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As we prepare to put the final wrap on 2013 – there is one thing I know for certain. Neither gold or silver shined this year. In fact, neither metal has shown promise for several years, respectively. But the winds of change have me rethinking my nearly year-long resistance of adding more metal to my personal stash. For what it’s worth, I’ll pass along my opinion and then the decision to buy, or not, is all yours. Since this site, nor I, sale PMs (precious metals)…… I see no reason to “cheerleader” the unbiased facts.

Precious metal is testing the faith of even the most devote PM holder all while other asset classes confidentially climb. The DOW is on fire by rewarding her faithful nearly 30% year-to-date. Some parts of the country’s real estate market are feeling the same positive appreciation as historically low interest rates support rising home values. So, what the heck happened to PMs?

It took only a couple of years to undo gold’s decade long reputation as a steadily climbing safe haven. Folks today view gold, especially silver, as a high-risk asset with expectations of more decline. This expected decline is based on recent performance more than commonsense or an economic mindset.

The next rise in PM is imminent in nature but the unknown is how low will both metals fall before the next great rebound. We can argue short-term expectations (gold or silver) but long-term speaking leaves little room for discussion.  Not even the most economically optimistic person can name one growing asset unsupported by central bank intervention.

The ability to support an economy with fiat currency can not last forever, but it can outlast the faith of many folks entrusting silver and gold.

The 60%, or so, Americans still willing to trade effort for a paycheck are divided into two wealth classes. The first class is working to pay monthly bills all while attempting to build wealth (capital). The second class has wealth and is now trying to preserve it or, maybe better put, not lose it. The option to own physical silver or gold is reserved primarily for this second wealth class, but not exclusively (ones living check-to-check most often end up selling physical PMs soon as times get tough).

Now here is where things get interesting. Citizens of America are beginning to realize the biggest threat to their wealth is political. New laws like the Affordable Care Act are less about providing healthcare and more geared toward political control and wealth distribution. Think of it more like a well camouflaged form of modern-day taxation (penalty). The hook is now set and the wealth of America is ready to reel in thanks to unaffordable premiums or fines for opting out.

A rising DOW is nothing more than the distracting hand of an illusionist. Controlling political power is only possible by controlling the wealth of the people. When the majority depend on social programs then those in charge, politically, will stop at nothing to find creative ways to transfer your wealth in order to sustain their political power.

Why it’s nearly time to buy more gold.

The political climate we’re facing is more than just a loss of freedoms. We now live in an age of inherit confiscation meaning all exposed wealth is in jeopardy of some kind or another. This realization, or awakening, bodes well for physical precious metal and the soon-to-be-seen rising values of both silver and gold. In other words, the PM bottom rests in the faith of the masses.

Today’s dollar value assigned to each ounce of silver or gold is a byproduct of PM faith.

Precious metal has lost its illustrious shine as of December 2013, don’t even mention silver. By example, CNBC recently led with an article entitled “I wouldn’t buy gold with my worst enemy’s cash”: Strategist

The article mentions how, “gold doesn’t have many friends”. I agree, but articles like this are partial proof  why the time to stack more PMs is close at hand. Since 1970ish, the economic rule of thumb proves one downtrodden asset will climb soon after one faith-filled asset begins to tumble. I know of no crowds lined up to buy physical silver or gold. In fact, PMs are as far off the radar as they’ve been in decades or, as the article’s author puts it, “friendless“.

Sure the reduction in mining due to lower than expected prices in 2013-2014 plays into our “buy or not buy” scenario but not nearly as much the geopolitical & economical climate we’re living. A reduction in mining is only but one of many forces leading to the perfect storm of metal prices rising.

Is all this proof enough to run out and buy physical silver or gold? No, it’s not, at least not for those already protected and looking for the right time to add more. But this does mean the time is nearing. Until then we should live life and be thankful for what we’ve been blessed with.

QUESTION:  Do you have plans to buy more silver in 2014?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the great question. As you know, I bought little PM in 2013. The PM market was too unstable therefor I held my wealth in cash all while patiently waiting for metal prices to stabilize. But those already holding physical metal have this option. If you’re new to PMs I strongly encourage you to consider taking a hard look at trading dollars for PM.

Honestly, I have no plans to buy or not buy in 2014. I don’t use a calendar to determine my next purchase. I’ll base my decision on the political climate as much as anything else. It could be hard to deny the temptation of $18 to $20ish an ounce physical bullion, I’ll admit. By the way, I view my PM holding in terms of ounces over dollar value. Dollar values of physical silver, and gold, fluctuate along with the paper PM market and can be misleading (one event is all it could take to send PM prices soaring).

My opinion is we will soon see a great separation between paper and physical PM. Until then- more of the same should be expected.

COMMENT: My identity was stolen this year, you can’t believe the never-ending hassle it has caused. My bank keeps reminding me they will stand behind my losses but I can’t help but wonder if this is a sign of the times.  You often mention the safety of storing wealth in precious metal but I can’t help but wonder if the same theft risk is possible. At least my bank is willing to replace what’s lost.

TPS Reply: I’m sorry for the trouble you mention. I’ve heard from at least six other readers this year alone who’ve had their identity stolen, same as you. Cyber crime is the newest threat to our banking and financial system. This crime is unlike any form of thievery before since technology only recently offered such an opportunity to transfer digitized wealth from owner to thief. Online security measures are nowhere near par with today’s cyber threats, this is concerning as you know.

The threat of cyber crime is nonexistent with wealth stored in physical silver or gold. This is one of the benefits of storing physical metal in a safe/secure location over storing wealth in a traditional savings account at your local bank (dollars). You’re right, most banks are doing what they can to resolve bank related cyber crime but online security experts claim this will not always be the case. Some banks will only stand behind depositors who can prove they are doing a depositor’s part of securing online activity.

My guess is banks will soon impose a “cyber protection fee” to depositors and credit card holders. This fee could  fluctuate according to cyber threats and a bank’s losses. Please add cyber crime threat as yet one more reason to consider owning physical silver/gold AND physical dollars. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.

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A few events are forever etched in our minds, literally. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, claims the reason some memories “stick” and some don’t is simple. Even the brain finds a few events so worthy of record that the mind actually strikes a deeper line in the brain.

Mr. Medina is also quick to point out another fascinating mind nugget. If not for the ability to instantly forget most information….. we will die, within days in fact. Honestly, I can’t deny or verify what this professor of bioengineering claims as factual. What I can say without doubt; I will always and forever recall the moment I decided to buy gold over a decade ago.

Before we dive in today, the Q & A section is all about dealing with PM (precious metal) crooks, be sure to catch it.

Every once in a while someone emails or calls TPS (The Prospector Site) looking to argue precious metal. They usually hangup thinking, “Gosh, this guy doesn’t know much about physical silver/gold for a bestselling precious metal author?” So be it. My goal is not to argue the worthiness of PM for those not ready to own silver or gold.

If I have to convince someone to buy they’ll like me less the first time silver or gold turns south. Before a person is ready to own PM they must first reach a point of realization. Maybe realization is the wrong word, maybe acceptance is better. Regardless, the old way of saving, investing and entrusting your wealth to someone else is over, period.

Until then silver and gold appear just as “risky” as a credit default swap or a Bernanke promise.

Politicians, corporate executives, and media pundits can drum recovery and economic stability but only the most hopeful continue to believe what PM faithful have know for some time. Each new day is another one closer to the demise of a fiat reserve currency. Your decision to own physical metal is a de facto admission of the dollar’s eminent demise; welcome aboard.

This liberation goes beyond silver and gold. My acceptance of monetary truth changed my perception in more ways than space. I found satisfaction beyond things driven by debt or greed. I found myself questioning everything, even to the point of questioning my faith. After all, it’s only after questioning what others blindly accept we learn, and then grow wiser.

Trading dollars for PM goes far beyond investing in the typical sense. Trading dollars for sound money offers savers the ability to grow wealth beyond the risk of confiscation that fills today’s evening news. Pension funds, retirement accounts, bonds, stocks, and real estate can’t offer the same peace of mind. Not that the aforementioned are bad investments, just not protected in this cannibalistic age of taxation and confiscation.

My Prospector Site email blew up Sunday as rumors of Cyprus bank runs filled my smartphone. Someday all bank accounts will face similar capital control challenges from central banks and/or government.  At such a time, you too will remember when and why you decided to buy physical silver/ gold.


QUESTION:  For your information, XWZ Corp (edited) is a con artist willing to sell old folks like me overpriced gold coins. Its been over two years and the coins are worth half of what we paid. A local coin dealer appraised the coins so I know what they’re worth……HALF, OR LESS. Something must stop the con artists in the bullion business!!!!!! (EDITED, A LOT)

TPS Reply:  First let me say how sorry I am.  You’re right, it sounds like you paid far over market for the nine rare coins we discussed during our phone consultation.  This deceptive practice is unconscionable – but I hear stories like yours far too often.  If I were in your position, I’d safely store the coins away knowing someday soon the PM market will, in all likelihood, surpass this over-market premium you paid. I realize this doesn’t help much but it’s not a loss unless you decide to sell short.

NOTE:  I spent at least an hour with this client and, honestly, the situation is not fixable; but due diligence could have saved a lot of hardship.  People are afraid like never in my lifetime. They hear about bank holidays (Cyprus), they see inflation stealing more from a fixed income, and then they hear some advertiser promoting gold as the answer to everything economically wrong. This, my friends, is when the trouble begins.

Now, let’s focus on how this never happens to you or anyone you know. Since I don’t sell PM let me first say the metal this author recommends exposes a PM crook in less than 30 seconds. Precious metal sellers can only take advantage of those lacking PM knowledge, this excludes you.  The majority of PM victims do not know what they’re buying; they just know it’s made from silver/gold. Buying any silver or gold is not good enough; we must put the “right” metal in your safekeeping….soon.

If you truly feel the need to trade dollars for PM but are not 100% confident in the process, then call or email me. I represent you the buyer, never the PM dealer, broker or seller. I don’t charge a percentage; regardless if you buy all the gold stored in Fort Knox or one silver ounce, it makes no monetary difference to me. I charge according to how much time it takes me to find and secure the right metal FOR YOU, I receive zero compensation from the seller.

Locating the right metal for a customer sometimes takes less than an hour, in many cases, or it could take a little longer. Regardless, you’re only charged for the time it takes according to your situation, no surprises. It is not unusual for my fee to total a $100 – $200 (is $100 too much for the peace of mind knowing you’re PM protected with the right metal AND at the best price possible?). It’s time we bring integrity back into the PM market and this is exactly what I intend to do. Contact me here for more information.

QUESTION: I just don’t understand, gold doesn’t pay a dividend or interest, correct? It rests in a vault, in a secret location, all while protected by the best security possible. Wouldn’t you agree that the only thing physical PMs can offer is the chance of appreciation?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the comment and questions. You are correct in regard to gold’s inability to pay interest, it typically does not. Respectfully, I 100% disagree that the only thing physical PM can offer is the chance of appreciation. Gold and silver equal money, everything else we typically call money is currency. Please stop thinking like an investor, think like an innovator (innovators are willing to change).

It’s time the PM skeptical face a few facts. Investors (savers) are long for the slaughter and Cyprus is proof. Eventually the entitled of the world will far outnumber the savers (depositors, pension holders; all investors with exposed wealth). At such a time, the entitled (impoverished) will not only condone new taxation and wealth confiscation – THEY WILL DEMAND IT.

The world’s stockholders fail to compare their risk to a Cyprus depositor (by the way, depositors in Cyprus are under capital controls by way of a bank holiday). A typically safe storage of wealth can no longer keep pace with inflation (certificates of deposit, money markets, savings accounts), they no longer pay a reasonable rate of return.

Even ultra-conservative investors now turn to stocks in order to preserve wealth; this is why the DJIA is at a new high. Someday soon the entitled of the world (impoverished) will far outnumber those holding wealth in stocks. At such a time, ones depending on entitlement will not only support new taxation – they will demand it. Remember, giants rarely die suddenly; they starve slowly but only after total consumption.

How can you or any other stock investor honestly believe your wealth glowing on Wall Street will not fall under confiscation, capital controls or painful levels of new taxation?

This is what happens when currencies die and governments lose power; this is what divides nations, states, communities, churches, and families, too. Thinking like an investor in an age of wealth confiscation is nothing short of dangerous. My advice is to transfer some wealth, if not most, into something less vulnerable to taxation and confiscation. Physical silver and gold are part of the few safe havens outside the banking/ investment system.

We’re past the point of arguing if silver or gold are worthy investments. The only questions left: how quickly can you turn dollars to PM, what to buy, from whom, and at least three safeguards for PM storage. Time will validate the aforementioned.

 QUESTION:  Just paid slightly over $33 per coin from an online PM broker. I’m seriously considering buying more silver but questioning if the price is fair? Thank you.

TPS Reply: Congrats to you for practicing such prudence; I just paid close to the same per ounce price. Now, I have a question or two for you. Do your coins contain one ounce of silver, many do not? Do you know the difference? Please contact me immediately if you don’t.

My suggestion is to view silver like a typical bank savings account. Most Americans no longer save; they spend every dime that comes in – plus some.

Using PM as a savings offers two huge benefits. One, it’s far more difficult to impulsively spend a savings in PM. Two, a savings in PM will rise beyond the imagination of even the most optimistic PM holder (my opinion, use due diligence). We’re living what history will someday describe as the largest monetary shakeup of mankind. The fiat currency experiment has reached the boiling point. Thanks for the question.


The most powerful man in the world is not a politician, not significantly wealthy….. yet rather mysterious to most folks obliviously wondering through life. His name is Ben Bernanke and it is certainly in your best interest to understand how his influence will directly affect your future. He is the most powerful man on earth and starting today we will feature a “Bernanke Watch” in each TPS post.

There is no doubt FED Chief Bernanke is a very smart man. His words are purposely patterned to instill monetary confidence and, unfortunately, monetary confusion. The trouble within our global economy is not Mr. Bernanke’s fault. Bernanke is nothing more than a very significant snapshot in time now controlling the most powerful, yet most secretive, monetary entity on earth.

In the above video Bernanke defends the FEDS actions with six powerful words. He said, “…..never lost a penny doing it. It is imperative to understand that it’s impossible for the FED to lose dollars. They are the only entity in the world that can create unlimited amounts of dollars from thin air. Today’s era of no restraint allows the FED to create dollars, secretly, and obviously accountable to no one (according to the above video).

Don’t miss our next Bernanke Watch when we discuss exactly how the FED not only influences the DJIA but controls it too.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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One big price for today’s electronic currency is security, the upside is convenience. Never before is it as easy to buy silver and gold but a reader recently emailed TPS (The Prospector Site) asking how to safely buy precious metal while utilizing our e-commerce age. The process is simple, and safe, for those who take the necessary steps to protect themselves along the way. Today we tackle the necessary steps to land silver and gold safely into your discretionary spot for storage.

QUESTION:  Hello. I would like to invest in gold and/or silver, and am not sure how to (safely) do it. You mentioned a list of reputable sellers? Would you recommend bullion or another form? When you purchase online, how are the funds transferred (through a service like PayPal, or can they be done directly from a customer’s bank)? Thank you.

TPS Reply:  Ah, another one joins the PM flock, congrats. Thanks for the great questions and thanks for sharing such honesty. Sometimes the first step to buying the right gold, or silver, is admitting we don’t know what the heck we’re doing. My first experience was a train wreck and I’m humble enough to admit I bought the wrong gold when gold sold for less than $400 per ounce. I will also admit it was a paid education since this miscue sparked a desire to learn as much about real money as possible, my quest still continues to this day.

I recall a PM conversation not long ago with a New York Times bestselling author who writes about all things monetary and economic. How shocked was I when this author admitted “PM ignorance” when it came time to buy physical gold? This only proves few are comfortable with what to buy, where to buy and who to trust.

I push PM “Newbies” toward silver for one reason – CONFIDENCE. For some odd reason most newbies find buying PM uncomfortable or nerve-racking but have no problem investing a life savings in a intrinsically valueless currency supported by nothing more than a thin margin of faith. This PM insecurity causes too many to watch from the sidelines while PM prices rise with each passing year.

This is why I recommend buying silver bullion first, then gold bullion as you become comfortable with whomever you choose to trade with. Don at Colorado Gold works well with beginners, like you, so try them first. I also buy from Miles Franklin and Blanchard Co, too, not to mention my local coin shop. I’m sure there are many more reputable PM brokers but these are the ones I’m most familiar with.

Each online PM broker has their own rules to lock an order (“locking” an order is the moment a firm price is established). Some brokers (dealers) will lock nothing until a check clears or funds wire transfer from your bank to theirs. Some have dollar limits but will lock a price in temporarily while funds generate. Some PM brokers even allow purchasing by way of credit card but usually pass all credit card fees to you the buyer.

I have found bank wire transfers a safe and easy way to purchase PM.

WARNING:  Never buy PM face to face with someone unknown. I have stacks of horror stories from well meaning Craiglist traders who ended up robbed or with worthless gold clad bullion. Please stay with reputable PM dealers or brokers realizing their small fee is worth your piece of mind.

Some of you want to buy silver or gold without a paper trail of any kind, I understand. This is still possible but the window of unrecorded private asset ownership of any kind is quickly closing. The upside to owning metal without a paper trail is the reduced risk of governmental confiscation (see Silver Confiscation).  The downside to owning PM without proof comes in play for those who wish to insure silver or gold stored at home (you could be asked to show proof of ownership when filing a claim).

This is why some of our readers own metal with and without a paper trail. Nevertheless, start with low premium PM like bullion, rounds or junk silver. All three can be purchased in person or online depending on your perception or concern over a paper trail.

I want to leave you and all other readers with one last thought. You may find your first PM purchase unnerving but if you follow the instruction of someone trusted, like the PM brokers just listed, this process will become easier in no time.

COMMENT:   Just wanted to call and say how your book has prioritized our finances – thank you. It seems so obvious we cannot fix our economy by borrowing endless amounts of money and the chapter comparing other assets to gold was an eye opener. Within a week after finishing the book my husband and I each put one unnecessary asset for sale (boat and snowmobile) to begin the “wealth relocation” you write about. Trading a declining asset (toy) for something so protective as PM just makes sense. Thanks for the motivation we both needed to take control of our financial future. Cheers.

TPS Reply: Good for you guys and congrats for making what I think is a perfectly timed life-changing decision. Wealth relocation is nothing more than selling something with declining value and then replacing it with something of real value….. like silver or gold. You will find a feeling of liberation as your new wealth builds while others struggle to maintain a lifestyle that continues to rob the middle class. My recommendation, now, is to stay the course and continue to add PM when possible. Thank you for passing along such a nice compliment…and reading Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher.


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Is it possible you’re still trying to protect something soon to be useless over this decade and beyond?  A big part of understanding relevance of PM is by developing a nontraditional mindset, at least nontraditional to those still buying recovery. The monetary establishment still drums importance of a high FICO score as necessary because their very livelihood depends on you and your buddies returning to debt infested waters.  Since old habits die hard many still protect FICO scores like a burned out fort not realizing the new normal includes far less credit than most are comfortable with.  My question for you, do you still believe in good FICO fiction?

By the way, just a reminder to sign up for our weekly online newsletter to receive The Prospector Site emailed straight to you.  It’s 100% free so sign up here.

Eventually all will realize only loads of credit allowed Americans to live a lifestyle unworthy. I often refer to today’s period in time as the great correction because not only will worldwide economies correct but so will individual belief systems. The necessity of a great FICO score has to be on the list of a correcting belief system and we have to look no further than credit shrinkage as proof. If you can grasp this as fact then you’re inches away from understanding why our economy continues to suffer from job losses, housing devaluation and foreclosures, budget woes, and soaring precious metal values.  The last forty years created a credit necessity to maintain an unsustainable lifestyle and this is why governments worldwide are frantically printing currency in hopes of reviving a stone cold economy.

If you’ve owned gold or silver for any length of time then you already know traditional credit doesn’t have to be part of a wealth preservation strategy, but most aren’t so observant. From buying a new home to selling municipal bonds, strong credit is the linchpin holding together a tradition of borrowing, leveraging, or anything but saving.  Today’s mortgage lenders have beefed up borrowing requirements, especially over five short years ago, by now requiring borrowers a FICO score in the high 700s along with a near spotless credit history, not to mention a higher down payment.   Little do the few still willing realize but this false belief supports artificial housing values by postponing a real estate bottom.  This may sound odd but a poor credit score will save millions of households from prematurely purchasing properties still in declining markets.

Our clients often ask what a future with limited or less credit could look like and we understand the curiosity.  No one knows for sure but we are sure that strong FICO scores will be less relevant especially as gold & silver continue to climb the worldwide currency ladder.  Most assets we commonly leverage (homes, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, vacations, and soon to be education) are in decline especially when compared to gold over US dollars.  This is why it’s becoming cheaper to buy most assets in real terms of true money (PM).  This is hard for many to grasp, maybe this is why so many continue to wear high FICO scores like a badge of honor.  PM holders realize the time is soon at hand when leverage, by way of credit, is no longer necessary to buy other declining assets.

SmartMoney recently ran an article called Foreclosure Sales Flood Market offering alarming news for those still advocates of a housing bottom.  Their research shows foreclosures and short sales now account for 35% of total existing home sales in January 2012, this is up a disturbing 16% from last summer.  I guess it is no wonder housing values dropped 8.5% nationally over the same time period.  Folks, you don’t need me to tell you housing has not bottomed and is now below intrinsic value in many cases.  This should tell us housing will not only correct but over correct allowing those sidelined holding gold, silver, or cash, buying opportunities of a lifetime, maybe five lifetimes. If true, and I certainly believe it to be, fussing to preserve FICO scores could be unnecessary as anytime in modern history.

Those looking hardest for economic recovery fail to understand how integrated credit has been to markets in the not so distant past.  Easy credit days will not come back anytime soon and this fact will complicate recovery before correction.  My guess is we will soon see organic credit, especially in home sales, commonly seen during an era of high mortgage interest.  Owner carryback financing relies less on credit scores and more on buyer trust, integrity, and down payment.   Can you imagine the opportunity for PM holders in a time we’re describing?


QUESTION: You talked about getting the copper rounds for as low as 59 cents; who is the manufacture of these rounds and how are you getting them for that price?

PROSPECTOR REPLY: Thanks for the question.  Not sure how long ago I posted copper prices since I don’t recall talking copper prices recently, but it’s possible.  Copper bullion bars and rounds are readily available from several mints and below I’ve linked to an American copper bullion source for those interested.  We have to wonder if copper and nickel will find the same appreciation as silver, my bet is they might but I’m not 100% sure of the level (upward).  Some copper coins are so professionally minted it’s hard to tell them from more expensive bullion.

Check out The Copper Exchange for more information, they ship free to the lower 48 states. This wholesaler offers bullion bars (5 lb. bars) as low as $.44 per ounce and copper bullion 1 ounce round as low as $1.05. I believe they have a 1000 ounce minimum but it is worth asking before buying.  Back to your question, I’m unaware of a bullion source selling one ounce copper coins @ $.59 per.


The gap between new gold bullion and Pre 1933 rare coins continues to shrink making rare coins worth considering, regardless if a collector or after wealth preservation.  Gainesville Coins now advertises $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles at $1815 while American Eagles bullion at $1800 per ounce (obviously prices are constantly changing). Many collectors believe Pre 1933 coins could be exempt from possible confiscation under collector coin exemption.  This is only speculation but with new gold and rare gold nearly one and the same it’s worth buying rare, at least if you’re in the market for more gold.

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We, like you in all likelihood, receive plenty of PM newsletters both online and mail.  They all have one thing in common by advising those thinking of buying gold/silver to do so quickly.  This leads us to ask if gold or silver are still a bargain?  Maybe some perceive metals as discounted when comparing today’s prices to gold’s $1900 high and silver’s amazing near $50 high?  But wait a second, didn’t most residential real estate sell 40% to 60% more than today not long ago?  Is real estate hinting to what gold holders have to look forward to someday soon?  Maybe we should take a closer look at so-called bargain gold & silver.

The world of cinematography has changed the way viewers perceive things forever. I love to watch a documentary or movie when raised cameras allow us to view scenic landscapes from high above.  Only over the last few decades has this been possible.  Billions of our ancestors could only imagine what a view from high above would be like.  Maybe as gold enthusiasts we should step back and look at both metals from a bird’s-eye perspective.  Actually both gold and silver are very expensive compared to metal prices of not so long ago.

Doug Casey (Casey’s Research) has said for some time that he struggles to recommend investors to gold even though he has little doubt both metals will soar. He struggles because as an adviser he realizes metal could be had at much lower prices than today (for the record he does recommend a large percentage of wealth stored in physical metal).  Mr. Casey makes a good point but is it possible he is living in the past?  I’m not so sure he is and here is why.

I certainly will not speak for an expert like Mr. Casey but have opinion on bargain gold. I’ll give you mine and then you can give us yours.  Is it possible when we look at both metals from a broader perspective that gold & silver could experience back-draft type turbulence from other asset bubble bursts?  Few will disagree, bailouts and backdoor deals all affect other investments (assets) but eventually a free market will weed out value and worth.  Will this process take months, years, or a decade?  My take, for what’s it worth, it depends how long governments worldwide try to prop up a failed economy.

Going back to gold; gold and silver could easily drop, rise, or stay the same (short-term) patiently waiting for the world to realize artificial recovery is only temporary. This means you can wait and eventually buy physical gold and silver much cheaper than today’s bargain price, possibly.  Once the gig is up, and it will be up soon relatively speaking, both metals will quickly catch up to where they should be.  Manipulation can only suppress real value so long.  The question you must ask is if it’s worth the gamble to wait.

One more thing before I give you the floor. These times are exciting for those already invested in gold and silver.  Please don’t misread, I’m not excited to see the financial struggles of small business, neighbors, and friends.  I’m  excited to see a well thought out plan continue to protect my families well-being.  If I hadn’t bought gold and silver I doubt I could be very excited.  What if gold jumped in price to a point hardly affordable?  Once a person owns gold and silver most pay little attention to drops, bargains, or discounts.  Why?  Because the long-term plan is what most holding metal are all about.

This is our opinion of bargain gold so tell us yours.  You can reach me right here. Thanks for taking the time today to invest in your financial future!!


COMMENT REGARDING, “Will the Economy Collapse”

Hi, It is so obvious to me what is on the horizon. I suspect within the near future we will be looking at total collapse of the U.S. economy. I believe one day the U.S. will wake up to a Bank Holiday you will not be able to get your money, it will be devalued and your retirement accounts will be raided. Just like Jim Rogers says. Those unprepared will be SOL The way in which this MF Global thing is being handled is a sign as to what is to come.  It is inevitable you can’t fix a debt problem with more debt. The powers that be are sucking every dollar possible out of the system. It is in utter amazement that I see this so clear and others (most but not all) can’t see it. Its going to be real ugly. But anyway I have liquidated everything sold my home and pulled most of my money out of the system and bought silver. I will buy more today and some gold as where I live now the dollar is up and the price of PM is down. The intent is to preserve the money I have. BTW my banker tells me many of his clients are buying PM’s. LOTS. I moved to Mexico. My question is how much of an effect will the collapse of the Euro and the dollar have on other countries. Like Mexico. Thanx for your good work.

THE PROSPECTOR SITE REPLY:  Thanks for the great comment and I admire your willingness to make such huge sacrifices.  You bring up several good points so let’s take a closer look at them before trying to answer your question.  We also feel overgrown governments will not shrink without crazy schemes like possible bank holidays, gold confiscation, or raiding retirement accounts.  Something like this can easily be wrapped up in “for the betterment of mankind” type thing.  VP Joe Biden admits “bank holidays” were on the table when his administration took over in 2008.

You nailed it when you commented “the intent is to preserve the money I have”.   The beauty of precious metal is it allows holders to throttle up, or down, according to their faith in local economy and government.  You sound more “throttled up” than most readers we hear from, I understand.  I don’t feel total collapse is as likely but do believe it will feel like total collapse to many unprotected.  Country group Alabama had it right when they sang “Someone told us Wall Street fell, but we were so poor that we couldn’t tell”.

As far as living in Mexico (on the decline of the euro & dollar), some don’t realize but Mexico’s GDP is 1/14th the size of the United States (14th overall, US is first).  Mexico has a unique situation since it’s relatively cheap to live and most folks still live within their means.  I suspect Mexico’s underground economy will grow in a time, soon, when the leading currencies (USD & euro) become more worthless.  Your silver will no doubt be the currency of choice, along with gold, if things continue the direction headed.

According to some experts, Mexico and Canada’s economies are “hinged” to the U.S. and will certainly be affected by our woes.  What Mexico does have over the U.S. is a less regulated market which allows commerce to trade much cheaper than say the U.S.  A Mexican farmer will grow produce far cheaper than a farmer in the Imperial  or Central Valley of California.  Protection and corruption will be an issue for Mexico just like any other country.

Good luck and thanks again for commenting.


QUESTION:  Love the site.  Will we see $8000 gold?

THE PROSPECTOR SITE:  Thanks for the question.  I certainly hope we never see $8000 gold but I have opinion we easily could.  I’m an overall picture type guy.  Sure $8000 gold is great for my personal bottom line, probably yours too, but what will $8000 gold mean for our economy and society?  If I were to bet, I would bet gold will stumble along for a while then catch hold as most realizes borrowing money to pay debt will not increase formal job growth, not help keep inflation in check, and not help the person on the street.

My question for you is this.  What would $8000 dollar gold mean for physical silver that today sells for around $31 per ounce (bullion dealer prices not secondary market)?

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