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Thanks for taking a few minutes to see how our consulting service can prepare you for a gentle entry into physical silver or gold. Regardless if the goal is to protect with a few ounces or a thousand, buying the right precious metal is very important. By now you realize we don't sell silver or gold and this allows us to honestly say your interest is our only goal. Feel free to contact us by email or phone to further see how tapping into our precious metal experience can save you money, and time! Here are only a few common questions we will help answer!!

  1. Is now the right time to buy silver or gold?
  2. Is silver better than gold?
  3. Should I buy new bullion, rare coins, bars, or rounds?
  4. What is the difference and benefits of each?
  5. How much should I pay?
  6. Should I use borrowed money to buy now?
  7. Who should I buy from, who can I trust?
  8. What should I ask?
  9. How can I trust online bullion dealers, coin shops?
  10. How will my order arrive or ship?
  11. Where is the safest place to store silver or gold?
  12. Should I own international precious metal?
  13. Do I need to declare my gold or silver?
  14. Must I pay taxes on my gold or silver profit?
  15. How do I know my metal is not counterfeit?
  16. Are safe deposit boxes a reliable storage option?
  17. How do I sale some or all my gold or silver?
  18. Where do I sale my gold or silver?
  19. Where do I find money to buy gold or silver?
  20. Will silver or gold be confiscated someday?
  21. Can I trade metal for a home or car?
  22. Should I buy local or online?
  23. How do I wire money to an online dealer?
  24. Do I need to tell my bank what I'm buying?
  25. Should I tell my CPA I'm buying metal?
  26. How will I know when to sell my gold or silver?
  27. Is gold in a bubble, is silver?
  28. Does gold pay a dividend?
  29. Can I insure my gold?
  30. Can I buy gold with my IRA or 401(k)?
  31. Should I sell some gold and buy silver?
  32. Should I buy mining stock?
  33. Can I give silver or gold as a gift?
  34. What is the best way to store my PM?

We understand the ever changing market and realize importance of keeping explanations simple as possible. We also understand the benefit of peace of mind knowing you're buying the best metal possible at the best price.


Not everyone can afford to use a consulting service especially when on a tight budget. This is why we continue to offer The Prospector Site free and sell our gold and silver books as affordably as possible. Below are the rates for our PM consulting service. Our initial conversation allows us to first answer questions and then formulate a gentle entry into the protective world of PM. Below is the fee for this first time one-on-one orientation.

1. First-time consultation with founding Editor DC Carlton: $295.00
(This first-time consultation usually takes 1-2 hours by phone)

If you decide another consultation is needed the rate drops to $100 per hour (after fist-time orientation consultation). This allows our clients to revaluate their PM plan anytime in the future should they decide.

2. One-on-one consulting rate $100 per hour (after orientation start up).

PLEASE NOTE: DC Carlton offers a limited number of weekly consultations allowing time to continue his book and Prospector writing. Please email for a list of times available or to make special arrangements. Also, all consulting information is 100% secure and discrete.


DC Carlton


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