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What will it take for Precious Metal to Rise?

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When David Logan (name changed in respect for family) drove himself to the ER on a spring day of 2012, he complained of shortness of breath and discomfort spreading to his back, jaw, and throat. Although these symptoms are often related to a heart attack, the ER doctor found it unlikely a healthy-looking male in his early thirties fit such a diagnosis.  The medical staff admitted Mr. Logan and soon after the doctor on duty put a plan in place that included looking deeper into why a young fit person was in such agonizing pain.  No one would have guessed that this afternoon would be Mr. Logan’s last.

Pain and discomfort is the #1 reason people visit their primary care provider. Their motivation to invest effort, time, and cash stems from an uncomfortable state that reaches a point of “doing something” in hope of relief. The same type of pain is what it will take for PMs (precious metals) to rise far beyond what most of you can imagine.

As most know I live in the United States. I also live in a flyover state that has seen more winter than any sane person should see in a lifetime. But other than a few winter annoyances life here in the US is pretty darn good. In fact, it’s so good that most individuals never consider the monetary “pain” that will eventually grip even the most wealthy of all countries.

The fact you’re making the effort to explore physical silver or gold amazes me. I have no idea what motivated you to make such a decision but I commend your insight, congratulations.  You are, medically speaking, the person who practices routine checkups to eliminate a painful problem before it develops.

But most folks living life are too busy to live like you. They assume all is economically well because everyone else does. They see a steady paycheck paying monthly bills and they still have enough left over for pizza and adult beverages at week’s end. These same individuals also assume a rising DOW, and housing market, are signs of a stable economy. Buying physical gold or silver is at the list bottom for the aforementioned.

The folks too busy to invest in PMs fail to understand why things appear normal in 2014. Honestly, this may sound harsh but most folks don’t care what it takes to maintain normalcy. They suffer from a term call normalcy bias which enables them from accepting the fact that someday a situation nearly unimaginable will happen if we continue to defy economic law.

The monetary reckoning we’re describing should not be interpreted as “dooms-dayish”. It should be viewed more as imminent than unusual. so let me explain.  It would be unusual that a society, or economy, continue along as normal while simultaneously compiling mountains of debt and deficit in order to do so. Your neighbors on each side accept this normalcy because this form of “mortgaging the future for a better life today” has lasted their entire lifetime.

Why can’t perpetual borrowing lead to never-ending economic normalcy?

Most of you reading this are not happy with today’s governmental  leadership. You often ask why it is that the majority continue to elect leadership that allows the government to expand, not to mention infringe, into the very freedoms this country is founded. The answer is describable with one easy word, APPEASEMENT.

The same reason your hunk of gold or silver hasn’t risen is the same reason failed leadership is reelected. Politicians have figured out that a simulated state of economic normalcy will appease the people just to the point of complacency. This is why our national debt rises to historic highs and the same reason why we as a people allow a congress to borrow $.43 of every dollar allocated and spent.

The world is aligning into a new age, and this tension is growing obvious. A global economy based on a USD (US Dollar) reserve currency has never been in question as it is as you read this. The tension stems from countries heavily invested in our currency, thanks to decades of buying revolving debt, yet angry that only one country can print USD. The tension increases when we consider the economic instability of the same debt-holding countries that rely on a strong US economy.

Today’s tension will eventually lead to economic pain. Again, it would be unusual if it didn’t. As countries around this spinning globe retract from a USD acceptance, so will a US life of normalcy. Ordinary folks will question failed leadership and monetary over indulgence and this will not bode well for the political status quo. The pain will cause nearly all to question “why” on every level of what not long ago was normal, both politically and economically speaking.

This awakening is imminent but timing such an era is impossible. Until this day the value of silver or gold will elude most and rising prices shouldn’t be expected. The true reward for your prudence will come only after the world awakens from normalcy bias, and they will!

QUESTION: DC, are you okay? Haven’t heard much from TPS in awhile!!!

TPS Reply: I’m fine…… but thanks for asking. Like most of you, I’m, too, very busy with raising a family and running business. I one day looked at TPS and realized precious metal was on hiatus and honestly this site now has the unbiased information someone needs to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy physical metal.

I have plans to update TPS more often but until PMs break from hiatus neither will I. Thanks for asking, and the concern of many readers.

QUESTION: I am very appreciative of TPS and the information you provide, thank you. My husband and I often discuss how things have changed in our lifetime (both good and not so good) wondering how life for our grandchildren will be influenced by today’s misgivings? We both vividly recall our parents describing the pains of the Great Depression and worry that society has forgotten how quickly wealth can disappear. We own physical PM and have for years. We don’t own PM to get rich but in hopes of providing economic stability for our family long after we’re gone. Just wanted to share this with you and your readers.

TPS Reply: Thank you for sharing, and you’re welcome. I love to hear from our readers, like you, who share great concern for this great country. You mentioned something that made me really think with how quickly wealth can disappear and how today’s society has forgotten the pain, both monetarily and socially. It’s sobering how quickly paper wealth can vanish and it’s unfortunate how few understand the benefit of owning, or storing, some wealth in physical PM.

I also agree with your motivation to preserve family wealth over riches. It is important that each of us educate our youth on the difference between real money and fiat currency. As you know, what most call money today is intrinsically valueless and only holds value thanks to other people’s faith. As the faith diminishes so will a currency’s value and worth. At such time physical metal will shine as a safe store of value and this will lead to a PM scramble.

By the way, I hope you and all readers are following the recent news event of found gold treasure. It appears some lucky soul in Northern California unearthed several million dollars in gold bullion and rare coins. The value is speculative, but my research shows a melt value over $2 million and a collector value nearly $10 million. Now, here is what interests me. The backstory has gone completely missed by today’s overzealous media.

At the time this stack of gold was buried our monetary system was on a gold standard. This meant a twenty-dollar bill, or any bill, was exchangeable for the same dollar value in physical gold (twenty-dollar bill for a $20 gold piece). These days are long gone and we all know that a twenty-dollar gold coin is worth many times more than face value. But here is where it gets interesting. What if the party who hid this treasure would have put dollars into the cans, not gold coins? It is estimated that the value of the gold at time of burial was around $27,000. If in dollars, the unearthed value today of $27,000 is only a fraction of the long-term value of gold. Think of it, $2,000,000 in gold compared to $27,000 in USD?

One day your family will be very appreciative of your insightful thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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A few events are forever etched in our minds, literally. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, claims the reason some memories “stick” and some don’t is simple. Even the brain finds a few events so worthy of record that the mind actually strikes a deeper line in the brain.

Mr. Medina is also quick to point out another fascinating mind nugget. If not for the ability to instantly forget most information….. we will die, within days in fact. Honestly, I can’t deny or verify what this professor of bioengineering claims as factual. What I can say without doubt; I will always and forever recall the moment I decided to buy gold over a decade ago.

Before we dive in today, the Q & A section is all about dealing with PM (precious metal) crooks, be sure to catch it.

Every once in a while someone emails or calls TPS (The Prospector Site) looking to argue precious metal. They usually hangup thinking, “Gosh, this guy doesn’t know much about physical silver/gold for a bestselling precious metal author?” So be it. My goal is not to argue the worthiness of PM for those not ready to own silver or gold.

If I have to convince someone to buy they’ll like me less the first time silver or gold turns south. Before a person is ready to own PM they must first reach a point of realization. Maybe realization is the wrong word, maybe acceptance is better. Regardless, the old way of saving, investing and entrusting your wealth to someone else is over, period.

Until then silver and gold appear just as “risky” as a credit default swap or a Bernanke promise.

Politicians, corporate executives, and media pundits can drum recovery and economic stability but only the most hopeful continue to believe what PM faithful have know for some time. Each new day is another one closer to the demise of a fiat reserve currency. Your decision to own physical metal is a de facto admission of the dollar’s eminent demise; welcome aboard.

This liberation goes beyond silver and gold. My acceptance of monetary truth changed my perception in more ways than space. I found satisfaction beyond things driven by debt or greed. I found myself questioning everything, even to the point of questioning my faith. After all, it’s only after questioning what others blindly accept we learn, and then grow wiser.

Trading dollars for PM goes far beyond investing in the typical sense. Trading dollars for sound money offers savers the ability to grow wealth beyond the risk of confiscation that fills today’s evening news. Pension funds, retirement accounts, bonds, stocks, and real estate can’t offer the same peace of mind. Not that the aforementioned are bad investments, just not protected in this cannibalistic age of taxation and confiscation.

My Prospector Site email blew up Sunday as rumors of Cyprus bank runs filled my smartphone. Someday all bank accounts will face similar capital control challenges from central banks and/or government.  At such a time, you too will remember when and why you decided to buy physical silver/ gold.


QUESTION:  For your information, XWZ Corp (edited) is a con artist willing to sell old folks like me overpriced gold coins. Its been over two years and the coins are worth half of what we paid. A local coin dealer appraised the coins so I know what they’re worth……HALF, OR LESS. Something must stop the con artists in the bullion business!!!!!! (EDITED, A LOT)

TPS Reply:  First let me say how sorry I am.  You’re right, it sounds like you paid far over market for the nine rare coins we discussed during our phone consultation.  This deceptive practice is unconscionable – but I hear stories like yours far too often.  If I were in your position, I’d safely store the coins away knowing someday soon the PM market will, in all likelihood, surpass this over-market premium you paid. I realize this doesn’t help much but it’s not a loss unless you decide to sell short.

NOTE:  I spent at least an hour with this client and, honestly, the situation is not fixable; but due diligence could have saved a lot of hardship.  People are afraid like never in my lifetime. They hear about bank holidays (Cyprus), they see inflation stealing more from a fixed income, and then they hear some advertiser promoting gold as the answer to everything economically wrong. This, my friends, is when the trouble begins.

Now, let’s focus on how this never happens to you or anyone you know. Since I don’t sell PM let me first say the metal this author recommends exposes a PM crook in less than 30 seconds. Precious metal sellers can only take advantage of those lacking PM knowledge, this excludes you.  The majority of PM victims do not know what they’re buying; they just know it’s made from silver/gold. Buying any silver or gold is not good enough; we must put the “right” metal in your safekeeping….soon.

If you truly feel the need to trade dollars for PM but are not 100% confident in the process, then call or email me. I represent you the buyer, never the PM dealer, broker or seller. I don’t charge a percentage; regardless if you buy all the gold stored in Fort Knox or one silver ounce, it makes no monetary difference to me. I charge according to how much time it takes me to find and secure the right metal FOR YOU, I receive zero compensation from the seller.

Locating the right metal for a customer sometimes takes less than an hour, in many cases, or it could take a little longer. Regardless, you’re only charged for the time it takes according to your situation, no surprises. It is not unusual for my fee to total a $100 – $200 (is $100 too much for the peace of mind knowing you’re PM protected with the right metal AND at the best price possible?). It’s time we bring integrity back into the PM market and this is exactly what I intend to do. Contact me here for more information.

QUESTION: I just don’t understand, gold doesn’t pay a dividend or interest, correct? It rests in a vault, in a secret location, all while protected by the best security possible. Wouldn’t you agree that the only thing physical PMs can offer is the chance of appreciation?

TPS Reply: Thanks for the comment and questions. You are correct in regard to gold’s inability to pay interest, it typically does not. Respectfully, I 100% disagree that the only thing physical PM can offer is the chance of appreciation. Gold and silver equal money, everything else we typically call money is currency. Please stop thinking like an investor, think like an innovator (innovators are willing to change).

It’s time the PM skeptical face a few facts. Investors (savers) are long for the slaughter and Cyprus is proof. Eventually the entitled of the world will far outnumber the savers (depositors, pension holders; all investors with exposed wealth). At such a time, the entitled (impoverished) will not only condone new taxation and wealth confiscation – THEY WILL DEMAND IT.

The world’s stockholders fail to compare their risk to a Cyprus depositor (by the way, depositors in Cyprus are under capital controls by way of a bank holiday). A typically safe storage of wealth can no longer keep pace with inflation (certificates of deposit, money markets, savings accounts), they no longer pay a reasonable rate of return.

Even ultra-conservative investors now turn to stocks in order to preserve wealth; this is why the DJIA is at a new high. Someday soon the entitled of the world (impoverished) will far outnumber those holding wealth in stocks. At such a time, ones depending on entitlement will not only support new taxation – they will demand it. Remember, giants rarely die suddenly; they starve slowly but only after total consumption.

How can you or any other stock investor honestly believe your wealth glowing on Wall Street will not fall under confiscation, capital controls or painful levels of new taxation?

This is what happens when currencies die and governments lose power; this is what divides nations, states, communities, churches, and families, too. Thinking like an investor in an age of wealth confiscation is nothing short of dangerous. My advice is to transfer some wealth, if not most, into something less vulnerable to taxation and confiscation. Physical silver and gold are part of the few safe havens outside the banking/ investment system.

We’re past the point of arguing if silver or gold are worthy investments. The only questions left: how quickly can you turn dollars to PM, what to buy, from whom, and at least three safeguards for PM storage. Time will validate the aforementioned.

 QUESTION:  Just paid slightly over $33 per coin from an online PM broker. I’m seriously considering buying more silver but questioning if the price is fair? Thank you.

TPS Reply: Congrats to you for practicing such prudence; I just paid close to the same per ounce price. Now, I have a question or two for you. Do your coins contain one ounce of silver, many do not? Do you know the difference? Please contact me immediately if you don’t.

My suggestion is to view silver like a typical bank savings account. Most Americans no longer save; they spend every dime that comes in – plus some.

Using PM as a savings offers two huge benefits. One, it’s far more difficult to impulsively spend a savings in PM. Two, a savings in PM will rise beyond the imagination of even the most optimistic PM holder (my opinion, use due diligence). We’re living what history will someday describe as the largest monetary shakeup of mankind. The fiat currency experiment has reached the boiling point. Thanks for the question.


The most powerful man in the world is not a politician, not significantly wealthy….. yet rather mysterious to most folks obliviously wondering through life. His name is Ben Bernanke and it is certainly in your best interest to understand how his influence will directly affect your future. He is the most powerful man on earth and starting today we will feature a “Bernanke Watch” in each TPS post.

There is no doubt FED Chief Bernanke is a very smart man. His words are purposely patterned to instill monetary confidence and, unfortunately, monetary confusion. The trouble within our global economy is not Mr. Bernanke’s fault. Bernanke is nothing more than a very significant snapshot in time now controlling the most powerful, yet most secretive, monetary entity on earth.

In the above video Bernanke defends the FEDS actions with six powerful words. He said, “…..never lost a penny doing it. It is imperative to understand that it’s impossible for the FED to lose dollars. They are the only entity in the world that can create unlimited amounts of dollars from thin air. Today’s era of no restraint allows the FED to create dollars, secretly, and obviously accountable to no one (according to the above video).

Don’t miss our next Bernanke Watch when we discuss exactly how the FED not only influences the DJIA but controls it too.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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Buying physical silver or gold is easy these days. Unfortunately, finding more PM (precious metal) in the future will become increasingly difficult, but possible. I don’t have a crystal ball, what I do have is an ability to understand what motivates folks to seek monetary protection….. and what doesn’t. Silver, especially silver, is the metal to watch as more folks realize a rising DJIA and housing market is nothing more than a temporary spike spurred from piles of fiat currency. Use ounces of gold to determine true value and it’s obvious neither the DOW nor real estate should be viewed with optimism. 

The coming age of second hand silver, or gold for big spenders, is smoke on the horizon. Record setting silver sales over the last couple months prove our world thirsts for tangibility in an age of digital promises. Please prepare to say goodbye to “on demand” physical silver or gold.

Today, the price for an ounce of physical silver adds a 10 -12% premiums (minimum) over spot or paper metal. A hunk of real tangible silver, aka money, sells for $32.50 an ounce as I click away this beautiful March 2013 morning. Even though greatly discounted compared to previous offerings, a silver buyer today can find a boatload of options . Buying second hand silver is not necessary, not yet.

Caliber 223 ammunition may offer a not so distant glimpse into silver’s future; just months ago, rounds of 223 ammo filled shelves all while reasonably priced – not cheap, but reasonable. Today sporting shelves collect dust where 223 rounds once rested. Oh, don’t get me wrong; 223 ammo is available but predominantly sells on the secondary market. Did I mention 223 ammo costs have tripled in 2013 alone?

This run on ammo is not by duress. I know of no city street’s burning, no riots, and no other out of the ordinary civil unrest here in the United States. The run on 223 ammo is on red alert because our liberties are under full assault. Caliber 223 ammo is nothing more than a 17th century pitchfork revolution.

This article’s primary focus is second hand silver, I don’t want to lose focus here. We can safely compare silver’s future demand on a monetary loss of liberty….that’s fair. But the point I truly want to make is how such an era of increasing silver demand will influence who and how we buy physical PM.

Some of today’s precious metal experts are misled, respectively. Silver sales will not cease when demand greatly outpaces output; there will always be someone holding silver who’s afraid it has peaked and therefor willing to take profit. Simultaneously, there will be buyers who believe silver will continue to climb…..no matter how many hundreds or thousands of dollars per ounce. The only difference in tomorrow’s silver world compared to todays is a SECOND HAND premium…..just like 223 ammo in a Obama second-term world.

Ammo prices in popular calibers have steadied. This means demand, price, and availability have found an equilibrium. But this lull provides a far greater indicator. It means ammo is to the point unaffordable for many, maybe most. Future physical silver wannabes will face the same fiscal fate.

We are reaching a point when everyone will “want” hard assets and sound money. But just like the 1000 rounds of 223 ammo for sale on gunbroker.com, only a few can justify or afford the second hand market.

QUESTION: Can you compare a currency like Bitcoins to silver or gold? Are they as good investment as precious metals?

TPS Reply:  Thanks for sending over a couple of great questions. BTC is a virtual currency completely independent from a banking system or government. I’ve watched Bitcoins since March of 2011 with great interest. It amazes me how BTCs have appreciated when you consider this currency is nonexistent and attached to no commodity.

The creation of a currency….. like BTC, is only possible because of technology. The advancement of a currency like BTC is only possible when citizens revolt against the merger of government and banking to create a means of wealth preservation. No government can control a virtual currency, bitcoins have no physical corporate location.

What governments can do is tax profit and income. This is when and where competing currencies, like BTC, will conflict with an overreaching gov’t hellbent on more taxation. It is very possible a currency like BTC could be the precious metal of the virtual world, time will tell.

Now, to your questions; are BTCs a good investment? Below is a chart that goes beyond the need for explanation. Will such BTC appreciation continue? I have no idea but I do recommend using due diligence; no appreciating asset is reason alone to invest. If I were to buy BTC, here are the questions I’d ask beforehand.

1.  What or who controls BTC output (creation)?

2.  Is my BTC investment protected by way of discretion?


Below is a chart comparing Bitcoins to gold, not dollars – thanks to our friends over at www.pricedingold.


COMMENTS: TPS (The Prospector Site) received several comments regarding our last post, The MONEY CURE. First, thank you for commenting. Secondly, thanks for forwarding TPS over to friends, enemies, and everyone in between. Keep sending over your comments and questions since many are not only finding their way to this site but also mentioned in an upcoming book (never a name attached to a comment or question).


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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Isn’t it fun to spend money? I love to watch advertisers flirt with our pocketbooks this time of year just before Thanksgiving. You have to admit, their ads are catchy as actors smile over a new car tempting the rest of us why we deserve one too. The question I want to ask readers today is can advertisers trick us one last year? Is this the year we, collectively, say enough is enough by no longer willing to exchange debt for the illusion of fulfillment and happiness? I have my doubts.

I have a confession, I’ve yet to participate in Black Friday shopping….but this year is different. My wife convinced me to travel to our nearest big city, and then bite and crawl our way to a bargain we don’t really need. The only consolation is we have earned the right to participate in such mayhem. We have a savings of gold, savings of silver, and a level of debt that can never control or compromise what we have worked hard to amass. The same cannot be said for the other 99% shopping.

This holiday season’s success hinges on a economy that still stands only because of a government’s willingness to replace capitalism with fascism. Does this last sentence sound harsh? Fascism is nothing more than a corporate /government merger. This merger is the only thing holding the illusion of recovery, and Black Friday, together one more year.

You, nor I, can control a Congress unwilling to accept the defeat of a failed fiat currency. What we can control, or refuse to accept, is a belief that society can continue to move forward in a harmonious fashion while the walls of debt constrict around us.

The longer I write for TPS the more I’m convinced that most folks refuse to accept America’s peril because they have no clue how to protect themselves. They still believe the US Dollar is money, college education equals a good job, and their pension will be there when needed.

These same folks cannot explain why gold & silver climb. They refuse to admit the undeniable and willingly accept a reason to celebrate days like Black Friday by compromising the ability to think for themselves. They lack the ability to self educate, they accept fake money and, worse yet, they accept more government as the answer.

For them, silver and gold are a million miles away. We accept an economy dependent on spending, and Black Friday, because we no longer understand a true working economy. We accept an economy dependent on spending because we lack the education and common sense that will no longer accept such monetary bigotry.

This is why so many will stand in line to buy worthless items made from afar but not own one single ounce of gold.

A country willing to believe in fake money and a fake economy will willingly accept the loss of liberties and freedoms. What choice will they have without the ability to think for themselves or understand real assets like silver and gold?

I’m sorry to sound pessimistic, really. My goal is to motivate each of you, without bias, to individually research why silver and gold will go higher in the very near future. The motivation to own physical PM (precious metal) need not come from fear, uncertainty, or anything other than a true understanding of real money and then the willingness to react accordingly.

QUESTION:  TPS – Thanks for the great site.  I made my first PM purchase 2 1/2 years ago through a self-directed IRA buying some gold and some silver.  Because the metals are held in an IRA, I was not able to take delivery of them.  They are stored in the Delaware Depository.  Sterling Trust is my agent/broker who put this deal together.  I have never received anything from the Delaware Depository saying my PMs are there although I do get quarterly statements from Sterling Trust which accurately reflect the value of my PMs.  

What can I do to satisfy myself that my PMs are safely there?  Additionally, I turn 59 1/2 in March of next year at which time I could liquidate my IRA without penalty and then take physical delivery of the PMs.  Are you familiar with Sterling Trust and the Delaware Depository and do you feel these are safe places to do business with?  I would deeply appreciate your recommendations.

TPS Reply: Great move with the self-directed IRA. I’m guessing you’ve realized a 40% return on gold and close to a 100% return on silver, good for you. We are now living in an age where all things real must be questioned regardless how large the entrusted institution or depository. Sterling Trust appears solid and I’ve not heard anything that leads me to question their reputation. The problem is many trusted advisers, agents and brokers are only as good as the institutions who hold the wealth, and I’m not just talking PMs. Look at MF Global as a perfect example.

I don’t give pinpoint financial advice but will tell all readers what I would do if in your shoes. I would liquidate, in March, and then take physical ownership of my metal (just as you mention). I would start the process now by making calls or emails asking for the exact procedure to take physical delivery so no one is surprised come March 2013.

I doubt a company like Sterling Trust will risk their reputation unless Delaware Depository is worthy as a PM depositor. I think it’s good for you to question but I also think you have little to worry about. Regardless, taking possession puts you one step closer to where all physical precious metal holders should be. Thanks for the great question and drop me an email in March so we can both celebrate your efforts.


QUESTION:  I just had a thought recently about joining one of the several Gold Prospecting clubs here in CO to go look for gold myself.  Do you have any experience with clubs such as this and what are your thoughts on this activity?

 Hope you are well – Happy Thanksgiving.

TPS Reply:  I’m great, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all TPS readers. You must be reading my mind since I have toyed with the prospect of prospecting. I know little about such a venture but the thought of digging gold from the earth or stream is every man’s desire and every boy’s dream. I do receive calls from prospectors from time to time asking my opinion on future gold but most are extremely secretive on location (one actually asked to keep the conversation short since he was sure my phone is monitored by Big Gov’t), oh boy.

Prospecting gold is the ultimate definition of “untraceable” precious metal. States like Colorado (as you mention), Nevada, California, Wyoming and Montana have a deep history of gold prospecting and I have no doubt more gold is findable since the gold rush days. Streams change, rivers recourse, and the only constant is a growing value of silver and gold. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend to me so good luck and happy prospecting.


QUESTION:  Shopping for Christmas and considering PM as gifts. Any ideas?

TPS Reply: Yes, and thanks for asking because I meant to bring this up. Silver bullion, rounds and bars make perfect Christmas gifts but I do have a suggestion or two. Don’t spend your cash on collector coins nicely boxed unless this is something a person really has asked for. Collector coins, proofs, carry a substantial premium over spot and to be honest I don’t think they are worth what most are paying.

Your local coin shop is a perfect place to find low premium silver and they can help with a coin protector to boot. Oh, this year could be different but last year we realized a significant drop in PMs at year’s end. Might be worth waiting a few weeks to see if PM prices do the same in 2012. Thanks for the question, and reading TPS.


DC Carlton is the founder of The Prospector Site and author of Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.





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Every four years something amazing takes place for the entire world to see. This event dates back to ancient Greece and by now you may have guessed it as the Olympic Games. On July 27, 2012 athletes will begin competition to find out who is first, second, and third best in their particular event. Once determined, the best will step onto a platform while their country’s flag backdrops into a period in time no athlete will forget. Now, I want you to imagine something weird at this point. Imagine not metals of gold, silver, or bronze. Imagine ribbon like awards made from the dollar, yuan, and euro.

Doesn’t it sound silly to imagine a proud Olympic champion sporting around a dollar ribbon as first prize? Can you imagine a champion’s homecoming as they parade by a cheering crowd so proud of their winner’s feat, all while wearing a reward made of fiat currency?

If this scenario sounds silly then I want to ask each reader one question. Is this as silly as a society saving, working, or investing for the same fiat reward?

The inevitable return to gold will happen by choice or natural monetary forces. We will look back at the last few decades of credit expansion (borrowed or created currency) and see all wealth derived from such a period as futile.

But like a 4-year-old being told the party must end, we too must accept a lifestyle and society built on easy credit must also come to a sobering end. This is not easy for some, in fact, this is unimaginable for most.

In a moment I will offer a dialogue from the world’s most significant power on this universe. Mr. Bernanke recently went on a movie premiere type campaign attempting to trump the dollar and down play gold. To me, this academic appears misinformed if he truly believes central banks have the power to control the inevitable return to gold.

NEW YORK TIMES: WASHINGTON March 20, 2012 The Federal Reserve’s chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, spent the better part of an hour Tuesday afternoon carefully explaining to a class of college students why the United States abandoned the gold standard in the 1930s.

Tying the supply of money to the supply of a precious metal limits a government’s ability to address economic problems, Mr. Bernanke explained.

The problem with such a standard, Mr. Bernanke explained, is that it limits the ability of government to address economic problems by adjusting the amount of money circulating in the economy. Proponents see this as an advantage, because they believe that policy makers will do more harm than good, in part by making decisions that prioritize short-term benefits over longer-term costs.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear lectures from him,” said Noah Wiviott, 21, of New Jersey. “He clearly knows what he’s talking about.” Here.

PROSPECTOR: I, like many of you, have been in private business my adult life. I can honestly say central bankers crawl from Federal Reserve holes only when things are dire. The fact Bernanke spoke to 30 future academics validates his need to promote monetary control. He is not in control, not when more Americans than ever before live off federal food stamp programs and not in control as 12 million homeowners face some form of mortgage distress.

If you are part of the tiny few invested in physical silver or gold please think about this. You are now part of an individual gold standard. Even though you can’t control central bankers, even though you can’t control leaders still steadfast to “invest” more currency, you can take monetary control on an individual level.

Not one realistic minded person will believe an economy 70% based on consumerism is sustainable. This sustainability really takes a downward turn when we consider how credit expansion has tightened like a 1965 Cleveland Brown lineman.

Mr. Bernanke knows the return to gold has nothing to do with world gold inventories. Bernanke knows the return to gold not only proves his job as much less needed but less relevant. Academics always stumble when theory gets clubbed over the head with reality.

Trillions of borrowed dollars from now, all will see the inevitable return to gold.


Question: Forgive me since I am new to precious metals yet beginning to see the necessity of protecting myself from out of control spending. Two questions if I may. Which metal (silver or gold) has the most long-term potential? Secondly, do you see investment benefits in buying from one country over another?

PROSPECTOR REPLY: Thanks for the questions and welcome to the protective world of PM. Your first question is one we hear often from those testing PM waters. Picking the “best” metal isn’t the question as much as picking the best form of metal. Let me explain. I believe both silver and gold should be part of everyone’s wealth program.

Starting with silver allows “Newbies” to make a soft entry into the world of PM without spending too much currency. I encourage folks to work their way into gold as they become confident and comfortable moving into higher priced metal.

Regardless of metal, if your plan is to sustain wealth through PM then buy low premium silver and gold most typically found in bullion coins, bars, and rounds. One reader not long ago reminded me of bags of junk silver as a good low premium silver source.

Now to your second question, I don’t view silver or gold as an investment. I view silver and gold as a savings in real money by using PM as a hedge against the recklessness you alluded to. Most investors judge wealth by growth in currency, I don’t. I judge value by comparing an asset to gold. Traditional assets like housing, stocks, etc have greatly declined when compared to gold (even though some have grown in currency value).

We hear from readers all across the world and all have the same concerns as you. Gold and silver are just that regardless where you live or invest. This is why we refer to PM as the one universal currency. Soon the entire world will view PM as necessary; this will test the resolve of a very limited supply of real money, regardless where you call home.


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Here at The Prospector Site we take a non-typical approach to PM (precious metals). Our approach goes beyond asking if silver or gold will rise, our approach promotes an understanding of what influences PM to rise. Today’s news offers a perfect example of such an influence and I want to share it with our readers. I’ll try to keep it short, and simple, since we have lengthy comments and questions.

In typical fashion, I want to pull a news headline as one of many examples why PM will increase. If you’re one of the millions watching PM from the bleachers please pay close attention.

CNBC: Student Loans: The Next Bailout? ($1 trillion & rising)

Here’s what we do know about student loan debt: it’s roughly $1 trillion in size, greater than either auto or credit-card debt and second only to mortgage debt in the U.S.

Borrowers in their 30s today owe $28,500, on average. The debt burden has soared just as — and partly because — the recession hit, so younger graduates carrying the highest balances are hit with the double whammy of a weak job market (that still isn’t showing any sign of rapid improvement).

Not surprisingly, young, heavily indebted grads are calling for forgiveness in full or in part of their student loan burdens. Petitions on advocacy website Change.org include calls for federal student loan interest rates to be capped at 3 percent or eliminated altogether. (Indeed, President Obama is currently among those urging Congress not to allow the interest rate on federally subsidized Stafford loans, which are aimed at low — and middle-class borrowers, to double to 6.8 percent on July 1, matching the rate for unsubsidized loans.)

Levying an “education tax,” making college free and assigning students to institutions based on a lottery system? Abolishing “college” altogether for more specialized trade institutions instead, while at the same time requiring a “gap year” of liberal arts prior to entry? Offering high-school grads the choice between student loans or business loans to fund new ventures? These all seem ridiculous, but then so too is our current state of affairs. Read more here.

PROSPECTOR: I am willing to bet a bullion ounce of gold that student loans join the bailout list! My interest is to not argue bailouts or “education tax”, my opinion only relates to how this affects your hard-earned stash of silver and gold.

Let’s answer why this is so very significant now. This bailout is eminent, and planned for. The US government took over student loans early 2011 knowing this insurmountable debt wave is crashing.  The question if it’s politically motivated is one I’ll pass to you. Again, my motivation goes no further than a PM observation.

Let’s look at how such a bailout affects silver and gold since I see two major influences. We know for sure that a rising national debt also raises gold prices (both are now in lockstep, see chart below). A trillion plus of student loan debt will push our current debt ceiling beyond congressional approval. This means more room necessary for student loan debt.

Secondly, the trial balloons are afloat for all to see. College education is the next health care type government absorption, I see no way politicians will let education sink. This means more taxation for those willing to get out of bed and work, how can it not? The question is how will more taxation affect PM?

Political forces realize taxation increases must accompany creating more national debt (deficit borrowing). But economists know too much taxation stimulates an internal urge to protect individual wealth. This is why good folks in Europe are using silver and gold as savings type accounts. This trickle up taxation (inflation) will ultimately apply pressure to a very limited supply of physical silver and gold.

Not one realistic mind expects government to spend within budget, they never have. A “coming soon” taxpayer-funded fuel for education will certainly be no different. Please add student loan bailouts and eventual government sponsored education to the growing list pushing silver & gold higher.

If you have an interest in WHY SILVER & GOLD WILL GO HIGHER please read closely. I’M LOOKING FOR A FEW READERS WILLING TO READ THE BOOK AND THEN COMMENT/REVIEW (your identity protected, of course). Contact me here if interested or if you have questions, thanks for those who have responded.


COMMENT: I just happened to stumble across your site today and, since I recently decided to take the plunge into buying physical PMs, I’m finding your site very informative and helpful.

I must say, that the global economy has recently become a very scary place for me.  Until the past few weeks, I hadn’t even been aware that the situation was so dire.

However, I happened to stumble across an article about how crazy insane our country’s debt was and it propelled me to start investigating how such a thing was possible.

In short, I’ve been educating myself over the past few weeks about fiat currency, inflation and monetizing our debt.  The information I’ve gathered has ranged from wildly optimistic that our economy is in recovery to doom and gloom.

I’m trying not to let emotion and hysteria overwhelm me.  Fortunately, I had enough put by to pay off all my debt, including my house and vehicle and still have money to invest in.  At this point, I’m highly uncertain about getting into the market but have started to purchase physical gold and silver.

I haven’t purchased very much yet but this site makes me feel a little better that I have taken a good step in the right direction in protecting myself in, what seems to me, a very unstable and scary world.

I appreciate you for taking the time to give sound advice to novices, such as myself, and will make sure to visit your site everyday and keep on educating myself.

Thanks so much for what you do.

PROSPECTOR: Thank you for the nice email and taking the time to comment.  In my opinion, you are the new precious metal face. You’re no longer accepting more borrowing fixes a debt problem, no longer willing to believe the nonsensical. Congrats to you. I love your point to “keep on educating myself” since this is the key to understanding and then entrusting PM.

Each reader holds the one piece to the puzzle layered in emotion. Although I’m confident PM will rise, the one missing link is the emotional trigger each of you holds. You, by your comment, have reached the triggering point and now ready to investigate a nontraditional monetary approach. Timing this revelation is impossible.

You have come a long way in just a few weeks so keep up the good work.


I want to hold the other comments and questions until Monday to make room for this interesting gold related article, sorry. It is definitely worth reading especially for those interested in rising metal prices.

Harvey Organ: Get Physical Gold & Silver!

CHRIS MARTENSON.COM: Harvey Organ has been analyzing the bullion markets closely for decades. The quality and accuracy of his work is respected enough to have earned him an invitation to testify before the CFTC on position limits for precious metals back in 2010

These guys would go around to the mining companies and say, “Listen, I’m going to pay you for your gold in the ground and I will sell it. You just pay me as you bring it out.” So that was cheap financing to the miners. Barrick, the biggest mining company of them all, went in on this and it financed a lot of Nevada projects.

So right now, people are going to say: how high can it go? And I’m going to tell you: you are going to go to sleep on Thursday night and gold may be $1,670. And then you wake up the next day and it’s going to be a banking holiday. And gold will be $3,000 bid, no offer. No offer — and it will be a banking holiday. Because there will be a failure to deliver.

You’ve got to have physical coins or bars. If all you have is a piece of paper — that’s all it is!  It will just blow up in smoke. Read more here.

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One of our goals at www.theprospectorsite.com is provide facts & benefits of metal ownership all while leaving emotion at the front door.  Sometimes keeping emotions out of the decision-making process is difficult. I think back of a football coach motivating his team just before a big game.  The coach doesn’t motivate his team for battle by reiterating football fundamentals.  He motivates his team by selling the personal positive results that will last a player a lifetime.  But just like all things in life it’s up to the player (you) to accomplish victory.  Trading dollars for gold is no different.

Buying gold and silver is emotional. I recall my first few purchases and still remember the butterflies as I wired money off into cyberspace all while hoping my metal reached me.  Even now when gold is having a bad dollar day it affects my emotions even though I know the real value in gold is not about dollars but buying power.  Nevertheless, emotions are real and emotions will affect the price of gold over the next weeks, months, and years.

Last weekend I listened as a local bank employee told me how her 401k has taken a beating of late. She didn’t smile as she told of loss even though she joked it off and into another conversation.  Folks I’m here to tell you there are real emotions that come with losing hard-earned money.  Real emotions when realizing your life savings in your home is now worth less than half and declining more.  Real emotions when the guy in the office next to yours packs twenty years of family pictures into a box.  Real emotions when your child can’t find a job after working their butt off at college.

Most folks that suffer today played by traditional rules all while playing fair. The same people realize their lifelong plans are not only not working they are falling apart.  This isn’t my emotions speaking but fact proven by shuttered businesses, foreclosures, and bankrupt cities.  As I’m writing this Fed Chief Bernanke is telling the world our economy is close to faltering yet leaving the impression of control.  Now let me ask you a question.  Do you really believe Mr. Bernanke is free to discuss the true magnitude of our economic situation when we are on the heels of a presidential election?  At what point did America need economic experts to tell us what we already know?

Make no mistake about it one of the key drivers of gold will be emotion.  Fear of wealth loss, fear of failure, fear of destitution. Just in case any of us have forgotten here are the facts.  The result of massive debt, deficits, and fiat currency will create an expansion into precious metal.  If this doesn’t happen it will be the first time in history a society printed itself into prosperity.  If you truly want to invest in metal based on facts (not emotions) than there they are.  No political distortion, no Wall Street derivative, no precious metal sales pitch, just facts.  Those invested in anything holding value in the dollar, euro, yuan, yen, pound, etc will experience a major decline in net worth as the facts show.


QUESTION:  I read your site and it makes sense but at the same time I watch gold dropping too.  I am afraid of losing money in gold so why is it different?

ANSWER: The media has been quick to mention how gold has declined lately but this clouds the facts.  The fact is gold is up nearly 20% (dollars) so far this year. But the real question, what is gold doing in buying power compared to things like the Dow, real estate, oil, etc?  The fact is gold’s buying power as it relates to other assets is growing at a historical rate.  Here is how this works.  The Dow to Gold ratio at the beginning of 2011 was 8.32 to 1 ounce of gold.  Today the Down to Gold ratio is 6.53 to 1 ounce of gold.  Gold’s buying power as it relates to the Dow has increased by nearly 28%.  This means now it takes six ounces of gold to buy what eight used to at least as it relates to the Dow Jones. Very important you understand the value of gold (as it relates to other assets) beyond dollars.

QUESTION:  I have heard many say gold is in a bubble just like we saw in real estate.  Why should I expose my money to gold when it’s following so many other assets into bubble territory…..?

ANSWER: Good question so lets break it down.  Gold is a transport of wealth.  This means those smart enough to sell assets ( vacation home, travel trailers, some stocks, time share, etc) and place into gold will transport this wealth through economic troubled waters.  But like anything that transports there will come a time to depart from gold and move on or wind up where you started.  At this time assets like stocks, real estate, and nearly everything else will be on sale, really on sale!!  Gold, way down the road, will bubble as trillions of dollars chase the only safe haven driving the price far above its actual value.

This asset cycle will repeat itself as new money flows back into discounted assets, like real estate, and flows out of gold and silver.  Considering less than 2% of the world’s wealth is in gold I would say a bubble is a long way off.

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The news media has finally realized what gold owners have said for some time now. The recovery of 2011 is turning into nothing more than a trillion-dollar band-aide wearing off faster than face paint on a three-year old.  As hard as governments try they can’t put this economy back together but when all you know to do is “invest” by creating more debt than more debt it is.  Today we look at why gold will only go higher and for those still on the fence let me say no longer is gold just a hedge or an investment.  Gold is slowly becoming a necessity for economic survival.

Jeff Clark with Big Gold said something over the last day or so that was so profound I had to read it several times. Mr. Clark is dead on when he said gold is no longer an asset that experts can argue over.  Gold is no longer just an investment investors can argue over.  Gold is now a currency just like dollars, yuan, yen, euro, etc but this currency, gold that is, rockets up in value while other currencies race for the bottom.  Mr. Clark, I congratulate you on this keen observation.

Yesterday I heard at least three financial advisers say the stock market should no longer be a source for long-term investing. Not one media host questioned this statement but I wanted to say, “Great, millions of loyal workers have invested a percentage of each paycheck for years only to hear experts say the market is a short-term gig?”  So where does this leave those loyal in retirement fund contributions?  Are these same financial advisers saying the market will turn up only to hear more bad news and then decline again repeating this over and over?  No wonder folks are running into gold, silver, and precious metal stocks.

Gold is going up for another reason and this reason penalizes those wanting to save.  As governments around the world empty economic caches in hopes of jump starting the economy it becomes more clear savers are the enemy.  Listen as world leaders talk of jump starting their economy by somehow getting you to spend even when it means borrowing to do it.  But gold is the opposite of spending since every dollar into gold is another dollar out of circulation.  Every dollar out of circulation ( in gold) is replaced with more printing so currency creation of some kind is the temporary fix.  This creation of fiat currency only drives down its own buying power causing devastation to those dependent on fiat money for survival.

Don’t you find it odd that world leaders aren’t asking folks to save at every chance to protect assets and retirement sources? I mean if we knew the next few years would bring major drought would our government tell us to water lawns and wash cars at will?  If we knew famine was in our future would leaders tell folks to eat hardy or ration food?  Then why is it economies around the world continue to grow government, print money, and encourage more debt if economic uncertainty is at hand?

Yes gold will continue to go up because it is slowly becoming one of only a few means to save, buy, and invest. Like the last spot of land in times of flood world wealth will continue to run to the high ground of gold until fiscal responsibility returns.  Until then gold will only go higher.


Why did TPS (The Prospector Site) stop posting Fair Prices of Gold & Silver?

Answer: For new readers our site used to finish each post with fair pricing of physical gold and silver assisting those looking to buy at fair market.  We took current pricing straight from online brokers to guarantee accuracy.  We are considering adding this feature back so watch for it in future posts.  We are introducing new features hoping to get your feedback on what readers want.  This site is entirely about you and the rest of our readers.

QUESTION:  Why hasn’t silver kept up with gold lately?

ANSWER: I think silver will come around soon but timing is tough to predict.  You should realize gold has big buyers like governments and central banks.  This helps push gold up and I have little doubt silver will find  gold’s draft.  I still buy silver in fact bought some this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to sign up for our weekly online newsletter here.

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As I sit down to post this our national debt has topped $14 trillion bucks.  Man that is a lot of zeros and the unfortunate thing is this debt is evenly spread among our families and future.  The important question is how does this growing debt play into the price of my favorite candy bar?  The feds are injecting billions of dollars into our economy in an attempt jump start our consumer based economy but is this stimulation simply driving up the cost of items your family uses daily?

The thinking of Uncle Ben and friends is that enough money enters the economy it will create a financial vacuum that will ultimately lead to you spending more hard earned money.  The risk to this is the more dollars floating around the less each one of your dollars is worth.  The less they are worth the more your local market charges you for the things needed.  So what can we do?

I THOUGHT “FIAT” WAS A CAR? Our dollars are part of a fiat currency which simply means it is not backed or based on gold or other assets.  Think of dollar bills like an IOU if you will.  This hasn’t always been the case, in fact our money used to be backed by a reserve of gold (think Fort Knox) but not now.  I apologize for the history lesson but stay with me because we will show why a small investment in gold/silver can protect your wealth.

The problem with mixing a fiat currency with politics is that it has never worked.  So many societies have tried this but the tendency is that when a leader sees his constituent base slipping away he is lead to spend money on the people.  The real problem is the money is not there so a switch is triggered to print more money all for the good of the people (in this case wall street, too big too fails, banks, investment houses).

WHAT ABOUT GOLD?   I thought you would never ask.  So how do assets like gold and silver help?  Gold/silver are money and have been for thousands of years.  It may seem weird to think of using a gold coin to buy your next purchase but it didn’t used to be.  It wasn’t that long ago that folks like us used gold/silver coins to make daily purchases as a normal way of life.  Paper money didn’t come around until recently (relative to time) and it’s design was to work as an IOU to gold/silver at least before things got all out of whack.  Think on this for a second.  We all agree that things have gone up in dollars but did you know that they have actual gone down in gold/silver value.   This means if several years ago you would have traded dollars for gold ( exactly like you are probably considering to do now) that the things you are currently purchasing would not have gone up at all.  Confused?  Read on.

HERE YOU ARE!!  I’m going to give you a gold coin.  Not really but for this example I will.  Now this gold coin is worth one dollar.  The value of the coin is one dollar and the value of a dollar is of course one buck.  Now we know that the dollar has gone down in value around 90% since we turned to a fiat currency and no one is arguing this fact.  By using our example, if I would have given you the same gold coin int the early seventies (start of the fiat system in the US) you would be very happy with me now.  In fact, if we took that same gold coin and cashed it in today we would get around $90 but just one dollar for the paper buck.  That means the coin would fetch 90 times the value of the dollar.  Wow too bad I didn’t give you a $100 bucks in gold ($9000 in today’s dollars).

What all this means to you is that exchanging dollars for gold/silver will preserve (lock in if you will) today’s value.  When folks ask if gold or silver will go up (we will be covering many posts on just this) my answer is they will hold purchasing power especially as dollars decline.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  My husband says that jewelry is not a good investment but I like to wear it.  Do you think jewelry should be considered an investment?

ANSWER:  Man I hope my wife doesn’t read this.  This is just my opinion but no matter how I answer at least one person will be mad at me but here it goes.  Gold and silver jewelry is a great investment.  Now before you max out the  Visa let me finish by saying that it’s not the best gold/silver investment.  Jewelry is a combination of art and precious metal.  That means you pay a premium for gold/silver because someone with more talent than me made something attractive out of metal.  Now go out and enjoy your jewelry but remember he works hard for the money.

TIP OF THE DAY:  The State of Utah is in the process of passing legislation making gold money again.  Can it be that far off until mainstream accepts gold/silver as money everywhere?  What will this do to the value of gold & silver?

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