PM (most have a buyer’s best interest in mind, some don’t). TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold, we only write and consult with individuals why it’s so necessary to own it and then offer proven ways to buy and protect it (precious metals). Thanks for the question.





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Will you agree that no one plans on living a life in poverty? The masses do not see the correlation between declining personal wealth and food stamp dependency. Not even national news that recently exposed a 40% decline in net worth snaps our middle-income class into realizing how close most are to depending on food stamp allowances. It’s no wonder physical silver and gold are so far off the radar considering such an accumulation of failure. Most of us stand and watch asset wealth drift away unwilling to see the sand eroding under our very feet.

I want to breakdown the progression to food stamps just in case some readers haven’t figured it out.

  • Declining real estate equity gradually siphons wealth away from the unsuspecting. Declining equity makes up most of the 40% net worth decline here in the U.S. (since 2007). The great housing bubble made it possible for those accustom to living paycheck to check to live beyond their means. Years of using a home as a store of wealth is proving costly to savers especially when we accept that housing hasn’t reached bottom. What does this mean for those with remaining equity? It means most of us are about to become poorer.
  • Declining wages arrive just as the price of necessities rise leaving millions in the middle class one step closer to poverty. Some argue wages have not declined but fail to mention how employees are paying a bigger share of insurance and pension obligations. This is no different from a reduction in wages since the bottom line is lower at month’s end. The only alternative is to feed your family less or rely on food stamps. A decline in true purchasing power of the USD only confuses those who trust currency as money. The confusing part comes when the numbers on our currency stay the same even though the buying power mysteriously declines. Welcome to the wonderful world of hidden taxation, inflation.
  • Declining savings.The trade-off for a credit addiction is a decline in savings. Last decade’s rise in credit exposes just how bad Americans are at saving for rainy days. This is sad when we consider most missed an opportunity to grow wealth and take advantage of cheap silver and gold. Not to justify a failure to save but the truth is savers are punished because of artificially low rates of return. Why save if the reward is less than inflation, why not borrow ourselves into an unsustainable lifestyle?
  • Nothing to sale, no savings, and soon no available credit parlay our world’s middle class one rung closer to poverty. This is why houses are so cheap in cities like Vegas and Scottsdale. High inventory drives prices down especially when coupled with declining capital (credit). This is why we suggest waiting to buy a car, truck, motor home, vacation home, condo, business, airplane, and dream vacation. Sellers sell cheap when liquidation is the only option to pay the water bill or keep lights on. As you can see below, Food Stamps are no longer for the stereotypical poor.

CNN MONEY: Living on food stamps in Middle-class suburbia.

Morris County is known for its wealth and million-dollar homes. Median household income there is over $91,000. Yet, the number of people receiving food stamps in the area has nearly tripled in the past five years.

Phyllis Tonnesen is on the front lines of the epidemic. She works for the Department of Human Services Office of Temporary Assistance. In her 27 years at the agency, she says this is the worst she’s ever seen it.

The food stamp caseload has increased 240% since the beginning of the recession.

“These people thought they had the American Dream,” Tonnesen said. “They had decent jobs, a home, a new car every five years, took the kids to the shore for vacation. Suddenly here they are applying for food stamps.”

The Smiths are one of those families. That’s not their real name. They want to keep their identity secret so their three kids won’t be teased at school.

Four years ago, Mr. Smith lost his six-figure job of twenty years at a telecom company and ended up selling shoes for $10 an hour.

Read the rest here.

Questions & Comments:

Comment: First and only rule to making money (…..not waiting forever for a buyer for an overpriced coin) with coins.. BUY FOR THE METAL VALUE ONLY. Obviously, there will be a premium for the gold or silver in a coin form but the closer you can pay to spot, the better. The only thing rarer than a rare, expensive coin is a BUYER for one. Don’t buy numismatic coins to make money. Buy them for their metal content. It will not only hedge against inflation, right now, your wealth will grow.

TPS Reply: Well said and thanks for commenting. It really is all about metal content considering rarity is of little value to those trying to protect, or grow, wealth. Unfortunately, most shops selling rare coins work diligently to convince PM (precious metal) “Newbies” otherwise. It really is all about the premium for those on the selling side and rare coins offer great premiums over new bullion. Right now we have choices: bullion or rare coins. But these days are numbered since one day soon the few holding bullion will not sell (who will consider selling when the world realizes fiat currency has a baseless value?) leaving PM latecomers with nothing but higher premium rare coins.

Question: Okay, I’m a little confused. At least a dozen times  you refer to today’s economic meltdown as a “correction” (in Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher).  To me this seems like an underestimation at least compared to other silver and gold newsletters & sites. If the economy continues its course, I doubt record levels of unemployment, foreclosures, bank runs, and social unrest will seem merely like a correction. Care to expand a little here?

TPS Reply: Great question and thanks for asking it. As mentioned in the book, I refuse to call the age we live anything other than a correction since historically this accurately describes our time. Real money will correct the sins of an abused fiat system every time (not my opinion but history’s). Will this correction devastate masses? Yes, it certainly will but monetary corrections always blindside those unprepared, all while the few invested in silver & gold watch wealth grow. This is why it is so important to trade currency for real money like silver and gold. It is only a correction for those unprepared, this is why I refuse to sensationalize our economic plight into anything other than what it is. Thanks for asking.


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Silver has the most devoted precious metal advocates asking themselves if Wall Street’s manipulation is worth the trouble. Does it come down to a slight risk of temporary decline over  chance of long-term gain? Is it possible other metals, besides silver, have a real chance to outperform gold?  Some experts believe so but as with all things written here on TPS (The Prospector Site) the last decision is yours. Today we take a closer look at outlaw metals with huge earning potential.

THE SOVEREIGN SOCIETY:  Metals More Precious & Profitable than Gold

Gold may be a national treasure — and I am reminded of that whenever
I think of the time I arranged for the return of Kuwait’s gold from Iraq
after the first Gulf War — but gold is not the rarest, or necessarily the
most profitable, metal.

There are two particular metals, whose rare brilliance surpasses even the
luster of gold.

I’m talking about the real royalty of rare metals —the king and queen
of rare metals, platinum and palladium — and something interesting is
about to happen with them.

The most important aspect to consider is scarcity. Platinum is 15 times
rarer than gold. All of the platinum ever mined in the history of the
world would fit in a room that measures 25 cubic feet.
Palladium is even rarer.

Read the entire article here.

TPS adds…..many of our readers have shown concern about future gold/silver confiscation similar to 1933 & 1934. If concerned, platinum or palladium could be worth making a precious metal diversification. No one knows how far overreaching governments will go as this decades big squeeze tightens.

Like silver, I expect short-term volatility to include platinum and palladium if world economies shrink to the point of buying less of the products that use these alternative metals. My long-term tendency is to believe all three metals (silver, platinum and palladium) will draft gold upward as more view each metal from a monetary viewpoint.

PRWEB: Silver Better Investment than Gold

Danny Esposito, contributor to Penny Stock Detectives, argues silver has been used as money throughout history, making its association with money equal to gold’s. He believes investors who argue that silver is not a monetary precious metal because it has more industrial uses than gold are wrong. Instead, Esposito suggests, silver’s exciting new industrial uses make it a more attractive investment.

In the article, “Silver as Precious as Gold,” Esposito notes, “Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element known to man and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.”

Silver bullion’s ability to kill bacteria without harming the human body has made it invaluable in many medical applications. Everything from wound dressings to gowns to catheters to medical equipment is manufactured with silver bullion.

Research and development continues to find new uses for the precious metal. It is estimated that three-quarters of the silver bullion mined each year is already earmarked for industrial uses. This leaves less and less silver bullion for investment purposes, Esposito explains.

“China is the largest producer and exporter of silver bullion. However, over the last few years, it has cut its exports. Clearly, China has been using the precious metal for industrial uses,” says Esposito, “but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, besides hoarding gold as a reserve currency, China is also holding silver to diversify its reserve currencies away from paper money.”

Read the entire article here.

TPS adds….silver’s uses continue to amaze our industrial world and I can’t help but wonder how long it is before silver’s monetary fans (investors) battle it out with corporations around the world who use silver. Our technology and medical industries are extremely competitive as more rely on silver’s conductivity to channel advancement to the next level. Interesting times for silver to say the least.

Questions & Comments:

Question: I just finished reading your new book and have to admit the section on silver took me by surprise. I take it you agree with multiple levels of precious metal diversification but not 100% sold on silver? If not silver then more gold? I still have one foot in but leaning toward silver since it appears discounted, especially compared to this time last year. Thanks and I’ll watch for your answer over the next post or two.

TPS Reply: Thanks for reading my book, and the questions. Just to clear the air I too own silver (20%) but have no problem with folks waiting before buying more. Having said that, there’s risk in buying now just like risk in waiting. If you recall, I also wrote how social networking will someday soon drive precious metals price up 5% to 10% instantly as panic and fear strike (warranted or not). A limited supply of physical gold and silver is the best anyone can hope for. Don’t let this limited inventory leave you outside looking in.

Here is what I suggest, follow your gut but keep a close eye on market volatility. Waiting is for those already protected but looking to add more. I’m all about dips but see little benefit of guessing what a volatile market will do over the short term. Thanks for the question.

Question: I’m looking for silver bullion….. and gold…….. Can you send over your current prices?

Answer: Sorry, TPS doesn’t sell physical silver or gold, only information.


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