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Safely Storing Precious Metal


Coeur d’Alene is a majestic city nestled within Idaho’s panoramic Panhandle. Lakes, national forest, golfing – you name it and Coeur d’Alene has it. According to Wikipedia, this Idaho city has a population of nearly 50,000 with nearly 93% of them white and the remaining 7% a blend of African American, Asian, American Indian, and Hispanic descent. Not exactly your typical inner-city demographics, respectively.

But Coeur d’Alene has at least two residents, or at least visitors, they can do without as of August 5, 2013. Because this summer morning was the day over $250k worth of silver and gold coins were carted away right in front of a PM (precious metal) owner who assumed their stash was safe. Unfortunately, this type of crime only indorses today’s need to secure and diversify your storage plan.


COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Several hundred thousand dollars worth of rare silver and gold coins were stolen in a burglary early Sunday in Coeur d’Alene.

It happened around 12:55 a.m. when the 54-year-old homeowner returned home to find an unknown man standing in her doorway and a car parked in her driveway.  When she asked him what he was doing in her home, a second man emerged from the car, according to police.

The second man yelled at her before hopping in her car and driving away from the car at a high rate of speed.  The man who was in the home then jumped into the truck in the driveway and fled the scene.

The victim went into her home and found her disabled father was unharmed and in his bed.
Police said the thieves took two safes filled with rare coins valued at a total of $250,000.  The suspects also took prescription medication belonging to the victim’s father. KTVP.com

I don’t want to read anything into this article other than what’s reported, so let’s focus on the facts. The most relevant point I see after reading this article is that no one was hurt or killed defending something that is replaceable. The second most relevant point is how quickly something so valuable can disappear, even in a relatively small city in Idaho’s Panhandle.

The aforementioned article proves the importance of protecting your stash regardless your neighborhood’s zip code. I have no way of knowing if these victims lost all their PM stash; my bet is they did. I doubt storage diversification ever entered the mind of a family securing silver/gold coins at home and in a safe.

A theft like today’s dissection is rarely random. While researching for my book on storing PM it became painfully obvious that folks who own PM, yet fall victim to theft, unknowingly participate in the crime. They participate by not taking a proactive approach to PM storage. Well over 90% of all stolen PM is never returned to its rightful owner.

Before we unfold three protective suggestions I would like to share one other opinion. My opinion is that far over half of all PM theft is never reported. Most folks who store wealth in PM are far too discrete to share anything that will expose themselves as PM prudent. Now, with that, let’s dive in.


The most common question TPS (The Prospector Site) receives is in regard to PM insurance. Most readers are surprised to hear that PM stored at home is insurable but they’re most surprised to hear it’s reasonably affordable, as well. Insuring your PM in-home stash is not for everyone. I’ve witnessed several phone consultations where the folks shot down PM insurance before I could get the entire suggestion from my mouth.

You’re right, the steps to insure in-home PM will produce a paper trail AND expose you as a PM owner……. at least to the company writing the policy. There is no way around this other than using a trusted friend or family member (to store and insure), and I’m not sure I want to go on the record endorsing such a suggestion.Exposure is the price a person will pay to insure PM stored at home, sorry.

Expect to answer a number of questions before settling into the peace of mind that comes with being insurable.  Questions like proof of PM purchase, history of burglary, your home’s exterior, etc. should all be expected. Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of a $500 premium per $100,000 insured. I’m sure the premium varies so email me for more information or for an insurance source.


The best in-home storage plan has little to do with the size of a gun safe or how powerful the weaponry protecting your abode. It is far more beneficial to have a multilayered storage plan than the best safe in town.

The foundation of a good storage plan is discretion at time of purchase…… and every moment thereafter.

Discretion is a hard gift to wrap. Once word spreads that you own physical silver or gold it’s hard to reverse course and nearly always assumed the metal is kept inside your home. This is why so many PM thefts end with the family sitting side by side at gunpoint before someone finally divulges the hiding place. It should never come down to risking the well being of your family, never!


Never store all your PM at home. In fact, never store all your metal in any one place. Although I do recommend storing at least 1/3 within arm’s reach, I don’t recommend taking such responsibility if you’re not comfortable defending an in-home stash. Also, for those who frequently travel, in-home PM storage should be carefully considered before formulating your PM plan. A vacant home carries far more risk than one inhabited.

This could sound strange but most PM theft originates from someone close to the family. It could be someone from the remodeling crew, or it could be the nephew battling addiction of some kind. The only antidote for this risk, other than discretion, is storage diversification.

There are more reputable places to vault today’s PM than I can list. Some are domestic and some are international. Nearly all are outside of today’s banking system and this benefit will grow as world governments look for creative ways to tax her citizens. This opportunity to stash wealth outside of a country of residency is a closing window.

The internet blazes with bank box horror stories, and I’m sure a few are true. But the truth is, as of November 2013, storing SOME metal in a locally owned bank is far safer than the storage plan implemented by most folks. Storing some metal in a bank box is far safer than leaving it at home while snow birding for the winter.

It really comes down to the most practical storage method in relationship to your situation. 

Well, as you can see there can be plenty to consider before bringing home the next monster box full of silver. The first step is taking the mental effort to educate yourself before anything else. Protecting the metal that will someday protect your financial future is always worth the effort.

QUESTION:  What do you think of today’s PM market? (several similar questions & versions).

TPS Reply:  Thanks to all who’ve called and emailed with similar questions. To answer the question in one word, ugly. I’m not a good cheerleader and I’m guessing you don’t read this site for anything other than unbiased PM fact. Physical silver and gold have underperformed for sometime now. You don’t need me to spell out the obvious.

Several experts have attempted to guess when metals will rise, and all have ended up looking unprofessional. My guess is that most PM experts have underestimated the power of printing currency in order to appease the masses. Remember, the purchasing power of PM should be the focus far over the dollar value. The ability to print money has supported an economy that otherwise would be in major economic correction.

Today it takes nearly 12 physical gold ounces to equal one DOW (16,000 +-), or a 12-1 gold to DOW ratio. As you know, the DOW is made up of 30 major industrial corporations who benefit from a print-based economy. One market benefits from printing (DOW) while one market (precious metal) stumbles along sideways.

The fact physical silver or gold is not rising depresses most of my readers but the reality is we should appreciate this temporary state of economic calm while it lasts. The ability for world currencies to monetize themselves is a closing window. Once this window closes I have little doubt asset-to-asset comparisons will swing in silver/gold’s favor. Until then, more of the same should be expected.

The only indicator we have is history. History has not supported economies that overproduced currencies, not without major inflation, deflation, or even stagflation. Where we are now is somewhere in the economic digestive tract as currencies around the world continue to blur real money value (gold) with nonstop paperless printing.

For what it’s worth, my plan is to stay the PM course while simultaneously using this era of temporary stability to create additional income. Thanks again!


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.



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Wouldn’t it be nice to believe in things we know not true?  Who wouldn’t want to believe in a Santa flying around in a sled dumping off awesome gifts while we sleep?  As adults, when we believe in something too much we sometimes find ourselves willing to overlook counter support or even realistic proof otherwise.  As a gold advocate I often challenge myself to read articles counter to gold rising.  To only study supporting information is nothing more than following masses and the gold masses usually sell gold (sometimes their opinions are bias if not scripted).  The United States is slow to find physical gold and I can only attribute this to a false perception of recovery.

Last night (2/12/2012) 60 Minutes ran a segment on India’s physical gold thirst that every gold holder will find interesting. Physical gold in the form of jewelry is not only ceremonial it’s their savings.  Jewelers find it easy to sell gold jewelry because each buyer views it as a savings account one can wear.  Our Indian neighbors have a solid perception of gold’s power as real wealth, both in jewelry and bullion. But Americans can’t see the need for something so idle like physical gold or silver.  We thirst for the good old days of new cars, houses, and vacations and to be honest gold doesn’t fit well into our consumer lifestyle.  We hear recovery because we want to see recovery, but this doesn’t change improvement supported by never-ending debt.

Most Americans want to perceive recovery because of a desire to return to “normal” debt based spending. From now until November we will continue to look at “recovery” closely.  Those seeking re-election are quick to offer such a perception but even a fool knows this as risky, at best, if not unlikely.  No doubt recovery will happen but what we have entered is a correction phase that will exhale plenty of air before improving.  The price for believing in a perception over reality will play costly for most Americans and no gold justification on my part can win over what you want to hear as recovery.  Gold is something many turn to as last resort or ultimate protection when all else seems risky or ambiguous. 

Few of us are willing to ask how much a perception of recovery will cost our children because another trillion is impossible to comprehend. Since comprehending is nearly impossible why not believe what we perceive as those in control, right?  If we can’t trust elected officials and masterminds in the Federal Reserve than whom can we trust?  Not many will stop and question a fiat (currency) plan that has never worked or a worldwide scenario with as much debt.  I’m not sure how high gold and silver will climb when this false perception shows itself as, well, false but I’ll bet it will be far over today’s prices.  I doubt $38 silver or $1810 gold (physical) will be an option but time will tell soon enough.

This could sound odd but the same false perception of recovery will find its way into a false security within gold. As a founder of this site I have little doubt folks will eventually find gold but few will understand its value as they should.  Yes, gold will find the same ill-conceived perception someday pushing PM far beyond true value.  I’m sure many years from now I’ll write not about a false perception of recovery but a false perception of gold & silver, kind of ironic wouldn’t you say?



COMMENT (Regarding “Creating Your Own Gold Standard”): This article caught my attention. I have been a coin and bullion collector since 2000.  I have often said that I am my own IMF (Individual Monetary Fund). I do not save Federal Debt Notes, I exchange them for something of value, bullion, stored food, firearms, ammunition, gasoline, etc. Great Web-Site keep up the good work!

PROSPECTOR REPLY: Thanks for the comment and congrats on such vision back in the year 2000.  Love the idea of your own IMF because you, like other readers, understand the importance to distance from the illusion of wealth and false prosperity.  Others are slow to awaken but will soon and when they do the value of things necessary and real will remain while debt supported assets decline.  Those prudent enough to physically own now will inherit the wealth of tomorrow (nothing new here just history repeating).  Your comment plays into today’s post perfectly because many are still willing to believe buying from our own child’s lemonade stand is somehow profitable for our kid even though we borrowed the currency to do so.  Good for you and thanks for the comment.

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