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As we prepare to put the final wrap on 2013 – there is one thing I know for certain. Neither gold or silver shined this year. In fact, neither metal has shown promise for several years, respectively. But the winds of change have me rethinking my nearly year-long resistance of adding more metal to my personal stash. For what it’s worth, I’ll pass along my opinion and then the decision to buy, or not, is all yours. Since this site, nor I, sale PMs (precious metals)…… I see no reason to “cheerleader” the unbiased facts.

Precious metal is testing the faith of even the most devote PM holder all while other asset classes confidentially climb. The DOW is on fire by rewarding her faithful nearly 30% year-to-date. Some parts of the country’s real estate market are feeling the same positive appreciation as historically low interest rates support rising home values. So, what the heck happened to PMs?

It took only a couple of years to undo gold’s decade long reputation as a steadily climbing safe haven. Folks today view gold, especially silver, as a high-risk asset with expectations of more decline. This expected decline is based on recent performance more than commonsense or an economic mindset.

The next rise in PM is imminent in nature but the unknown is how low will both metals fall before the next great rebound. We can argue short-term expectations (gold or silver) but long-term speaking leaves little room for discussion.  Not even the most economically optimistic person can name one growing asset unsupported by central bank intervention.

The ability to support an economy with fiat currency can not last forever, but it can outlast the faith of many folks entrusting silver and gold.

The 60%, or so, Americans still willing to trade effort for a paycheck are divided into two wealth classes. The first class is working to pay monthly bills all while attempting to build wealth (capital). The second class has wealth and is now trying to preserve it or, maybe better put, not lose it. The option to own physical silver or gold is reserved primarily for this second wealth class, but not exclusively (ones living check-to-check most often end up selling physical PMs soon as times get tough).

Now here is where things get interesting. Citizens of America are beginning to realize the biggest threat to their wealth is political. New laws like the Affordable Care Act are less about providing healthcare and more geared toward political control and wealth distribution. Think of it more like a well camouflaged form of modern-day taxation (penalty). The hook is now set and the wealth of America is ready to reel in thanks to unaffordable premiums or fines for opting out.

A rising DOW is nothing more than the distracting hand of an illusionist. Controlling political power is only possible by controlling the wealth of the people. When the majority depend on social programs then those in charge, politically, will stop at nothing to find creative ways to transfer your wealth in order to sustain their political power.

Why it’s nearly time to buy more gold.

The political climate we’re facing is more than just a loss of freedoms. We now live in an age of inherit confiscation meaning all exposed wealth is in jeopardy of some kind or another. This realization, or awakening, bodes well for physical precious metal and the soon-to-be-seen rising values of both silver and gold. In other words, the PM bottom rests in the faith of the masses.

Today’s dollar value assigned to each ounce of silver or gold is a byproduct of PM faith.

Precious metal has lost its illustrious shine as of December 2013, don’t even mention silver. By example, CNBC recently led with an article entitled “I wouldn’t buy gold with my worst enemy’s cash”: Strategist

The article mentions how, “gold doesn’t have many friends”. I agree, but articles like this are partial proof  why the time to stack more PMs is close at hand. Since 1970ish, the economic rule of thumb proves one downtrodden asset will climb soon after one faith-filled asset begins to tumble. I know of no crowds lined up to buy physical silver or gold. In fact, PMs are as far off the radar as they’ve been in decades or, as the article’s author puts it, “friendless“.

Sure the reduction in mining due to lower than expected prices in 2013-2014 plays into our “buy or not buy” scenario but not nearly as much the geopolitical & economical climate we’re living. A reduction in mining is only but one of many forces leading to the perfect storm of metal prices rising.

Is all this proof enough to run out and buy physical silver or gold? No, it’s not, at least not for those already protected and looking for the right time to add more. But this does mean the time is nearing. Until then we should live life and be thankful for what we’ve been blessed with.

QUESTION:  Do you have plans to buy more silver in 2014?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the great question. As you know, I bought little PM in 2013. The PM market was too unstable therefor I held my wealth in cash all while patiently waiting for metal prices to stabilize. But those already holding physical metal have this option. If you’re new to PMs I strongly encourage you to consider taking a hard look at trading dollars for PM.

Honestly, I have no plans to buy or not buy in 2014. I don’t use a calendar to determine my next purchase. I’ll base my decision on the political climate as much as anything else. It could be hard to deny the temptation of $18 to $20ish an ounce physical bullion, I’ll admit. By the way, I view my PM holding in terms of ounces over dollar value. Dollar values of physical silver, and gold, fluctuate along with the paper PM market and can be misleading (one event is all it could take to send PM prices soaring).

My opinion is we will soon see a great separation between paper and physical PM. Until then- more of the same should be expected.

COMMENT: My identity was stolen this year, you can’t believe the never-ending hassle it has caused. My bank keeps reminding me they will stand behind my losses but I can’t help but wonder if this is a sign of the times.  You often mention the safety of storing wealth in precious metal but I can’t help but wonder if the same theft risk is possible. At least my bank is willing to replace what’s lost.

TPS Reply: I’m sorry for the trouble you mention. I’ve heard from at least six other readers this year alone who’ve had their identity stolen, same as you. Cyber crime is the newest threat to our banking and financial system. This crime is unlike any form of thievery before since technology only recently offered such an opportunity to transfer digitized wealth from owner to thief. Online security measures are nowhere near par with today’s cyber threats, this is concerning as you know.

The threat of cyber crime is nonexistent with wealth stored in physical silver or gold. This is one of the benefits of storing physical metal in a safe/secure location over storing wealth in a traditional savings account at your local bank (dollars). You’re right, most banks are doing what they can to resolve bank related cyber crime but online security experts claim this will not always be the case. Some banks will only stand behind depositors who can prove they are doing a depositor’s part of securing online activity.

My guess is banks will soon impose a “cyber protection fee” to depositors and credit card holders. This fee could  fluctuate according to cyber threats and a bank’s losses. Please add cyber crime threat as yet one more reason to consider owning physical silver/gold AND physical dollars. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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Our physical silver and gold market is in a precarious position…… and this worries me. The great paper PM (precious metal) sell-off of 2013 started in April and showing little signs of reprieve as June fades into July. The hard asset faithful patiently wait for a bottom all while questioning the wisdom of owning physical silver or gold. All this while today’s media wastes little time casting disparaging remarks for those practicing sound money practices and prudence. Even with all the aforementioned, this is not why precious metal has me worried.

Thank you so much for joining TPS (The Prospector Site). This post, like the hundreds before, is all about translating monetary fact from fiction, sound money from paper promises. I have no doubt our world of financial rhetoric confuses many, maybe most. Hopefully we can clear the air of confusion that clouds the judgments of so many.

Even though the US Mint will sell more Silver Eagles in 2013 than any year prior, our physical silver market is on the ropes. Demand for silver is great but nowhere near equal to today’s level of economic turbulence and fiat uncertainty.  The great alternative currency experiment is nearing an end.

The PM volatility we’re experiencing as you read this is beyond the expectation of this writer. Honestly, I expected to see paper silver, and gold, dip but did not expect physical PMs would follow in such waterfall fashion. It’s easy for me to say prices will stabilize, then rise, because I understand the equilibrium between inflation (consumer prices) and physical PM.

After all, it was only after abandoning the gold standard we realized a rapid rise in consumer prices. The many decades before realized little, or only slight, inflation because the ability to print fiat did not exist. From Egypt to Brazil, the conflicts we see today are all a derivative of fiat currencies out of control.

Why I’m concerned:

Let’s take a closer look at this from a businessman’s viewpoint. A business expands as demand generates profit. This includes leasing or buying more equipment and space, growing a workforce, and so on. The goal is to generate enough product or service to match the market’s pace and trend. Simple enough I’m sure you will agree?

Today’s companies in the PM exploration and mining industry are in great trouble. Mining stock is in far greater decline than paper or physical PMs, even with rising worldwide demand. Why you ask? Because an ounce of real metal sells for less than the tangible cost to extract PM from the ground.

A company in the mining business doesn’t view silver or gold as a safe haven. They view PM as an avenue of business growth and profitability. The problem is we have reached a price point to where the return is not worth the investment, not to mention risk.

Each person considering owning physical silver or gold should expect to see an interruption in precious metal availability sometime in the near future.

The mining industry has yet another problem, as well. Today’s environmental challenges are complex and litigation is extremely expensive. Each passing day brings the threat of yet another environmental related regulation that requires new or updated compliance. It is only worth fighting through such regulation if the trouble equals profitability.

This tandem threat, environmentally motivated regulation and lack of profitability, is far more concerning than a temporary waterfall drop in PM prices. A mining bust will not return to a boom overnight, regardless if PM prices rise in the meantime.

TORONTO, June 24 (Reuters) – Barrick Gold Corp will lay off about 30 percent of corporate staff at its headquarters in Toronto and in other offices in a downsizing plan triggered by problems at major mines and a drop in the price of gold. Read it here.

So what does this mean for those of us living outside the complex world of PM mining? It means a growing market of PM buyers will soon compete for smaller piece of the pie. If current PM physical demand weren’t as great I would say declining output is in nature order, but this is not the case.

The collapse within the paper silver and gold market has caused adverse effects far beyond what most comprehend. Please take a moment to read the Q & A segment if you’re contemplating adding more metal to your PM stack.

QUESTION: DC, are you buying now?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the tiny question. My answer is “no”. I’ve suspended my purchasing plan until prices stabilize because I refuse to buy new metal only to watch prices free-fall soon after. Remember, this is all about ounces….. not price. If I can buy more ounces tomorrow with the same amount of money then why buy now?

I’m not a financial adviser, this means I’m speaking for myself and each reader can take it for what’s worth. I do offer consultation for those who’ve made their mind up to buy metal but want to make sure they’re buying the best metal possible, at the lowest price, but from a reputable source.

It’s easy for me to suspend my purchasing plan because I’m already PM protected. I own both physical gold and silver; my PM plan is on cruise control. Please don’t confuse my temporary action as a loss of PM faith, far from it.

If I were yet to own physical silver or gold I would buy immediately, regardless of today’s PM market volatility. Who knows when the economic shoe could drop leading to an overnight depletion of an already thin inventory of PM?

I will resume buying physical PM when prices stabilize, not before. Thanks for the question.

QUESTION: After reading Storing Silver & Gold I would like to add my two cents. I’m looking to purchase a standup style safe but a little conflicted over investing money for a block of iron when I could invest the same money into PMs. Right now a $1000 will buy a couple rolls of silver bullion!!! What about a compact safe instead? What is your opinion on PVC storage?(edited)

TPS Reply:  Thanks for the comment and question, as well as making the effort to properly store your PM. You’re correct, a thousand bucks will buy a substantial amount of bullion these days, but. Someday soon this silver will rise in value and your ability to safely store this stash is imperative in order to protect your family’s financial future (this is the goal, right?).

I’m not against using a compact style safe, depending on the situation, but prefer something weightier and less mobile. The important issue here is how it’s mounted more than size itself. Regardless, insure the safe’s contents just in case the unlikely worst-case scenario happens to you (the book’s last chapter provides private PM insurance information).

Also, you must consider that money spent on a good safe is also an investment; investing a $1000 bucks for peace of mind sounds very reasonable to me when we view such an expenditure as an asset, too. Since you read my book then you also realize safe manufactures, like Liberty Safe, can’t keep pace with consumer demand. I doubt this trend will do anything but compound – especially when we have an administration taunting gun control.

Now let’s discuss PVC storage. For those who are unfamiliar, storing PM inside a buried section of large diameter PVC pipe is extremely effective. This process includes capping each end to ensure all contents stay dry and airtight. The PVC section is usually buried vertically just long and deep enough to allow access as needed. My only concern with storing metal buried in the ground is who will know where to look if something were to happen to you? Be sure to let someone trusted know of your PVC storage plan.

Thanks for the comment and questions.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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The truth is only the precious metal faithful are still buying silver or gold……. at least here in the US. Those who aren’t continue to irresponsibly invest, directionally speaking, thanks to the greatest wealth intervention in history. Far too many weigh PM (precious metal) up against other investments without considering the monetary difference, challenge, and purpose. Today’s DOW explosion is the purest example of such intervention. If we are to compare the two assets, DOW vs. PM, intervention gives the DOW a half track head start over precious metal all while spectators ask, “what’s up with precious metal and why is it pacing so far back?”

I see just two types of investors these days. The first type chooses to remain clueless as long as “experts” drum a rising DJIA and housing market. This type cares not to question “why” and too busy living life to question manipulation, intervention, record borrowing, or anything else for that matter. The second type is as concerning because these folks perfectly understand why the DOW and housing are rising but don’t care as long as they’re getting theirs.

The tiny sliver (sliver not silver) nestled between the two types aforementioned is you, the PM holder. You discretely stack discounted metal realizing the law of economics will soon and suddenly forever change this generation’s view of investing. I congratulate you for your tenacity.

It’s hard to get up each morning and then tell ourselves to stick to the plan. Metal experts sound like a broken record each time they predict a PM breakout that never seems to happen. Are these experts wrong? Is it possible the days of rising silver or gold are over? We both know the answer is “no way”.

Once wealthy countries like the US can no longer afford our current fiscal path. Our job market will no longer support the costs of everything from education to mortgages, pensions to property taxes. This tension causes a fiscal conflict that adversely affects nearly all aspects of our lives. This tension is also the reason politicians and governments have stepped beyond our constitutional rights of privacy and capital control.  Neither form of overreach will change anytime soon.

The word selfish surfaces in my mind this morning as I try to explain today’s complexity while living in a 21st century world. Investors succumb to selfishness as they watch a debt derived DOW add inflationary dollars to a bottom line. Politicians practice selfishness as they print dollars in order to maintain another round of power therefor appeasing a growing class of dependency.

Someone recently asked, “Where does it all end?” This is a good question but one far beyond my pay scale, sorry. My guess, it ends right where it all started some time ago. Was it that long ago when folks relied on each other and not a gov’t program? Was it that long ago families, churches, and other private organizations took care of those in temporary need? Was it that long ago we traded effort (cash) for healthcare, cars, houses, meals, etc. - not debt?

Could the end actually be a beginning? Is it possible the end is nothing more than a recurrence built from sound money and limited government? Can monetary intervention last forever without true growth within the economy? Maybe I’ll keep stacking silver and gold just in the off chance I’m right!!

I heard several great questions this week but two in particular really caught my ear and eye. I’m guessing if someone is willing to ask then others are quietly doing the same. As always, thanks for sharing your time with TPS.

QUESTION:  I’m new to precious metal and have a simple question, thanks. What will keep silver from someday dropping to a point of no value? It appears headed in that direction now.

TPS Reply:  Boy, no kidding. What a great question so thanks for sharing. Although highly unlikely, silver could decline to a point well below today’s offering. Such a scenario is, in my opinion, a short-term possibility when we consider today’s economic climate of accumulative fiat debasement and devaluation. The fiat currency experiment is building toward a climatic end that won’t bode well for most investors.

The majority of those considering silver, maybe you too, are judging the worthiness of physical metal on past performance. In other words, we buy or don’t according to today’s price far over the overall economic picture. Falling silver prices must mean silver is no longer a worthy investment, right?

Here is my recommendation to you and all those considering physical silver. Ask yourself if you truly internally believe economic recovery is real. Is the DOW rising because corporations are profitable or is the DOW rising because everyone is blindly jumping in? Is US housing in recovery or too-cheap-to-be-true mortgages spurring the next real estate bubble?

And the most important question to ask; what would the economic picture look like if not for the trillions of FED/US Treasury created dollars supporting everything from food stamps, healthcare, housing, military, banks, DJIA, pensions, Social Security, foreign banking, foreign government, etc? Because if you believe an economy 100% dependent on printed money is sustainable, please don’t buy physical silver.

Regardless, thanks for the question and following TPS.

QUESTION:  Although your book (Storing Silver & Gold) is interesting – I have a better plan. I’ve owned, and personally store, gold jewelry and bullion at home without a floor, wall, or standup style safe. It makes more sense to keep something of value in places a thief would never consider. To me, a safe communicates storage of wealth but something hidden says the opposite. Am I off base with my storage plan?

TPS Reply: No, not necessarily. A storage plan is extremely personal for obvious reasons. I wrote Storing Silver & Gold to make one huge significant point for those practicing the independent voyage into PM. Each person storing wealth within PMs must spread the risk among two to three storage options and methods. Simultaneously, it is recommend to keep at least 1/3 of your physical metal within arm’s reach or with someone trusted and close by.

TPS has other readers who also store bullion and jewelry in fake drawers, cabinets, tubes, walls, rooms, toilets, fireplaces, firewalls, etc. My opinion is if hiding PM outside a safe is what makes you most comfortable – then so be it, but. I encourage all readers to consider the possibility of fire damage along with the risk of theft. Gold will melt, as most know, and such a risk is as real as the odds of your home or office burning down (by the way, the PM insurance often mentioned at TPS will not cover PM improperly stored outside a safe, to my knowledge).

For what it’s worth, here is what my book research proved. The right safe, as part of a complete storage plan, sends a signal to a would-be thief that this family is prepared and protected from such an intrusion. Maybe the best plan for you is a combination of my recommendations and your existing plan? Thanks for the comment, reading my book, and question too.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.







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We receive some great precious metal questions at TPS so I want to take a sentence or two to say “thanks” for all those reading and especially those commenting or asking questions.  Silver and gold continue to confuse most folks and my goal is to provide a forum that helps simplify, yet justify, PM (precious metal) worthiness. I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to pick just one influence soon to push metal prices beyond most expectations but one reader this week asked me to do just this.

QUESTION:  I read the book (WHY SILVER & GOLD WILL GO HIGHER) and must admit you sold me on the value of owning precious metals. I’m buying silver and my goal is to add gold soon after paying off a few grand in debt all while hoping metal prices don’t surge in the meantime. You make it sound simple (in the book) but my friends look at me like I’m crazy when I recommend trading dollars for silver or gold. What will it take for the world to wake up?

ANSWER:  Awesome – and congrats for making such a wise decision to own physical silver and gold, thanks for reading my book too.  Your question is one I hear often but it’s hard to pick just one influence soon to send metal prices higher. Like an all night poker game the situation changes as we progress. I good example is last weeks news of worldwide gold miners claiming $3000 gold is what it will take to make mining efforts worthwhile, WOW. This is just one wild card example, I could list dozens beyond those mentioned in the book.

If I must pick one major influence it would have to be FEAR. Most metal owners up until now bought silver and gold hoping for profit. New buyers will seek out silver and gold to quench economic fear and uncertainty all while trying to protect what little wealth remains. This fear is building as you read this and why so many hang their hats on this next election. The truth is President Obama could tax 100% of our wealth away and not dent our growing deficit. A president hopeful, like Mr. Romney, could cut programs & taxes yet still not gain control of a growing deficit.

The last four years has resulted in a futile attempt to restart a bubble economy by throwing trillions of borrowed dollars down the drain. Soon the masses will wake up to the fact that printing trillions of dollars only pads the pocket books of a few while lessening the buying power of most. The effects of such spending (debt) are extremely damaging for those holding wealth in soft assets but few holding dollars truly understand why.

The dollar is part of an “all in” poker game and the losers will pay by losing generational wealth. This fear I’m describing today is a result of a loss of faith. Faith lost in a failed monetary system that refuses to maintain fiscal responsibility. Faith lost in cheesy politicians who put personal interest over those who elected them, but ultimately, faith lost in a fiat currency 99% of us call “money”.

I hope all readers hold wealth in silver or gold well before this fear driven run spurs precious metals beyond what most can afford. Thanks for the great question.



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Many of you are business people first and owners of gold second, I realize this. Since our readers are business minded I believe it’s time we look for new ways to prosper why the rest of the world waits for another round of stimulus.  Over the weekend one syndicated newspaper magazine had an article describing how cities on the verge of bankruptcy layoff police and fireman. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same cities letting lawmen go are the same cities seeing a spike in murders, theft, etc. The ironic part of the article is how private enterprises are protecting citizens with private security, at least for those willing to pay for this service. One private security business admitted to an 80% increase in business by providing trained, and armed, private security.

This article got me thinking and I’m going to roll this out while praying new readers don’t take it wrong, ready? Maybe now is the right time to focus more on making money than buying silver or gold.  Let me explain.

I don’t regret owning physical gold or silver, each new day validates my 10-year decision as prudent. What I do regret is allowing our modern-day depression to distract me from opportunities that only comes around once in a lifetime. My first point, I was so focused on preserving wealth I failed to account for new opportunities. Point #2, a well structured business is far more profitable than appreciating gold, at least right now.

I, like some of you, took a savings in dollars and traded it for coins of gold and silver several years ago when I finally realized more borrowing will not fix a debt problem. Of course each metal has risen respectively but neither metal offers passive income like a well planned business can.

Of course each person reading this should own a percentage of physical precious metal FIRST but isn’t it also true that a profitable venture could raise your stack of silver or gold? We mustn’t allow fear or confusion to cloud today’s opportunities.

I failed to consider the social impact of a silent depression like the one we see unfolding around the world today.

This “impact” has left huge holes of opportunity for private enterprises to fill gaps the public sector can no longer service. This is why the security business – in my example above – has expanded 80% while their local police force disappears. One door opens while another door closes, at least for those looking for ways to prosper.


Readers often ask for examples of business that will prosper over the next few years or decade. This is a difficult question to answer since each of us live under unique circumstances and what works in my home town might not work in yours.  Below are the three things to consider for those brave enough to tap into today’s wild world of business.

  1. Think Savings:  Remember the good (not gold but good) old bubbling asset days of yesterday? A spendy vacation, expensive dinners out, steak over hamburger, the sky was the limit as long as equity lines replenished themselves with a new rise in housing values. Folks, these days are long gone and the new trend is anything that can save a dollar or two.  Redbox is a perfect example of a business making tons of cash while reducing the cost of movie entertainment. TIP: Put technology on your side when developing a plan based on saving consumers money. No longer do sales people need expensive offices or receptionists since our technology age allows businesses to operate from home all while looking professional.
  2. Be a Problem Solver: Everyone from business owners to individuals can feel the walls of economic correction closing. Many businesses are too top heavy to survive the age of lean/mean and unfortunately many will fail over the next year or two. This new age of downsizing offers plenty of opportunity for those who dare to call themselves problem solvers. Think of ways to assist businesses and individuals to quickly downsize, did I say quickly? Simple, fast and effective methods of liquidation will be the trend of the future. Auctions, liquidation assistance, consultants who specialize in business simplification will prosper greatly as folks realize another month of overhead means less savings in the long run. This trend will soon lead to folks searching for ways to do themselves what was once hired out. Think of ways to teach others how to do what they should have been doing all along.
  3. Safety & Security: Try to name someone who doesn’t desire safety and security, I bet you can’t. Folks, turn on the news and then tell me we live in a safe world. I’m convinced average citizens will pay whatever is necessary to keep their families and homes safe. Home security, personal security, identity security, silver & gold security, private security, all things making us feel safer will prove profitable for professional and reliable companies offering such services.  Take time to see what your city or town needs and then let these markets develop around you. My guess is this trend is not going away anytime soon.



Question: Just finished reading Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher and must admit you made a good case for expensive silver and gold. We started with one once silver rounds and our plans include gold fractionals as our budget allows us. You mentioned a new book on storing precious metals and I’m wondering when it will be available?  Thanks and I’ll look for a reply on the next post or two.

TPS Reply: Thanks for reading my book and commenting. Silver is a great entry to PMs and I believe you are wise to buy as much as you are comfortable with. Part of being comfortable is developing secure options to store the metal we have all worked so hard for. Silver is cheap right now which means you will quickly find yourself with pounds of metal to secure, this can be a challenge. Silver is much more difficult to secure than gold (a handful of gold is ten times more than the average American has in savings), but well worth the effort since many PM experts predict $500 to $1000 an ounce silver. Regardless of price, silver’s trend is to rise as countries around the world battle to devalue currencies and print them worthless.

My next book on storing silver and gold is finished and now in editing. It will provide several ways to safely own/store silver and gold while providing the peace of mind all PM owners’ desire. I suspect it will be available over the next couple of months. Thanks for the question.





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The website for Atlantic Bullion & Coin Inc is professional, educational, and appears trustworthy.  The site’s opening page offers many comforts but none more comforting as the A+ rating from the BBB.  I visited Atlantic Bullion’s site just prior to this post even going as far to click on the BBB symbol.  Upon further review, the Better Business Bureau’s rating flashes red looking more like a warning for all suspected buyers to run for the hills, before buying silver or gold.  To me, this looks like the beginning of a long nightmare for trusting precious metal holders hoping to retrieve metal that may not exist.  Here is the story as I know it.

There is a lesson here, for all of us.  Silver and gold are only as reliable as the sources selling each metal.  It appears; at least in this case, at least one bullion dealer must explain more to the US Secret Service.  Details are sketchy, but at least a handful of victims are speaking out claiming Atlantic Bullion appears to be running a $70 million Ponzi scheme with investors in South Carolina, among dozens of other states. If you are doing business with Atlantic Bullion, my advice is to contact South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson as soon as possible.

If allegations are true, Atlantic Bullion offered investment seminars advising attendees how to protect with silver and gold bars.  It’s beginning to sound like investors trusted Atlantic Bullion to somehow store or vault newly purchased silver/gold that did not exist.  Regardless, it appears some have lost nearly everything without much hope of recovery.  Most victims, in cases like this, usually retrieve pennies on the dollar.  To say a story like this is heartbreaking is understated; many will lose more than gold or silver.  All will lose trust in one of the few assets able to protect wealth.

Here is how Atlantic Bullion describes themselves even today (“About Us” from their website).

Welcome to Atlantic Bullion and Coin. Our team can show you how to benefit from the current upward trend in the precious metals market.  As a leader in this industry for the past twenty-five years, we have the expertise to put you on the right track toward financial freedom.

Let Atlantic Bullion and Coin show you how to guard against these tumultuous times by purchasing hard assets such as gold and silver.  Explore our wide selection of gold, silver, and platinum bullion and check out our popular Confederate Silver Dollar commemorative coin.

When Alan Greenspan testified before Congress, he was asked, “Why does the Federal Government own so much gold?  His answer was, “Because it is a form of payment which requires no one’s endorsement.”

There has never been a better time to enter the precious metals market.   Do you own any gold and silver?  Atlantic Bullion and Coin would like to help get you started or increase your precious metals holdings.

I have to admit, their self description sounds trusting, experienced, and deliveries the “right track to financial freedom”. Again, if these allegations are true, cases like this send cold shivers down the spine of silver newbies, and for good reason.  My goal today is to expose importance of trusting intuition over well-crafted verbiage and false promises .   For the record, passive ownership describes those owning physical metal by trusting storage to other sources.  There is nothing wrong with passive purchasing or storage if due diligence is part of your master plan.  So, how do we know the good guys from the bad? First, by slowly building rapport especially when familiarizing you with physical silver or gold?  Buy small, take possession, all while building trust along the way. Most scam artists will promise below market discounts, need to expedite or hurry, and maybe bait-n-switch techniques. The best defense you have is knowledge first, then confidence.  

Let me also say this. Please consider storing at least 1/3 of owned metal with someone you know or trust, if not you.  This protects against a complete breakdown within the passive storage method of your choice.  Nothing is certain these days, certainly not something as unregulated as precious metal ownership.  This lack of regulation has more positives than negatives but the downside can be disastrous, as you can tell from today’s post.  I recommend diversifying all physical metal over at least two, preferably three, storage options especially if uncomfortable with self storage; again, this all about diversifying risk and nothing more.

Each of us should expect more scams as PM (precious metals) slowly move more mainstream.  Due diligence must be part of your long-term PM plan, including storage.  My recommendation is to secure a level of silver or gold first and then use passive storage second. I also recommend reputable trustworthy sources regardless who or how your metal stores.  Please email me if in doubt. I don’t sell or offer PM storage so my objective is only to assist those looking for accurate PM information.  You can reach me here.



Sorry, no comments or questions today since my last two days spent in airports. Please look for this Friday’s post to catch up on comments. Thanks for reading The Prospector Site.

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It is understated to describe silver as on fire, silver comments now lead gold comments 10 to 1 at least on The Prospector Site.  It is exciting to see silver find its place in the sun and something tells me that today’s demand is nothing compared to tomorrows.  My time consulting (by phone) new PM buyers primarily consist of discussing silver’s potential far over gold’s.  Silver has grown into a leading commodity with amazing monetary value, all simultaneously.  I want to use today’s post to explain why so many are moving into silver and what this trend means for those willing to trade currency for real money like silver.

For the record, I often say gold but assume readers understand silver as part of most discussion. Silver usually shadows gold’s movements but now is a good time to clear the gold & silver confusion; several have asked why we mention gold far over silver and I apologize for not making myself clear. It is safe to say we have only two types of readers, those that own silver and those that are researching silver.  Just this week we included a reader’s comment from a gentleman yet to buy silver but working toward it.  A new feature we hope to add to The Prospector Site is a survey option; one question I’m dying to ask is how many own both silver and gold.  My bet, from conversations with you, many start with gold but soon add silver, we don’t see the opposite as often.  I don’t know this for sure so I’m looking forward to the survey feature coming someday soon.

If building wealth via silver is part of your plan I have good news for you. Silver inventories are very low, silver demand is growing (US Mint so far this February has silver outselling gold 45 to 1), you already know low supply/high demand equals taller prices.  Most experts believe silver inventories have fallen to all time lows; lower than gold inventories.  This coincides with an increasing demand for silver’s industrial demand which only puts more pressure on such a limited resource.  Only to make matters worse, industries using silver continue to see increasing demand for their products.  Popular items like smart phones and tablets only compound the challenges of an already limited supply of silver.  Such quality is only possible because of silver and nothing appears on the horizon able to replace silver’s industrial capabilities.

Well all this sounds great, right? Not so fast because other aspects of silver must be understood and planned for.  Silver is the cheapest toy in the precious metal toy store and like all things affordable, demand can mislead.  What I’m about to describe has little effect on long-term silver value but will play into everything in between.  Silver is easily manipulated on Wall Street and, now, paper silver and physical silver have little separating their value.  It is worth noting Wall Street can easily stir the silver market and then profit from several forms of manipulation (futures).

Silver’s erratic nature is expected when we factor Wall Street’s willingness to use silver like a rigged card game. Those not understanding silver will panic or, worst yet, dive headfirst into silver not understanding the greatest time to buy silver.  Silver will dip and to not take advantage of discount pricing will limit volume as well as long-term profit (it is not about buying cheap, it’s about buying more because it’s cheap).  Nope, most silver owners have little idea how silver reacts to other forces or what motivates silver pricing.  This is why many silver buyers flee at first turbulence only to curse the very metal each person should own (my opinion).

I believe silver is not the metal to plant and watch grow. Silver owners must prepare themselves for great volatility and I recommend checking prices annually and then paying little attention to movements in between.  This is hard to do if nervous, regardless of asset, and why we feel most buyers are not ready to own silver, not yet.  But a level of preparedness rarely stops the “pack” and this decade’s silver buyers will be no different.  I recommend using both misunderstanding and manipulation to your benefit if seriously considering physical silver.  If you’re not sure how, call or email me to find out exactly why & how  (I don’t sell PM, only information)!



QUESTION:  I understand and agree with silver prices increasing but don’t understand how silver (or gold) will help during a complete monetary collapse.  It’s true, you can’t eat silver so why own it over food storage, land, etc?

PROSPECTOR REPLY: Thanks for the question and to be honest this is the second time this week I’ve been asked this.  We must realize great wealth exists in our country (United States) and this wealth will never completely leave.  Yes, most wealth is here because of debt and asset bubbles but nevertheless it is here.  I don’t see such a collapse as imminent but see a scenario where folks lose faith in our USD and slowly gravitate to real money like gold & silver as an interim currency.  We have to view this time in history as a transitional period between today’s currency working toward devaluation and tomorrows currency backed by gold or something of real value.

No one knows how bad some regions will digress but complete breakdown doesn’t sound likely from my perspective. This country still has the drive and spirit to build from the ashes, and will.  Does this mean you shouldn’t create levels of independence like you’re describing?  Of course you should, no one should ever assume somebody else will provide food, shelter, or financial & physical security for them!  Let me ask you, do you think your future will benefit from owning PM?  Most realistic folks will say yes.  Silver, like gold, is the perfect wealth transport until fiscal sanity returns.

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Sarah Dawn McKinley thought it impossible for the week between Christmas and New Years to worsen.  How could it possibly grow worse since this was the week she became a widow with a 3-month-old son? Unfortunately, Sarah Dawn had no idea she would have to make one of the biggest decisions of her life just to save it. As gold holders something more than bravery must be taken from this story.  After all, the #1 reason to own gold is to provide a buffer of independence in times of control and manipulation.  I won’t try to compare gold to a child’s life today.  There simply is no comparison in my mind.  I will compare a person’s decision-making ability with mine, and yours.  Here is how it played out.

It started with a controlled question to a 911 operator, “I’ve got two guns in my hand.  Is it OK to shoot him if he comes in this door?” Not mentioned was behind the door stood not one man but two with the second wielding a knife.   “Well, you have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself,” dispatcher Diane responded. “I can’t tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby.” Moments later a 12-gauge shotgun took control of the situation leaving mother and baby safe but one bad guy wishing, if only for a split second, he had picked another home to invade.

Stories, like this, of the good guy winning sound rewarding at first but then the realization sits in this could have been any of us. I doubt anyone really wants to take a life to protect their family or stash of gold but this is a choice a small minority of us will have to face someday.  Somehow most gold owners believe they can toss their container of gold bullion in a gun safe and never worry for its security again.  I feel this is assuming and unwise in this day and age.  If you only take one thing from today’s post I want it to be this.  Gold & silver are the most defenseless assets you will ever own!!  They are nearly impossible to identify, easy to carry off (in most cases), and hard to secure.

While doing a rewrite on a soon to be released gold and silver book I found my self struggling with a chapter on securing physical gold/silver. Everything else in the book flowed together but this chapter was difficult.  It dawned on me late last night why this is.  Every one of you is different.  You live in different places, you have different convictions and beliefs, and you own gold for different reasons.  What you do have in common is you want to protect what you have worked very hard to amass.  The number one source of security your gold has in its favor (next to discretion) is you.  Like Sarah Dawn McKinley, your metals’ best defense is a well thought out plan and a willingness to protect as you feel relevant, convicted, and necessary.  Everything else is nothing but thick metal and hope.

Here is an example of what we’re saying if unclear. Some of you are very pro 2nd Amendment and have no problem protecting what’s yours, no problem.  Some of you are pro 2nd Amendment but as Believers feel taking a life defeats a belief in all things of this world as materialistic and a greater prize awaits those that believe.  Some of you have never given a thought to what you would do if you had to pick between gold, a gun, and a life (not once).  Here is how I want to leave this.  Take time over this week giving thought to what you would do if faced with the same situation Mrs. McKinley faced just over a week ago.  The time to make a plan to protect (defend) your gold is well before the unlikely situation arises.

This is our take so give us yours.  Are you willing to defend something as silly as a mass of metal?  Would you take the life of a person if they stood between you and your metal?  Contact us here since we would love to hear what you have to say.  Thanks for spending time with The Prospector Site today and don’t forget to scroll down and read what others have to say.


QUESTION: I just started buying silver rounds, I am not a coin collector. I am just looking for silver. I studied things for a few months before buying. This site is what made me go ahead and buy. I have a good job and almost have my house paid off. I have 300k in my 401k but I am always afraid that the money won’t be there in 20 years when I am ready to retire. My question is what is the difference between buying 1 oz coins or 1/2 oz coins. I was told two 1/2 oz coins are worth more then one 1 oz coins? What is your opinion?

ANSWER: Thanks for a great comment and question.  Congrats on taking the time and energy to not only protect by way of PM (precious metal) but build equity in your home and retirement (*).  Silver is extremely popular these days and compared to early 2011 it’s on sale.  I own silver but I do worry (a little) about how it will fare in the long term compared to gold.  Silver owes some value to its industrial side and as economies slow it’s hard to say if the investment side will compensate.  No doubt the metal will grow in value as long as printing presses continue to solve debt problems.

As far as the 1/2 ounce silver rounds go, I too own them.  They are not worth more than 1 ounce coins if we value rounds on their silver value.  If you account for the premium added to each round then “yes” they are worth more than 1 ounce rounds (ounce to ounce comparison).  Depending on your motivation to own 1/2 rounds, we recommend keeping premiums as low as possible and the best way is to limit the amount of “fractional” gold and silver as possible.  We recommend favoring 1 ounce silver with the lowest premium available.  You don’t mention gold but we feel it’s wise to own both metals. Thanks for the question and following our site.

*SIDE NOTE:  We emailed this reader directly discussing the other concerns they have on savings, retirement, equity, etc.  This reader brings up a great point and we want to spend a sentence or two on them.  We are in uncharted waters economy wise and once safe/secure assets no longer are as protected.  Ask the farmers and investors who lost millions when MF Global lost $1.2 billion of their dollars recently.  During times like these assets become manipulated and ones not in control become left out.  One thing I love about precious metal (for the record I’m not a gold bug) is financial control stacks in my favor.  When this control stacks in my favor, independence and self-reliance follow along like 2 month old puppies.  Just something to think about.

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Silver is a crazy little metal to figure out.  So many experts of late are bullish on silver but my question for you is should it be part of your hard money stash?  We recently posted How Much Silver Is Enough and my opinion, for what it’s worth, is around 500 ounces for average America.  Nothing scientific here just my gut opinion.  But things are changing fast in today’s world and what was once good advice could change on a silver dime.  Today we look at poor man’s gold.


In all honesty I thought silver was out the gate last spring and headed toward $60 or $70 per ounce.  It appeared fear and affordability had crossed paths and this collision meant nothing but a spike at least in my mind.  But silver moves at demands pace and nothing will change its course until the market decides.  Lately something is happening with silver and this something might be what the white metal needs to find a fresh rally.  I won’t bore you with the typical silver is an industrial metal with many uses or silver output is at an all time low.  I think we all realize this as true or not true who knows for sure.

What’s fact is the U.S. Mint sales reports are showing  something unique that everyone thinking of buying silver should understand.  Silver American Eagles are now outselling Gold Eagles 35 to 1.  This silver demand is much greater than the current silver to gold ratio ( 41 to 1) which indicates demand for silver is increasing as the price drops.  Call any precious metal broker and they will tell you the same thing I will that new buyers are finding the silver market at levels unseen.


Every businessman or CEO will tell you the first part of any business plan is to establish a market.  Henry Ford mastered this business model pushing most horses into pets and replacing them with the largest consumer market ever to hit this green earth.  Silver is, my opinion only, about where the Model A was on the automobile evolution.  You don’t need me to tell you the possibilities here but I would take a hard look at cheap silver while the market is still offering.

Some precious metal owners cringe when I say this but I would much rather see a steady incline compared to a herd driven speculative explosion in silver.  Maybe I’m old school but look no further back then last spring when silver spiked nearly 40% of where it is today.  Give me a slow steady growth any day.  But sooner or later silver will fall prey to the herd blasting cheap silver to a high unthinkable to most. My hope is it’s way down the road but no one knows for sure.  Thanks for reading The Prospector Site.


STAR TRIBUNE:  Broken deals, bitter words and a state shuts down

“We will not saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debts, with promises for funding levels that will not be there in the future,” said House Speaker Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove. “This is debt that they can’t afford. It’s debt that we can’t afford right now.” Read it here.

PROSPECTOR:  As cash flows decline spending battles will increase and this is something we mention often referring to it as, “The Next Great Conflict in America.”   In a nutshell, there is not enough $ to go around so how the few dollars left are spent causes conflict.  Is it coming to a town near you?


MARKET WATCH:  Great Recession cooks Friedman and Keynes

Commentary: Two great theories, neither up to today’s task

The government spent nearly $1 trillion on stimulus programs. The Fed boosted its reserves by $2 trillion. Now, almost three years after the fall of Lehman Brothers, gross domestic product is growing at less than 3% annually, while the official unemployment rate is 9.1%. Add those who are working part time and the total is over 15%.

We’re witnessing the collision of theory and reality. And when that happens, no matter how elegant or persuasive the theory, reality always wins.  Read it here.


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If you have waited for a good time to buy then your silver wishes have come true but my gut tells me only the quick will realize the best bargain.  If you are one of the many confused how to take advantage of this 25% silver dip my hope is today’s post will give you at least one way to capitalize on it.  Keep in mind there is a tall wall being built between paper silver and physical silver and this dip, or sell off, is coming from the paper side with no doubt.  Soon the physical silver side will pay little attention to dips, even gigantic ones, since holders soon will realize physical metal is worth a premium regardless of market fluctuation.  Today we break down a simple way to buy physical silver.

I’m using Blanchard Co as a source for buying silver today, there are several I personally use but for this example it will be Blanchard.  At anytime you can click on the attachment that takes you directly to the website for Blanchard Co and then follow the easy steps I’ve listed below.  Today we are discussing silver by taking advantage of a huge dip but this same method can be used to buy gold if you prefer.

STEP ONE:  You will need to decide how many ounces to buy and this can be done before you go online or call your broker.  Once on the website click the “Silver” icon which will take you to several silver choices.  In this area you will find bullion (coins), rounds, and bars.  To keep it simple choose one of the coin choices, they are all one ounce silver coins.

STEP TWO:  Enter the “quantity” or number of coins and then click the “buy now” button below.  This will take you to another page that shows the total cost of coins and shipping.  At anytime you can change the quantity and it will reformulate the total plus shipping.  There are no hidden fees, but.

STEP THREE:  The “but” is silver and gold prices are constantly changing so once you decide what to buy proceed to the “check out” page or simply call the number on the check out page and a live person will cinch the deal.  Remember, nothing is “locked in” until a confirmation email or call is received so don’t assume the order is complete until you actually hear from your broker.

STEP FOUR:  There are several methods to pay for your new order but the most common is a wire transfer.  Wire transfers are easy and your representative will email you all the information needed for you to take to your bank.  There usually is a charge to wire money so check with your bank, mine charges $20.  If wire transfers are not your thing most brokers accept personal checks, usually, but this will slow down the possession time of your coins.  Most brokers do not take credit cards but may ask for a credit card number if this is your first time buying.  This only insures the order from nervous buyers trying to back out.

STEP FIVE:  Wait for your new coins to arrive compliments of USPS.  Most brokers are good about emailing ship dates which allows you to prepare for pickup at your local post office, fully insured of course.

Buying really is simple so click on Blanchard Co, or your broker of choice, and get some silver headed your way.

QUESTION:  Can you be more specific on what to buy?

ANSWER:  Sorry but we don’t give pin point advice but I do feel you are on the right track by researching the value of gold and silver ownership.  The challenge with advising is there is no end since the next question would be specifics on selling, exactly what to own, etc. Our goal at The Prospector Site is to inform our readers so they can make decisions on what is best for them personally.

TIP OF THE DAY:  Shop around with several online precious metal brokers to find out which is offering the best service for the best price.  Feel free to email us for a list of reputable brokers we have used.


  • ONE OUNCE SILVER BULLION:                $40.58

  • ONE OUNCE SILVER ROUND:                    $38.24

  • ONE OUNCE GOLD BULLION:                    $1568

  • ONE OUNCE GOLD BAR:                              $1531

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