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Atop the cake sits five candles. Each flame represents a year since our lives should have drastically changed, but undeniably didn’t. This September, September 2013 that is, represents the fifth summer/fall season since, for all intensive purposes, our economy experienced a credit crash. This correction should have propelled most Americans closer to poverty but only postponed an imminent lifestyle change unimaginable by most in our middle class.  The next few paragraphs will outline exactly how we didn’t dodge a bullet and, more importantly, what role precious metal will play in an economic undoing. Thanks for joining TPS (The Prospector Site).

Our primary goal at TPS is to justify physical PMs (precious metals) and their role in creating a life of personal independence. The ability to own a worldwide universal currency is precious and, in all likelihood, a road map for freedom. Most folks making the effort to afford silver and gold are most likely not as distracted as the majority of fun loving neighbors.

The art of distraction is nothing new. It works on puppies and kids, it works on students and patients. Access to easy credit is what distracts most Americans into a state of complacency. This lifestyle almost came to a stretching halt in September of 2008.

Our lifestyle will not function “as is” without credit. You will no longer accept the effort of those in power nor will you be as distracted in a world of low to moderate credit. The true state of our economy will surface as markets 95% dependent on easy credit turn nearly dormant. From college debt to low-rate mortgages, to near-zero auto loans to plastic money; all champion the illusion of a healthy economy.

We only accept the recovery lie because of the ability to leverage ourselves deeper in debt, both as a country and as a society.

Today’s media appears to fall lockstep into this dependency trap but is actually nothing more than a mirror of our society. Social networking fills precious time with personal and professional drama all while distracting intelligent individuals with wasted time and effort. Even today’s world of entertainment is nothing more than a Miley Cyrus report or another example of intellectual compromise. From the latest smartphone to tablet — Americans will stop at nothing in order to be entertained.

The cost to distract us is getting expensive. No longer will American’s accept lower-than-historically-normal mortgage rates. If you want us to buy, or leverage, then near zero rates is what it will take. The same goes for new car buyers as they grow annoyed with anything but zero interest auto loan offerings.

We view credit as an ability to further strive for an American Dream not realizing the puppet master changed the rules sometime ago. You may view easy credit as an avenue to live beyond your means (whether you realize it or not) but Wall Street now depends on this ocean of debit as a primary source of investing. Think about it– your retirement future is now dependent on a derivative of never-ending debt creation.

Physical silver and gold can’t compete in today’s world of paper wealth.  Metal’s smash-mouth method of wealth preservation is not fulfilling, nor is it entertaining, nor is it a viable distraction in 2013. Why “invest” in PMs when we can drive a new car or buy a bigger home?

Too few view the last five years in proper context. Less take advantage of this temporary reprieve to re-channel savings or wealth into physical silver or gold. The great distraction worked because so few understand a power committed to borrow at all costs jeopardizes her currency to do so. The end result is investors worth millions, probably billions (dollars), but still living a life in poverty.

We can no longer deny worldwide tensions that grow with each passing day. Syria is yet another example of an economic symptom as countries around the globe look for a justifiable reason to print money and further distract citizens. Americans grow tired of nonstop war drumming but fail to realize war is the ultimate political distraction. After all, how unpatriotic are those who fail to support our freedom, right?

As you can see the one commonality is the need to borrow and create more currency. Sure taxation and capital controls will find a seat within the first few rows but the big nut is credit/currency creation. I have no doubt physical metal will rise from the ashes as the world awakens from our great distraction. I also have little faith wages and lifestyles can keep pace with this next leg of monetary debasement.

Historically speaking the value of physical PM will rise in times of economic uncertainty and currency debasement. Folks, you don’t need me to point out that we are at the very intersection of economic uncertainty and currency debasement. The need to hyper-print our currency will only improve the wealth status of those safely holding physical silver or gold.

Reality will eventually snap us from our state of distraction. A hungry stomach, eviction, repossession, and foreclosure are hard to ignore. You have time to make a change; I strongly encourage each person to take advantage of this closing window.

QUESTION:  With the threat of war growing can you offer some insight on how this could affect rising PM. You didn’t mention war in Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher, any reason why? Loving TPS, thanks for your effort.

TPS Reply:  Thank you for your support and questions. You’re right, I didn’t mention war in my book. In fact, lots of other PM influences didn’t make the cut either. Today’s book editors realize the attention span of most readers is retreating. We live in an age of constant information so her advice was to keep it simple, and she did.

But this shouldn’t undermine the effect of war costs that always lead to deficit spending and currency debasement. The belief that war is an economic stimulator is not true. Sure war spending will temporarily stimulate the economy but the long-term effect compromises a country’s national security and stability.

My opinion is that America is looking for another war. Look how many families now depend on a large military for employment, benefits, and retirement. I look for regional wars to expand into major conflicts as inflation/debasement tensions arise from currencies trying to keep their economies competitive. This type of conflict offers a green light for currencies to ramp up the printing process.

War legislation always carries pork in some fashion. Politicians realize few constituents actually follow the pork and most voters digest their news in tiny sound bites just before watching their favorite program.

Over printing a currency always leads to higher silver and gold prices. Values may not change but prices do just to keep par with inflation. This is the beauty of physical PM. This is why it is so necessary to trade fiat for real money while the option still exists. Did I mention the discretionary benefits of storing wealth in physical silver or gold? Thanks for the questions.

QUESTION:  My local coin shop is making a good argument for pre-65 silver over the new bullion recommended on TPS. Any thoughts?

TPS Reply:  I’m all for low-premium pre-65/64……. better known as junk silver.  My question for you is what premium are they charging for junk? How does this premium compare to American Eagles, rounds or bars? I personally own both (junk and new bullion) but favor one-ounce legal tender coins most of all.

I realize you, like most readers, are focused on silver but please don’t forget gold. Gold is historically less volatile and definitely worthy of diversification. A 1/10 ounce gold bullion coin is not much more than five silver bullion ounces. Many TPS readers hold wealth in gold as a long-term method of storage and hold junk silver for when we reach a time of underground barter and trade.

I’m glad to hear you are trading at a local coin shop since it is important to support local trade. The ability to exchange some silver, or gold, for cash could become useful considering the age we live. Plus, most coin shop owners have short memories and little to say.


DC Carlton is founder of The Prospector Site and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 Bestsellers Why Silver and Gold Will Go Higher and Storing Silver & Gold. If you’re looking for trustworthy PM assistance feel free to contact DC regarding his personalized consulting service. TPS doesn’t sell silver or gold; we represent you, the buyer, looking for affordable precious metal from honest trustworthy sources. Feel free to register here for his free online newsletter that provides precious metal insight rarely mentioned from mainstream media sources.


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Earlier this week I spoke with a New York Times best-selling author on the subject of buying gold.  This person is what I consider a leading economic authority but since I don’t have permission to name this person I won’t.  More important than who they are is what they said when we got to the juicy part of buying gold and silver.  This best-selling financial author told me many clients they consult with have no idea how to buy gold or silver.  Millionaires to middle class included.  It seems the only true source of real money is a mystery to the wealthy and the masses.  Today we’ll expose the best way to own gold & silver.

If you are one of the many newbies to owning precious metal my goal is to help simplify the buying process by answering a new question each post over the next few weeks. As you can see from my conversation earlier this week you are in good company all while learning very important steps to wealth preservation and prosperity.  There are several ways to own gold and as you progress it’s possible you might use each one somewhere down the road.  Are some ways more risky than others?  Absolutely, but like a Vegas gambler risk is not as risky when we’re playing on house money.  But starting out we need to be as sure-footed as possible saving risk for down the prosperity road.

One other thing before we dive in. I recommend, if new, following closely over the next few weeks before buying metal of any kind.  Sure there is risk of metal going up in dollars but actually far more risk in jumping the gun making a not so good precious metal investment.  I will start off in order of what I feel is the safest yet prosperous progression of owning gold or silver knowing we have plenty of time to discuss more advanced ownership methods down the road.


There is something liberating about owning gold and silver. Not sure if it’s the feeling of independence but knowing I own something that can’t be printed or debased is satisfying especially in today’s economic climate.  There are countless ways to own precious metal and I have no doubt most ways will prosper down the road.  The fact remains the best method right now is to own physical metal paying as close to spot as possible.  To keep it simple spot price is nothing more than the price of metal you see on the upper right of this page.  This price moves up and down as metal trades around the world just like stock shares do.  You will not find physical gold at this price unless someone is really looking for quick cash.

The extra price over spot is the premium part of physical gold or silver. For example, a one ounce silver coin (bullion) is currently selling around $34.50 each or $4.00 over spot.  We have to pay $4.00 over the spot price for one ounce of real physical silver.  The four dollars is the “premium” added to the spot price.  Little confusing but we’ll spend more time down the road with spot and premium but one thing to keep in mind is most gold buyers or sellers like myself rarely pay attention to spot pricing since this isn’t what we pay for physical metal.  PLEASE NOTE:  The premiums are rising especially for metal in inventory (no long wait by taking possession quickly) and will continue to do so as long as demand for physical metal grows.

The bullion coin just below this sentence is an American Silver Eagle which consists of one ounce of silver.  This is a very popular silver investment and sells for around $34.50 at this time.  It also is a legal tender coin which means you could take it to your local Seven-Eleven store and spend like any other coin.  The reason we don’t is because the value in the bullion coin is within the silver content not the dollar number minted on it.

The above coin can be bought in gold as well but to keep things simple today let’s stick with silver. The next option to own physical silver, or gold, is rounds. Most rounds are one ounce too but are privately minted so they aren’t legal tender coins like the Silver Eagle above.  Nevertheless they usually hold one ounce of silver so they are a great way to invest in precious metal.  Below is a picture of a typical “round” of silver.  This coin will cost a buyer (varies) around $33.00 or a $1.50 less than the Silver Eagle.  Both coins have the same amount of silver.

Another great way to buy precious metal is in the form of bars. These bars can vary in weight and don’t look like a coin or round.  The bars are simply a hunk of precious metal hopefully with a minted stamp showing purity and weight.  Investing in larger bars will save money but will be harder to sell in most cases.  If your goal is to simply hold silver or gold as a long-term savings big bars could be what you’re looking for.  Below is a picture of a typical 10 oz silver bar.


Several things in the news lately pointing yet another arrow toward the benefits of owning precious metal. Geopolitical issues continue to apply pressure as governments across Europe solve debt problems with more spending.  Not a day goes by without the word “default” coming up and an end to the euro currency.  No one knows what will happen as austerity and greed battle it out but one thing for sure the euro zone nations are learning how to live off less.

Many Americans are asking if the same conflict is possible here and it certainly is worth watching. This administration is full throttle with quantitative easing but they are getting very good at rewording it.  New words appear daily like “investing” or “supporting” but in the end it’s about throwing more printed money at bad.  Gold and silver have stumbled along going slightly up one day and then down the other.  Part of the reason has to be a renewed confidence in the dollar but one has to wonder if it’s simply the least worst right know?

The stabilization of gold and silver is holding some along sidelines but even with that strong sales of physical metal are common. I can’t help but wonder what event will open precious metal gates in the near future.  No doubt with all the uncertainty and unrest something big will send metal just beyond what many folks can afford.

If you would have told me several months ago that a monster box of silver could be had for less than $17k I would have laughed.  Hopefully new buyers are seeing this stabilization as a discount and taking advantage of prices.  Who knows but my bet is higher prices soon.

Thanks for reading www.theprospectorsite and if you have friends, relatives, heck enemies that could benefit please send over our link.

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